10 Best Drill Bit Sets 2018

Best Black & Decker Bit Sets on April 2020 - [TOP 10 Picks] at Bestigma.com.com

  • BLACK+DECKER BDA91109 Combination Accessory Set, 109-Piece

    • UPC: 766082222531
    • ASIN: B009QYLOD8
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Size: 109-Piece
    • Manufacturer: Black & Decker

    The BLACK & DECKER BDA91109 109pc Combination Accessory Set contains the ideal sizes of components for frequent use projects and installation. It offers a variety of drill bits for the most common uses with wood, metal, plastic and masonry. Along with the drill bits, it also contains a variety of 2-Inch and 1-Inch screwdriving bits for household projects. This convenient kit also comes with a durable, portable hard case with extra storage.

  • Black & Decker 71-081 Double Ended Screwdriving Bit Set, 10-Piece

    • UPC: 028877353135
    • ASIN: B000RH3DW8
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: Black & Decker

    Includes (4) Phillips #2 / Slotted #8 Double Ended Bit, (2) Star #15 / Square #2 Double Ended Bit, Phillips #1 / Slotted #6 Double Ended Bit, Phillips #3 / Slotted #10 Double Ended bit, Star #20 / Square #3 Double Ended Bit, Star #10 / Square #1 Double Ended Bit, Bit Holder

  • BLACK+DECKER 71-966 Drilling and Screwdriving Set, 66-Piece Bit Set

    • UPC: 028877372075
    • ASIN: B000AYW018
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Manufacturer: Black & Decker

    D2 - Stanley Black & Decker is a world-leading provider of tools and storage, commercial electronic security and engineered fastening systems, with unique growth platforms and a track record of sustained profitable growth.

  • BLACK+DECKER BDA42SD 42-Piece Standard Screwdriver Bit Set

    • UPC: 885911494755
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Manufacturer: BLACK+DECKER

    The BLACK+DECKER BDA42SD 42-Piece Standard Screwdriver Bit Set contains all the ideal sizes and geometries for frequent use projects and installation, which includes a variety of 1 in. screwdriver bit tips for household projects. It also includes a magnetic drive guide as an added benefit to make your projects go easier. All of this is contained in a compact case featuring a clear lid so you an easily take along to different work areas. Includes: (2) PH1 bits, (5) PH2 bits, (2) PH3 bits, (2) Hex 5/32 in. bits, (2) Hex 3/16 in. bits, (2) Hex 1/4 in. bits, (2) SL6 bits, (3) SL8 bits, (3) SL10 bi... [Read More]

  • BLACK+DECKER 71-931 HSS Drill Bit Set, 18-Piece

    • UPC: 028877452845
    • ASIN: B000RGYZEE
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Manufacturer: Black & Decker

    Includes 18-Piece Drill Bit Set - 71-931, (2) 1/16-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (2) 5/64-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (2) 3/32-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (2) 7/64-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (1) 1/8-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (1) 9/64-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (1) 5/32-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (1) 11/64-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (1) 3/16-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (1) 1/4-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (1) 7/32-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (1) 5/16-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (1) 3/8-in General Purpose Drill Bit, (1) 1/2-in General Purpose Drill Bit

  • BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Drill & Drill Bit Set, 100 Piece (BDC120VA100)

    • UPC: 784497260757
    • ASIN: B0079IRIG0
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Manufacturer: Black + Decker

    BDC120VA100 (1) LD120 20V MAX lithium-ion drill/driver, (1) LB20 20V MAX lithium-ion battery, (1) LCS20 charger, (1) 100-piece accessory kit

  • BLACK+DECKER 15557 10-Piece Drill Bit Set

    • UPC: 787721794738
    • ASIN: B000RH22WA
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Manufacturer: Black & Decker

    Includes (1) 1/16 in. HSS Drill Bit, (1) 5/64 in. HSS Drill Bit, (1) 3/32 in. HSS Drill Bit, (1) 7/64 in. HSS Drill Bit, (1) 1/8 in. HSS Drill Bit, (1) 9/64 in. HSS Drill Bit, (1) 5/32 in. HSS Drill Bit, (1) 11/64 in. HSS Drill Bit, (1) 3/16 in. HSS Drill Bit, (1) 1/4 in. HSS Drill Bit

  • BLACK+DECKER 15-110 High Speed Steel General Purpose Drill Bit Set, 10-Pi

    • UPC: 785533474169
    • ASIN: B00280MC9M
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Manufacturer: Black & Decker

    Features. For most DIY projects.. For drilling in wood metal or plastic.. Includes bit bar.. Dimension - 4.88 x .75 x 6.5 in.. Item Weight - .25 lbs.

  • BLACK+DECKER Quick Connect Drilling and Screwdriving Set, 30-Piece

    • UPC: 718472869949
    • ASIN: B00099E7W4
    • Brand: Black & Decker
    • Manufacturer: Black & Decker

  • BLACK+DECKER 71-912 Drill and Screw Bit Set

    • UPC: 028877522968
    • ASIN: B000RGYZD0
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Manufacturer: Black & Decker

    Includes (30) 1 in. Bit Tips, (8) 2 in. Bit Tips, (6) Hex Shank Drill Bits, (1) Magnetic Drive Guide

  • BLACK+DECKER 16748 Bullet Rotary Masonry Drill Bit Set, 5-Piece

    • UPC: 028874167483
    • ASIN: B000BO6DHE
    • Brand: Black & Decker
    • Size: 5-Piece
    • Manufacturer: Black & Decker

    Black & Decker Bullet Masonry bits have a patented speed tip design that penetrates surfaces quickly, drilling up to 2 times faster than competitive drill bits. The innovative flute design removes material faster for easier drilling and more speed. This super efficient design drills up to 6 times more holes per battery charge with cordless drills. Commonly used for drilling anchor holes when installing flag poles, mail boxes and running electrical conduit and are idea in all masonry applications. 5 piece set includes: 3/16-Inch, 1/4-Inch, 5/16-Inch, 3/8-Inch and 1/2-Inch bits

  • BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Drill & Home Tool Kit, 68 Piece (LDX120PK)

    • UPC: 713976521522
    • ASIN: B00C625KVE
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Size: 19.30in. x 13.60in. x 3.80in.
    • Manufacturer: BLACK+DECKER

    The BLACK+DECKER LDX120PK 20V MAX Cordless Drill and Battery Power Project Kit is a great power tool set for a variety of home projects. Includes 20V cordless drill, which provides an extra level of control with an 11 position clutch that prevents stripping and overdriving screws. The lithium ion battery is always ready and holds a charge up to 18 months. This battery powered drill kit includes 68 hand tools and accessories and a carrying bag for easy portability and storage. Includes carrying bag for easy portability and storage.

  • BLACK+DECKER 71-945-5 Drilling and Screwdriving Set, 50-Piece

    • UPC: 787721333067
    • ASIN: B000RH23AG
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Size: 45-Piece
    • Manufacturer: Black & Decker

    The Black & Decker 71-945-5 50-Piece screw riving set with bonus ratcheting driver contains the most popular range of screw driving accessories. This set includes 1 in. bits, 2 in. bits, nut drivers and a bonus ratcheting screwdriver. The accessories can be used with power tools or used by hand with the ratcheting driver for tight spots or fine tuning.

  • BLACK+DECKER 71-91291 129-Piece Complete Home Essentials Kit

    • UPC: 784497207448
    • ASIN: B0033BLWPA
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Manufacturer: Black & Decker

    The Black & Decker 71-91291 129-piece Multi Project Kit has all you need for most projects around the house. The kit includes an assortment of general-purpose, brad-point, and masonry drill bits (36 total), 4 spade bits, 12 hex keys, 9 outdrives, a drill bit gauge, a magnetic bit tip holder, and 66 assorted 1- and 2-inch screw driving bits. Hang pictures and other home decor Assemble furniture Mount exterior house number or ornaments on stone or brick Install curtains / blinds Indoor / Outdoor drilling in wood, masonry, metal and plastic Fasten Or Hang Window Boxes Drill large holes or run wir... [Read More]

  • BLACK+DECKER LDX120C 20V MAX Lithium Ion Drill / Driver

    • UPC: 014445030034
    • ASIN: B005NNF0YU
    • Brand: BLACK+DECKER
    • Size: Compact
    • Manufacturer: BLACK+DECKER

    The Black & Decker LBXR20 20 Volt MAX Extended Run Time Lithium Battery is compatible with the 20-Volt MAX line of power and gardening tools. These batteries have been formulated for longer runtime and improved performance. This battery is compatible with cordless tool models BDC120VA100, BDCDMT120, BDCDMT120-2, BDCDMT120F, BDCDMT120IA, BDCF20, BDH2000SL, LD3K220, LCC220, LCS120, LCS120B, LD120VA, LDX120C, LDX120PK, LDX120SB, LDX220SB, LDX220SBFC, LGC120, GLC120B, LHT210, LHT2220, LHT2220B, LLP120, LLP120B, LPHT120, LPHT120B, LPP120, LPP120B, LST220, LSW120, LSW20, LSW20B, SSL20SB, SSL20SB-2.

  • BLACK+DECKER Basic Project Set 109-Piece Box

    This set contains a variety of drill bits for use in wood, metal, plastic and

    • UPC: 34769787
    • Model: BDA91109
    • Color: BeigeStandard
    • Size: EA

  • BLACK+DECKER 71-912 Screwdriving/Drill Set, 45pc

    The Black & Decker Screwdriving/Drill Set includes a variety of bit tips to help you complete your next project. Also included is a storage case and magnetic drive

    • UPC: 16672645
    • Model: 71-912
    • Color: Orange

  • Hyper Tough 15 Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

    The Hyper Toughâ„¢ 15 Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set is made with high speed steel and titanium coated for longer

    • UPC: 55503187
    • Model: 3431

  • Black & Decker 71-966 66 Piece Drilling and Screwdriving Drill Driver Bit Set

    The Black & Decker 66-Piece Drilling and Screwdriving Set includes the most popular drill, screwdriver and nut sizes in one convenient set. This set features a wide variety of the

    • UPC: 34769791
    • Model: 71-966
    • Color: Orange

  • Dremel Rotary Multi Tool Cutting Guide HSS Router Drill Bits Set Attachment Kit

    Package Includes: 1 x Dremel Cutting Guide. 4 x Drill. 6 x HSS Routing Router Bits.30 Day Money Back Guaranteed! 12-month free replacement warranty for manufacturer's defects!Product DescriptionLarge window provides

    • UPC: 619117959
    • Model: 493969

  • Best Drill Bit Accessory Set 250 Piece Power Tool Accessories Workshop Home New

    • UPC / SKU: 233120559703
    • Category: Drill Bits
    • Price: 49 USD

  • Drive Bit Set Screwdriver Accessory Kit Tools Wood Metal Plastic Masonry Best

    • UPC / SKU: 143295858578
    • Category: Drill Bits
    • Price: 23 USD