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  • Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

    • UPC: 089723400045
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Bounty Hunter
    • Manufacturer: Bounty Hunter

    Streamlined in appearance, with only two operating controls and a mode selection switch, the Tracker IV has eliminated the most difficult aspect of metal detector operation: Ground Balancing. With built-in Automatic Ground Trac, the Tracker IV balances for mineralization while you detect. The Tracker IV will detect in extreme ground conditions from... [read more]

  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector - Ultimate Treasure Hunter with Pinpointer, Large Waterproof 10" Coil - Lightweight and Collapsible for easy travel

    • UPC: 851456006753
    • Color: Black
    • Manufacturer: National Geographic

    Become a treasure hunter! This professional metal detector is easy to use and fully adjustable. It’s light enough for the kids to operate but built with the advanced technology and powerful searching features desired by the pros. Take it to the beach, park, or on a hike and find treasure everywhere you go! This telescoping design makes this dete... [read more]

  • RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Adults -【High-Accuracy】Metal Detector Waterproof with LCD Display 【P/P Function & Discrimination Mode & Distinctive Audio Prompt】10" Waterproof Search Coil for Underwater

    • UPC: 785004874443
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: RM RICOMAX
    • Size: 48"x 10" x 10"(LWH)
    • Manufacturer: RM RICOMAX

    Are you looking for a metal detector for beginners? But you don't want to just buy a children's toy, do you? If so, you should give this Ricomax Metal Detector a shot! Pretty good performance, even can be compared with professional equipment, more than a starter kit! High sensitivity & Pinpoint function! Would not miss any metal! This metal detecto... [read more]

  • Canway Metal Detector High Accuracy Adjustable Waterproof Metal Finder, LCD Display with Light, Carrying Bag and Shovel Included, 7 Target Categories, Depth Indication, Audio Prompt, with P/P Function

    • UPC: 715802993633
    • Color: yellow
    • Brand: CANWAY
    • Manufacturer: CANWAY

    CANWAY metal detector is versatile for both beginners & MD experts to hunt treasure. Why choose CANWAY: metal detecting hunter knows that sensitivity, depth & functions are very important for a good detector. CANWAY detector has adjustable sensitivity to 8" (For a us quarter) detecting depthup to 3' advanced multi-functions common general Features:... [read more]

  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Sand Scoop and Shovel Accessories for Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting

    • UPC: 816448020605
    • Manufacturer: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

    Valuable addition to any treasure hunting kit! It’s something that every metal detector enthusiast is eventually faced with: You get a beep, so you start digging into the ground with your shovel, and you end up with a big pile of dirt or sand that you have to claw through with your hands. Good news: National Geographic’s Sand Scoop & Trowel ... [read more]

  • SE GP3-SS20 Prospector Series Green Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting

    • UPC: 706569073980
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: SE
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: Sona Enterprises

    The SE GP3-SS20 Prospector Series Green Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting is great for collecting, detecting, and searching for various objects in the sand. This item is lightweight for scooping up sand to shake out treasures. It is easy to find treasure since the plastic does not interfere with metal detection. This sand scoop is deal for hunting on ... [read more]

  • ToolGuards Metal Detector with Carry Bag & Shovel [Newest 2019 Model] Metal Detectors for Adults

    • Brand: ToolGuards
    • Manufacturer: FXswede AB

    A MUST-HAVE FOR TREASURE SEEKERS! Are you ready to go on a search of a lifetime? With your deluxe Metal Detector Kit you can find interesting and valuable treasures buried in the Earth! Our premium metal detectors come with a detachable shovel for easy digging when treasure is detected. Plus, we also included a waterproof carrying bag with a comfo... [read more]

  • SE GP3-SS20BK Prospector's Choice Black Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting

    • UPC: 706569090055
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: SE
    • Size: 8.5"
    • Manufacturer: Sona Enterprises

    SE is proud to present our Prospector's Choice Black Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting. Features of our Prospector's Choice Black Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting:(1) Lightweight for scooping up sand to shake out treasures(2) Easy to find treasure since the plastic does not interfere with metal detection(3) Ideal for hunting on dry, sandy beaches How to... [read more]

  • Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector

    • UPC: 089723122367
    • Brand: Bounty Hunter
    • Manufacturer: Bounty Hunter

    The Bounty Hunter Junior target I.D. Metal DETECTOR gives you a high level of metal-detecting functionality in a Super fun compact, lightweight package. Detecting coin-sized objects to 5" deep & larger objects much deeper. The three category target id tells you what's in the ground before you dig, it is also fully programmable to ignore unwanted me... [read more]

  • INTEY Metal Detector for Kids and Adults with Pinpoint Function High Accuracy Metal Finder with Waterproof Search Coil (Yellow 1)

    • UPC: 680491021502
    • Color: Yellow 1
    • Brand: INTEY
    • Size: No Bag and Shovel
    • Manufacturer: INTEY

  • Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

    • UPC: 786156003934
    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Garrett
    • Manufacturer: Garrett Metal Detectors

    The all new Garrett AT PRO metal detector is designed for use in wet, humid and dusty environments.  Weatherproof housing can be immersed in water to 10-foot depth.  Visually indentify a treasure target's conductivity and its discrimination pattern - used with accept/reject notch discrimination.   The Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Includes:   ... [read more]

  • Viewee Metal Detector for Kids, Classic Style Junior Metal Detector for Beginner, Height Adjustable & Durable in Outdoor Adventure

    • UPC: 708445631031
    • Color: RED Detector 1
    • Brand: Viewee
    • Manufacturer: Viewee

    Treasure Hunting Metal DetectorViewee kids metal detector has a lightweight, ergonomically designed handle, so kids will be very comfortable handling it. The device can detect coin-sized metal objects up to 5" deep and larger pieces of metal up to 3'' deep.The target indicator meter makes it easy to work out how close objects are.FEATURES:✓ High ... [read more]

  • Garrett ACE 200 Metal Detector with Waterproof Search Coil and Treasure Sound Headphone

    • UPC: 009068002148
    • Brand: Garrett
    • Size: ACE 200 w/ Headphone
    • Manufacturer: Garrett

    Garrett ACE 200 Metal Detector with 6.5" x 9" Waterproof Coil, Garrett Treasure Sound Headphones, Instruction Manual, Batteries and a Two-Year Warranty. With the quality and performance of the ACE 200, you can begin finding treasure right away, in your own backyard or wherever you travel. This lightweight, easy to use metal detector is ideal for... [read more]

  • EXPLORE ONE ExploreOne Metal Detector for Kids | Water Resistant, Light Weight, Adjustable Junior Metal Detector | Blue

    • UPC: 812257016037
    • Color: Exploreone Jr Metal Detector
    • Brand: EXPLORE ONE
    • Size: Junior Metal Detector
    • Manufacturer: Explore Scientific - Toys

    Everyone loves a treasure hunt, and our easy-to-use metal detector will have your Junior Explorer sweeping for hidden valuables in no time. Different tones will identify various precious metals buried up to 6 inches, and LED lights allow for nighttime searching.

  • Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

    • UPC: 763615874168
    • Color: Gold
    • Brand: Bounty Hunter
    • Size: 7.75 inch
    • Manufacturer: Bounty Hunter

  • Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal detector

    The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector helps find all types of metal items such as coins, jewelry, household items and even precious gold and silver. It is compact and

    • UPC: 14526541
    • Model: GOLD
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 089089723830842

  • Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

    Introduce your child to the thrill of discovery with the Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector. With a finely tuned discrimination control to eliminate unwanted items on par with that of

    • UPC: 8154774
    • Model: BHJS
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 089089723245707

  • Wildgame Innovations Youth Analog Metal Detector MC-1

    The Wildgame Innovations Youth Analog Metal Detector is durable and designed to stand up to the rigors of child operation. Unwanted items can be filtered through a simple eliminator control.

    • UPC: 20974900
    • Model: MC1
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 5.1x26x8.55.1

  • URCERI GC-1028 Metal Detector High Accuracy Waterproof 2 Modes Outdoor Gold Digger with Sensitive Search Coil LED Display for Beginners Professionals bounty hunter, Yellow

    URCERI GC-1028 Metal Detector High Accuracy Waterproof 2 Modes Outdoor Gold Digger with Sensitive Search Coil LED Display for Beginners Professionals,BlackSearch Termmetal pinpointer treasure seeker silver finder kidsgifts underground light

    • UPC: 257796901
    • Model: GC-1028
    • Color: Yellow
    • Size: 40’’(47’’ Max)? 8.6’’? 8.6’’40

  • GP-POINTER Pinpointer Probe Metal Detector with Holster Treasure Hunting Unearthing Tool Accessories Buzzer Vibration Automatic Tuning security and protection

    Only a quick button-press instantly tunes out environment or narrows your detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets. Just try it, and speed up your probing

    • UPC: 994586814
    • Color: Orange
    • Size: One Size

  • Ground Metal Detector For Kids Best Beach Prospector Find Lost Metal Goods New

    • UPC / SKU: 173936069960
    • Category: Metal Detectors
    • Price: 52 USD

  • Best Metal Detector Scoop Sifter Scoops Sand Beach Shovel Detecting with Handle

    • UPC / SKU: 152102149833
    • Category: Metal Detector Accessories
    • Price: 74 USD

  • Beach Better Have My Money Men's T-Shirt Metal Detector

    • UPC / SKU: 401319499548
    • Category: T-Shirts
    • Price: 11 USD


    • UPC / SKU: 323764683838
    • Category: Metal Detectors
    • Price: 1499 USD

  • Beach Better Have My Money Men's Tank Top Metal Detector

    • UPC / SKU: 401319499675
    • Category: T-Shirts
    • Price: 13 USD