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Best Atlus Video Game Evers on November 2019 - [TOP 10 Picks] at Bestigma.com.com

  • The King of Fighters XIV: Burn to Fight Premium Edition - PlayStation 4

    • UPC: 730865020058
    • Brand: Atlus
    • Manufacturer: Atlus

    Celebrate the 3D evolution of The King of Fighters XIV with the "Burn to Fight" Premium Edition. The game disc will be encased in a collectible SteelBook emblazoned with the series' fiery mainstay, Kyo Kusanagi, literally burning to fight. KOF enthusiasts will also be graced with a 144-page art book with original character and stage drawings from t... [read more]

  • Starlink Battle for Atlas - Nintendo Switch Starter Edition

    • UPC: 887256032173
    • Brand: Ubisoft
    • Manufacturer: UBI Soft

    In Starlink: Battle for Atlas, you are part of a group of heroic interstellar pilots, dedicated to free the Atlas Star System from Grax and the Forgotten Legion. Featuring special guest pilot Fox McCloud and his Arwing. Battle in exclusive Star Wolf missions! - 1 Starlink video game with Star Fox story mission - 1 Arwing starship - 1 Fox McCloud - ... [read more]

  • Persona 5 - PlayStation Hits - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

    • UPC: 730865020102
    • Brand: Atlus
    • Manufacturer: Atlus

    Persona 5 marks the return of the award-winning franchise on home consoles since the PS2 generation, and is the first numbered Persona game in over eight years! With fast-paced Japanese role-playing game mechanics, exciting action sequences, vibrantly stylized characters, enemies, and environments, and elegant anime-style cut-scenes, Persona 5 is u... [read more]

  • Prepac BCAW-0200-1 Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console, 48.5"W x 16.75"H x 16"D, Black

    • UPC: 772398232416
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Prepac
    • Size: 48.5"W x 16.75"H x 16"D
    • Manufacturer: Prepac Manufacturing - Drop Ship

    Give any room a dash of modern style with our innovative Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console. Finished in goes-with-everything black, this sleek yet functional console offers two generous storage compartments. The main shelf is 15 inches deep, providing ample space for your cable box, DVR or other media components. The bottom shelf has room for ... [read more]

  • Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber (Japanese Import Video Game)

    • Brand: Quest
    • Manufacturer: Quest

    Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber, sequel to Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen, is a real-time strategy role-playing video game developed by Quest and published by Atlus for the Nintendo 64 in 2000. The story follows Magnus Gallant, a recent graduate of the Ischka Military Academy, and fledgling captain in Palatinus' Southern region,... [read more]

  • Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

    • Brand: Sega
    • Manufacturer: Dengeki

    Celebrating the '20th Anniversary of Dengeki Bunko' French Bread (UNIBEL, Melty Blood), along with the Sega and ASCII Media Works, are bringing us another exciting 2D fighter straight from the arcade to our Sony consoles! The title will include characters from Dengeki Bunko's extensive line of light novels such as Sword Art Online, Shakugan no Shan... [read more]

  • Trauma Center: Second Opinion - Nintendo Wii

    • UPC: 730865700011
    • Brand: Atlus
    • Manufacturer: Atlus

  • Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey - Nintendo DS

    • UPC: 730865400355
    • Brand: Atlus
    • Manufacturer: Atlus Video Games

    A fresh sci-fi twist on the critically acclaimed Shin Megami Tensei series! A startlingly original entry in the award-winning Shin Megami Tensei universe, Strange Journey takes the heralded RPG franchise to exciting new sci-fi frontiers while bringing to mind the all-time classic Nocturne. With over 300 demons to bribe, coerce, and negotiate with t... [read more]

  • Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time - Sony PSP

    • UPC: 730865600182
    • Brand: Atlus
    • Manufacturer: Atlus

    Never before released outside of Japan and widely considered the best entry in the long‐running franchise, this PSP system iteration of the fourth chapter in the Growlanser saga delivers visuals remastered for PSP system's 16:9 widescreen, a vastly expanded script with tons of new characters to meet and quests to complete, a wealth of new ending ... [read more]

  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES - PlayStation 2

    • UPC: 730865530267
    • Color: multi-colored
    • Brand: Atlus
    • Manufacturer: Atlus

    A brand new chapter of Persona 3 featuring 30 plus hours of gameplay and an enhanced version of the original game loaded with new content and features, Persona 3 FES is the comprehensive version of one of the most acclaimed RPG's of 2007. Over 120 plus hours of total combined gameplay, numerous additions and enhancements, and critically-acclaimed g... [read more]

  • Odin Sphere Leifthrasir - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

    • UPC: 730865020010
    • Brand: Atlus
    • Manufacturer: Atlus

    ATLUS x Vanillaware, the team behind the hit side-scrolling action game Dragon's Crown releases a new authentic HD project to recreate and perfect the PS2 classic Odin Sphere - a 2D action RPG with Norse Mythology roots. Told in five tales from the perspectives of five unique protagonists, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir expresses the original game with gl... [read more]

  • Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children: Shiro no Sho (Japanese Import Video Game)

    • Brand: Atlus
    • Manufacturer: Atlus

    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children is a spin-off from Atlus' own RPG series Shin Megami Tensei. The Devil Children games are developed by Multimedia Intelligence Transfer and published by Atlus. Devil Children is a part of the Megami Tensei franchise that is targeted at children. Compared to the other games in the franchise the monster designs are ... [read more]

  • Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux - Nintendo 3DS

    • UPC: 730865300273
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Atlus
    • Manufacturer: Atlus

    "A spatial distortion full of demons appeared in Antarctica, threatening to engulf the Earth in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. The United Nations responded by tasking a team of highly advanced specialists with piercing the anomaly and figuring out how to stop it from the source. Well, get ready to don your Demonica once again in this new expa... [read more]

  • Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology - Nintendo 3DS

    • UPC: 730865300266
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Atlus
    • Manufacturer: Atlus

    "It’s been six years since Radiant Historia was released on Nintendo DS in 2011, but it’s time to return to Vainqueur and unlock the time traveling power of the White Chronicle once again in Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. This beloved classic is an expanded 3DS port of the original game that will contain a great deal of added gameplay/st... [read more]

  • Megahouse Dragon's Crown: Elf Ex Model PVC Figure

    • UPC: 798256947094
    • Brand: Megahouse
    • Manufacturer: Diamond Comic Distributors

    From Megahouse. Atlus' Dragon's Crown is a throwback to the classic side-scrolling video games of yore. Set in a fantasy world of wizards and dwarves, dragons and magic, Dragon's Crown is a dungeon crawl in which a party of heroes seek adventure and treasure. Taken from the game, the Elf is from a long-lived forest race, adept at archery, and thoug... [read more]

  • The Best Video Game Ever

    "The Chipmunks love their new video game, Mystic Mountain, and Dave worries that they are spending way too much time playing it. But when the Chipmunks challenge Dave to play

    • UPC: 55859700

  • Alvin to Go! : Alvin and the Superheroes; The Best Video Game Ever; The Campout Challenge; Alvin's New Friend; Simon in Charge!; The Fun Dad


    • UPC: 550086988

  • Thrillville Off the Rails (PC Game) Play in the Best Theme Park Ever!

    Brand NewThrillville: Off the RailsPlayin the best theme park ever.....yours!Cash'em - cause a little mayhem if that's your thing.Over 30 Mini games- play over 30 four player carnival and arcade

    • UPC: 806224187

  • The Best Video Game Ever Made

    The Best Video Game Ever Made

    • UPC: 844869117

  • Best of the Road U.S. Travel Planner & Atlas (Summer, Volume 1)

    Best of the Road U.S. Travel Planner & Atlas (Summer, Volume

    • UPC: 998227278