Aquarium Airstone Comparisons

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  • VIVOSUN Air Stone 2PCS 4 X 2 Inch Large Air Stone Cylinder for Aquarium and Hydroponics Air Pump

    • UPC: 714119465697
    • Color: Cylinder 2pcs
    • Brand: VIVOSUN
    • Size: 2PCS 4 x 2 Inch
    • Manufacturer: VIVOSUN

    Description: Oxygen is very important for hydroponic growing system, air stones is a great tool to add oxygen and circulate nutrition to your hydroponic growing system. They can produce fine bubbles for oxygen replacement, extend the life of your nutrient solution, keep roots healthy. Cylinder design produce more bubbles. Air Stones are ideal for h... [read more]

  • Pawfly 1.6" Air Stone Bubble for Aquarium Fish Tank Hydroponics Pump Ceramic Airstones Diffuser, Pack of 4

    • UPC: 712383628978
    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Pawfly
    • Size: 1.6"
    • Manufacturer: Naludo

    Notes: Replacing the air stone every six months. Please soak the air stone in water for about 30 minutes before usage. If the air stone doesn't have bubbles in one part, please change the pump of higher power. After a long-term usage, please clean it if bubbles lessen. Specifications: Color: Grey Suitable for inner diameter 3/16"(4mm) soft tu... [read more]

  • Pawfly 13 Feet Airline Tubing Standard Aquarium Air Pump Accessories with Air Stones, Check Valves, Suction Cups and Connectors

    • UPC: 652811965247
    • Brand: Pawfly
    • Manufacturer: Pawfly

    A Must-have Accessories Set for Your Fish Tank A perfect set of high-quality air pump accessories that allows your air pump to function as expected. Free yourself from trouble of finding matching accessories from various dazzling brands. Much More Convenient and Time-saving. Package Includes: 1 x Airline Tubing (13 ft.; 3/16") 2 x Air Stone 2 x Non... [read more]

  • yueton Pack of 10 Cylinder Aquarium Bubble Air Stone Fish Tank Aerator

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: yueton
    • Manufacturer: yueton

    Package Included:10 x Aquarium Air Stone Warm Tip : Please be reminded that due lighting effects, monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the colour tone of the website's photo and the actual item. Thanks for your understanding and happy purchase!

  • Aquaneat 10pcs 4"x2" Air Stone for Aquarium Air Pump Fish Tank Aerator Diffuser Hydroponics Cylinder (10pcs, 4")

    • Brand: Aquaneat
    • Size: 10pcs, 4"
    • Manufacturer: AQUANEAT

    Features: Fit for 3/16" standard airline tubing Made of safe, washable and non-toxic material. Accelerate oxygen replenishment Increase water circulation when used with a high-output air pump Great for freshwater, saltwater/reef aquariums and hydroponic use Dimension: 2 "D x 4" H INCLUDES: 10 pieces of air stones

  • Pawfly 4-Inch Air Stone Disc Bubble Diffuser with Suction Cups for Hydroponics Aquarium Fish Tank Pump

    • UPC: 712383629043
    • Brand: Pawfly
    • Manufacturer: Pawfly

    Pawfly 4-Inch Air Stone Disc Bubble Diffuser with Suction Cups for Hydroponics Aquarium Fish Tank Pump

  • Pawfly 1 Inch Air Stone 10 Pieces Cylinder Bubble Diffuser Airstones for Aquarium Fish Tank Pump and Hydroponics Grey/Blue

    • UPC: 652811964806
    • Brand: Pawfly
    • Size: 10 PCS 1"
    • Manufacturer: Pawfly

    Pawfly Premium 1" Cylinder Air Stone Premium quality mineral cylinder air stone provides exceptional results for Hydroponic growth. The size is 0.6" in diameter by 1" height. Usage: Please soak the air stones in water for about 30 minutes before usage. Replacing the air stone every 6 months. After a long-term use, clean your stone regularly so th... [read more]

  • Pawfly 4PCS Air Stone Bar 4 Inch Bubble Release Mineral Airstones for Fish Tank Aquarium Hydroponics Pump Green/Blue

    • UPC: 712383629289
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Pawfly
    • Manufacturer: Pawfly

    Creates bubbles in fish tank while attached to an air pump. It is an important instrument to successfully keep aquatic fish for respiration process. Used to increase the dissolved O2 level in the aquarium.

  • Pawfly 2 Inch Air Stones Cylinder 6 PCS Bubble Diffuser Airstones for Aquarium Fish Tank Pump Blue

    • UPC: 652811964912
    • Brand: Pawfly
    • Size: 6PCS 2"
    • Manufacturer: Pawfly

    2 Inch Blue Air Stone Cylinder by Pawfly

  • 2-Pack Air Stone Cylinder 4 x 2 Inch Micropore Design Mineral Bubble Diffuser for Hydroponics Air Pump

    • UPC: 711005773003
    • Color: Cylinder 2-pack
    • Brand: GROWNEER
    • Manufacturer: GROWNEER

  • CNZ Fish Tank Air Bubble 2-Piece Air Stone Bars Green/Blue (12-inch)

    • UPC: 651046602705
    • Brand: CNZ
    • Size: 12-inch
    • Manufacturer: CNZ

    Enhance aquarium aeration and water movement with an expandable wall of bubbles. CNZ Air Stone provides a simple and decorative way to increase water movement and surface agitation. Promotes proper gas exchange to accelerate oxygen replenishment and reduce carbon dioxide buildup. Airstones require an air pump and airline tubing for use (sold separa... [read more]

  • Pawfly MA-60 Quiet Aquarium Air Pump for 10 Gallon with Accessories Air Stone Check Valve and Tube, 1.8 L/min

    • UPC: 652811964516
    • Brand: Pawfly
    • Manufacturer: Pawfly

    Pawfly MA-60 Quiet Aquarium Air Pump for 10 gallon with Accessories Air Stone Check Valve and Tube, 1.8 L/min

  • 1.6" Small Round Air Stones for Aquariums Oxygen Diffuser Fish Tank Air Bubbler for Hydroponics Aquariums Oxygen Stone 4pcs

    • UPC: 721780113864
    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Wenshall
    • Size: 4pcs
    • Manufacturer: Wenshall

    Makes Lots of Bubbles Aquarium air stones moderate in size and outputs a large steady stream of tiny bubbles, no leaks, add enough oxygen to your fish, and also make your fish tank more beautiful. Air stones extend the life of your nutrient solution, help keep roots healthy, and promote exceptional growth. This stone is a must have for your aquar... [read more]

  • Pawfly 4 Inch Air Stone Disc Bubbler for Aquarium Hydroponics Fish Tank Air Pump - 4Pack

    • UPC: 652811965957
    • Brand: Pawfly
    • Manufacturer: Pawfly


  • Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump 4 Watt 4-LPM 2 Outlets with Accessories, Adjustable Oxygen Pump for 20-100 Gallon Fish Tank

    • UPC: 712383629692
    • Color: 20-100 Gallon
    • Brand: Uniclife
    • Size: Air Pump with Accessories
    • Manufacturer: Uniclife

    The Uniclife air pump is designed to oxygenate your aquarium efficiently and quietly with its low power consumption and advanced air compressing system. You are purchasing a high quality air pump suitable for use with any Freshwater and Marine aquariums. The pump comes with 2 air stones, 2 return valves and 2 connectors. This model has an adjustab... [read more]

  • Aqua Culture 20-60-Gallon Double Outlet Aquarium Air Pump

    The Aqua Culture: 20-60 Gallon Aquarium Air Pump is versatile and can accommodate up to three air-powered devices. The three powered devices can include bubble stones, action ornaments and under-gravel

    • UPC: 10532634
    • Model: MK-1504
    • Color: GrayWhite
    • Size: 20-60 gallon

  • Aquarium Bubble Air Stone Aerator Diffuser Fish Tank Pump Hydroponics Oxygen

    Specifications:Material: StoneColor: GrayPipe diameter: 4mmSize:Length: 60mm /26.23inchsHeight: 48mm /1.88inchsFeatures:Brand New and high quality.1)Creates water currents and dazzling underwater scenes.2)Sintering at 1500 degrees celsius, durable long service life3)Suitable for freshwater, saltwater

    • UPC: 653544082
    • Color: Gray

  • Air Bubble Disk Stone Aerator Aquarium Fish Tank Pond Pump Hydroponic Oxygen Fish Tank Accessories

    Features: - Long lasting performance.- Energy saving design, safety, clean and strong.- With low noise and big output.- 2 outlets, can provide oxygen to two fish tanks at the same

    • UPC: 558619541
    • Color: Black

  • Best Air 20 in. L x 25 in. W x 1 in. D Polyester Synthetic Disposable Air Filter 7 MERV

    Disp Fltr 20x25x1 Merv 7

    • UPC: 635651895
    • Model: 1-2025-GL7

  • Best Air 20 in. L x 24 in. W x 1 in. D Pleated Air Filter 8 MERV

    Pltd Fltr 20x24x1 Merv 8

    • UPC: 240436343
    • Model: BA1-2024-8

  • Bubble Wall 35.4" Air Stone - Bubbling Ring Best Diffuser Panels Pump Aquarium

    • UPC / SKU: 273153131257
    • Category: Air Stones
    • Price: 12 USD

  • Bubble Wall 35.4" Air Stone - Bubbling Ring Best Diffuser Panels Pump Aquarium

    • UPC / SKU: 382788165667
    • Category: Air Stones
    • Price: 14 USD

  • 9 1/2" Air Stone Diffuser; More Air w/ Even Distribution; Best in Areation

    • UPC / SKU: 372637446160
    • Category: Hydroponic Parts & Accessories
    • Price: 12 USD

  • for Aquarium Fish Tank Air Bubble Disk Stone Oxygen Aerator Pond Pump BEST

    • UPC / SKU: 143189583678
    • Category: Air Stones
    • Price: 1 USD

  • Best Choice Products Sunsun Jvp-102 1300 GPH Wavemaker, 2 Pack

    • UPC / SKU: 283488003783
    • Category: Air Stones
    • Price: 23 USD