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  • TracCollar - by Body Sport - Inflatable Neck Traction Device - Small/Medium

    • UPC: 026244053350
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Body Sport
    • Size: Small/Medium
    • Manufacturer: Body Sport

    Minimize Your Chances Of Neck Pain with Body Sport TracCollar BodySport, a leading manufacturer of rehabilitation and fitness products, provides cost-effective products for professional and consumer use. Although BodySport was established in 2004, our organization has served the medical rehabilitation, fitness and wellness industries since 1928. We... [read more]

  • Body Sport Cervical Traction Collar Neck Brace

    • UPC: 885367744619
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Body Sport
    • Manufacturer: WBC Group, LLC

    This cervical neck traction can stretch and relax the neck and shoulder muscles while improving the spinal posture. The stretching can decompress the spinal disc, which may minimize bulging and ease the constriction on nerve and blood circulation. This neck Massager Pillow can also take pressure off the painful and stiff joints to relieve pain and ... [read more]

  • Hammock for Neck with Adjustable Double Strap with Buckle for Protection - Portable Cervical Traction Device for Neck Pain Relief, Muscle Relaxation and Physical Therapy - BodyRestore

    • UPC: 008523344526
    • Brand: Body Restore
    • Manufacturer: Body Restore

    We started Head Hammock as a device to help people fast track to correcting their posture, ease neck pain, and something they can use effortlessly while they take a nap. While neck and back stretches and exercises can help tremendously, cervical traction is needed for maximum relief. We created a cost-effective product to help you every step of the... [read more]

  • TracCollarTM Pneumatic Cervical Traction Device (Medium/Large)

    • UPC: 026244053367
    • Brand: TracCollar
    • Size: Fits 15" - 18"
    • Manufacturer: TracCollar

    Portable and lightweight traction collar gently stretches and relaxes muscles slightly for pain relief. Developed by orthopedic engineers for comfortable, effective, daily treatment. For professional and home use. Does not require assembly or batteries. Fastens easily with buckles. Includes carrying case. Collar is constructed from soft, plastic fo... [read more]

  • TracCollar crevical inflatable traction device, l/xl

    • Brand: Fabrication
    • Size: Large / X-Large
    • Manufacturer: Fabrication Enterprises

    50-1096 Size: Large / X-Large Features: -Portable and lightweight traction collar gently stretches and relaxes muscles slightly for pain relief. -Developed by orthopedic engineers for comfortable, effective, daily treatment. -For professional and home use. -Does not require assembly or batteries. -Fastens easily with buckles. -Includes carrying ca... [read more]

  • Neck Stretching Exercises, Back Relax Pillow, Stretcher Collar Device, Portable Cervical Traction for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief for Office Workers, Students, Drivers, Body Workers

    • UPC: 190149272144
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: OUTFANDIA
    • Manufacturer: OUTFANDIA

  • Posture Corrector for Men and Women - Comfortable Upper Back Brace Clavicle Support Device for Thoracic Kyphosis and Shoulder - Neck Pain Relief - FDA Approved

    • UPC: 654975950329
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: VIBO Care
    • Size: 🇺🇸 FITS CHEST SIZES BETWEEN 35" and 41" 🇺🇸
    • Manufacturer: VIBO Care

    Don't Let Back Pain Hold You Back! If you're looking for a natural way to improve posture and bid back pain goodbye, the Healthier U Kit is perfect for your comfort. When used regularly, VIBO Care posture corrector back straightener can help you: ✅ Realign your vertebrae to their proper position - primate posture ✅ Reduce upper and lower back p... [read more]

  • Eon Concepts Neck Relaxer & Stretcher | Hammock for The Head - Pain Reliever for Stiff Shoulder & Neck | Head Traction Support | Free Eye Mask | Relief Muscle Tension | Light & Comfortable Material

    • UPC: 822439905264
    • Brand: Eon Concepts
    • Size: Standard
    • Manufacturer: Eon Concepts

    ☝Tired of dealing with neck pain? ☝Want a simple, reliable and long-lasting solution to make neck pains a thing of the past? If yes, then Eon Concepts relaxer and stretcher device is exactly what you're looking for! ☞Our product is made with our customers in mind. To provide them with quick and lasting relief from neck pain and to... [read more]

  • Traccollar By Body Sport, Large

    • UPC: 636757833204
    • Color: Large
    • Brand: Body Sport
    • Size: Fits: 15" - 18"
    • Manufacturer: TracCollar

    Portable and lightweight traction collar gently stretches and relaxes muscles slightly for pain relief Developed by orthopedic engineers for comfortable, effective, daily treatment For professional and home use Does not require assembly or batteries Fastens easily with buckles Includes carrying case Collar is constructed from soft, plastic foam; in... [read more]

  • The Backpod - Premium Treatment for Neck, Upper Back and Headache Pain from Hunching over Smartphones and Computers. Great for Costochondritis, Thoracic Motion and Perfect Posture

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Bodystance
    • Manufacturer: Bodystance

    The Backpod offers effective home treatment for upper back and neck pain caused by; bad posture, excessive and repetitive computer work, overuse of mobile tools, etc. The Backpod is a practical New Zealand innovation developed to address a problem which was either ignored or misunderstood for far too long. It has been developed by New Zealander Ste... [read more]

  • Sports Laboratory ® Neck Support Brace for Neck Pain with Self Heating Magnets & Tourmaline Adjustable Cervical Collar (Regular (11-17 inch))

    • UPC: 700461873204
    • Brand: Sports Laboratory
    • Size: Regular (11-17 inch)
    • Manufacturer: Sports Laboratory

    The Sports Laboratory Self Heating Magnetic Neck Brace is an effective natural device that targets neck pain by providing essential support to the neck area whilst emitting "Far Infrared Heat" to your neck joints and muscles, providing: Neck Pain Relief Increased Blood Circulation. The heat relief sensation is highly dependant on the sensitivity of... [read more]

  • Portable Neck Head Hammock Cervical Traction Device for Neck Pain Relief, SELFFIT Relaxation Sling Provides Physical Therapy for Tensions

    • Brand: SELFIT
    • Manufacturer: Selfit

    Alleviate the chronic tension and pain of your neck and body with the SELFIT hammock for neck cervical traction deviceThe Portable Cervical Traction to Relax and Stretch MusclesThe SELFIT neck head hammock is the best effective alternative to bulky cervical traction equipment that uses the exact same method to stretch and decompress the muscles and... [read more]

  • ChiFit Neck Traction - 4Layer Cervical Neck Traction Device - Neck Massager & Collar - Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief - Cervical Collar for Travel/Home Improved Spine Alignment

    • UPC: 723740800081
    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: ChiFit
    • Size: 4-layer
    • Manufacturer: luluactivate

    ChiFit Cervical Neck Traction Device ★ ChiFit's New 4 layer cervical neck traction device ★ Is used for stretching your neck . ★Small size & Easy to take away . ★ The device is fully adjustable to almost any size can be used for men and women . ★ Made of specially formulated comfortable materials that don't cause irritations or allergic r... [read more]

  • CranioCradle Home Therapy System | Quality Neck, Back, Shoulder | Soft Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Relief, Myofascial Release & Physical Therapy

    • UPC: 736211294418
    • Color: Seafoam
    • Brand: CranioCradle
    • Manufacturer: Kiss Life, LLC

    Groundbreaking Design For True Myofascial ReleaseCreated by Barb Richmond, CEO of Kiss Life LLC, utilizing the experience of over 20 years in the health care field and tested by highly experienced, hands-on therapists, the CranioCradle is one-of-a-kind.The advanced innovative design can be used in multiple positions for fast, effortless and deep my... [read more]

  • LXYSB Cervical Traction, Home Neck Massage Sports Neck Traction Correction Vertebral Body Support with Stainless Steel Air Pump,White

    • Color: White
    • Brand: LXYSB
    • Manufacturer: LXYSB

    Introduction: Air traction neck brace is an auxiliary device to help people with cervical spondylopathy do self-treatment, frequent use of the device will help people prevent cervical spondylopathy, relieve cervical pain and fatigue, release clinical symptoms by air traction. Features: ☆360° locking cervical vertebra, to do powerful traction, to... [read more]

  • Body Sport TracCollar Neck Traction Device Regular - 14 to 16 inch

    Portable and lightweight traction collar inflates with dual bulbs to gently stretch and relax muscles slightly for pain relief, Developed by orthopedic engineers for comfortable, effective daily treatment, Collar is

    • UPC: 615378206
    • Model: OMP111REG
    • Color: Red
    • Size: Small/Medium

  • Body Sport Cervical Traction Collar Neck Brace

    This cervical neck traction can stretch and relax the neck and shoulder muscles while improving the spinal posture. The stretching can decompress the spinal disc, which may minimize bulging and

    • UPC: 327277282

  • Yosoo Best Cervical Neck Traction Device - Inflatable Neck Brace for Chronic Head Shoulder Pain Relief at Home - Improved Adjustable Neck Stretcher Collar (Coffee)

    Description:This air inflatable pillow is a valuable cervical neck traction device that effectively help to ease muscle pain. Furthermore, the Inflatable Neck Traction Device relaxes the shoulder muscles and greatly

    • UPC: 889354636
    • Color: BrownCoffee

  • TracCollar Neck Traction-Medium/Large (Blue)

    The BodySport TracCollar Neck Traction Device is a portable therapeutic traction collar that inflates to gently stretch, relax, and take pressure off muscles and joints. Comfortable and lightweight, the BodySport

    • UPC: 104963453
    • Model: OMP112LRG
    • Color: Blue
    • Size: Medium/Large - 16 - 18" (Blue)16

  • Yosoo Handheld Back Massager - Double Head Electric Full Body Massager - Deep Tissue Percussion Massage for Muscles, Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Leg, Foot -Best Gifts for Women/Men

    Description:Therapeutic massages have been used to boost blood circulation and give relief to muscle soreness and tightness, while helping reduce stress, mental fatigue and overall body pains. Our Double Head

    • UPC: 606669817
    • Color: BlueWhite and Blue