Mindware Extreme Dot to Dot Around the USA Puzzle Book Review - Family Toy Report

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  • MindWare More Perplexors Logic Puzzle Book: (Level A)

    • UPC: 736970561820
    • Brand: MindWare
    • Manufacturer: MindWare

    In More Perplexors, we have devised a worksheet that is simplicity itself. In our research, we have discovered that the biggest obstacle anyone doing logic problems has to overcome is keeping track of the information given by the clues. Other logic workbooks require the solver to work with or create a matrix and use "X's" and "O's" to keep track of... [read more]

  • Educational Insights Kanoodle - Brain Twisting Solitaire Game

    • UPC: 885477567337
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Educational Insights
    • Size: -
    • Manufacturer: Educational Insights

    Can you Kanoodle? Using combinations of colored connected beads, players complete colorful logic puzzles in two unique formats: tricky 2D puzzles and twisted 3D pyramids. To start, pick a design from the puzzle book, place some of the puzzle pieces into position as shownthen fill the empty spaces with the remaining pieces. Sounds simple? It can beo... [read more]

  • Perplexors: Level B

    • UPC: 736970904474
    • ISBN: 1892069156
    • Brand: MindWare
    • Manufacturer: MindWare

    MindWare is a creator, manufacturer, and distributor of Brainy Toys for people of all ages. The diverse product line includes games, puzzles, brainteasers, arts and crafts activities, mysteries, mazes and more. MindWare's goal is to place high quality toys that teach and entertain into the hands of children and adults. Over the years, MindWare game... [read more]

  • MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot Animals Book Puzzles Range from 300 to over 1,400 Dots Features 8 2-Page Spreads

    • UPC: 885473244386
    • ISBN: 1933054913
    • Brand: MindWare
    • Manufacturer: Mindware

    With awesome designs of animals like chameleons and eagles waiting to be discovered, this book is fantastic for teaching children about all the interesting and wonderful creatures that share our planet! Studies show that connect-the-dot puzzles are one of the best tools for teaching children a multitude of high level skills. With up to 1,400 dots i... [read more]

  • Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards Classic Toy (Developmental Toy, Wooden Shape Blocks, Double-Sided Boards, 120 Shapes & 5 Boards)

    • UPC: 731215408380
    • Color: Multi-colored
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • Size: Mini
    • Manufacturer: Melissa & Doug

    Pattern Blocks and Boards inspire kids explore shapes and colors in a hands-on way as they fill wooden backgrounds with sturdy wooden pieces! Follow one of 10 design templates or create your own mosaic using the 120 colorful wooden tiles in 6 different shapes. Matching and mosaics—what a gorgeous way for kids 3 and older to develop their fine mot... [read more]

  • MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot World of Dots: (Set of 3)

    • UPC: 889070854382
    • Brand: MindWare
    • Manufacturer: MindWare

    Created by MindWare! Exercise your left and right brain at the same time with these complex dot to dot puzzles. Intricate, challenging and wildly rewarding to finish, See the world around you like never before with this one-of-a-kind dot to dot series. Both kids and adults will love watching the incredibly detailed pictures unfold with each dot the... [read more]

  • MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot Poster Set (Famous Destinations)

    • UPC: 736970620749
    • Brand: MindWare
    • Manufacturer: MindWare

    These poster-sized puzzles with over 3,000 dots each have amazing detail and a huge reveal! Each set includes 7 giant posters printed on thick paper, along with a heavy cardstock storage portfolio. Includes five 17" x 25" posters and two 25" x 33" posters. Themes: Venice, Moscow, Africa, London, China, New York and Central America.

  • MindWare Analogy Challenges: Advanced Level 50 Analogy Puzzles Great for Helping With Standardized Tests Challenging and Rewarding

    • UPC: 736970320076
    • ISBN: 1933054301
    • Brand: MindWare
    • Manufacturer: MindWare

    Our simple yet innovative book makes learning analogies and definitions possible for every level of ability. As children and students use the clues to narrow down the answers, they actively learn problem solving by discerning word meanings through hints. Analogy challenges are designed to give kids and students a strong foundation for standardized ... [read more]

  • Extreme Dot to Dot: Christmas Traditions

    • UPC: 736970620107
    • Brand: MindWare
    • Manufacturer: Mindware

    Exercise your left and right brain at the same time with these complex dot to dot puzzles. Intricate, challenging and wildly rewarding to finish, puzzles range from 500 to over 1,400 dots. Some puzzles even cover a two-page spread! Counting, mapping and concentration are just a few of the educational benefits. 32 puzzles, including Nativity Scene, ... [read more]

  • Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle Set, Brain, Body, Heart, Skeleton, Grades 3+

    • UPC: 765023033380
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Learning Resources
    • Size: 3.75 - 9.2 inches tall
    • Manufacturer: Learning Resources, Inc

    Give kids a deeper understanding of how organs and internal systems interact by allowing them manipulate the inner workings of the human body. Perfect for human body centers. Each realistically detailed miniature plastic model includes a stand, fact guide, and photo-illustrated assembly instructions. Includes the Heart, Brain, Human Body and Skelet... [read more]

  • Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World (Book 1) - Summer Fun - Relaxing Puzzles

    • UPC: 787721980537
    • ISBN: 9780970043702
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Monkeying Around
    • Manufacturer: Monkeying Around

    This first series of 4 books is an excellent gateway into the world of dot-to-dots because of its concise instructions and ample white space. Most of these new dot-to-dots number in the hundreds and include David's brand new interesting and inventive dot-to-dot variations. Each of these books appeals to puzzlers as young as eight, as well as older ... [read more]

  • Joyous Dots New Testament Dot to Dot Intricate Series Book 1: Extreme Christian Fun!

    • UPC: 019962506536
    • Brand: Joyous Dots
    • Manufacturer: Joyous Dots

    Our goal is to create interesting products that will bring joy into the lives of others. Are you looking for a positive, relaxing, creative and interesting activity to do? Find it with this joyful dot-to-dot puzzle book! As you complete each puzzle you will slowly reveal intricate images from favorite New Testament Bible stories, parables, and mira... [read more]

  • ZUINIUBI Human Torso Body Anatomy Model Heart Brain Skeleton Medical School Educational 11inch

    • Color: Human Torso Body
    • Brand: ZUINIUBI
    • Manufacturer: ZUINIUBI

    This listing is for a new-in-open-box 11-inch Human Torso Body Anatomy Model with removable heart, brain and additional organs, shipped in original, resealed retail packaging. This item has been inspected to ensure it is free of damage. Package includes instruction sheet. Product packaging will be slightly damaged. See photos for more details.Item:... [read more]

  • MindWare Word Winks Puzzle Books _ Three Volume Set

    • UPC: 689466482218
    • Brand: MindWare
    • Manufacturer: Mindware

    This is a three book bundle includes: Word Winks Original (Purple Cover) More Word Winks (Green Cover) Even More Word Winks (Orange Cover) Best for ages 14 to 105 years.

  • MindWare Perplexors: (Level D)

    • UPC: 736970904498
    • Brand: MindWare
    • Manufacturer: MindWare

    Pick up a pencil and sharpen your deductive reasoning skills with these challenging logic puzzles. Each Perplexor puzzle categorizes information and lists clues below. By using the "cross-out-and-circle" technique, you will practice logical thinking in order to find the correct answer. Perplexors: Level D includes 48 full-page puzzles with solution... [read more]

  • Go!Games Super Colossal Book of Word Search : 365 Great Puzzles

    A super-duper colossal collection of 365 wildly entertaining word search puzzles, one for every day of the year. Every page has two word searches in it, each with a cool

    • UPC: 23562857

  • The Best of Everything Word Search Book : Build Your Brain Power with 150 Easy to Hard Word Search Puzzles

    150 word search puzzles for hours of stimulating fun! The Best of Everything Word Search Book provides hours of portable entertainment for word search lovers of all skill levels, from

    • UPC: 21599942

  • Sudoku Puzzle Book

    Sudoku Puzzle Book: Over 500 Puzzles for Adults & Kids Including Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert & Extreme This is the perfect book for you or a friend. Invest in your

    • UPC: 498794008

  • USA TODAY Jumbo Puzzle Book 2 : 400 Brain Games for Every Day


    • UPC: 11045451

  • Extreme Dot to Dot World of Dots: Architecture, TOYS THAT TEACH: Studies show that connect-the-dot puzzles are one of the best tools for.., By MindWare

    Created by ! Exercise your left and right brain at the same time with these complex dot to dot puzzles. Intricate, challenging and wildly rewarding to finish, See the world

    • UPC: 845185142