How to Buy Cajon Guide // Guitar Center Edition (2017)

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  • Meinl Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares - MADE IN EUROPE - Baltic Birch Wood Compact Size, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, JC50LBNT)

    • UPC: 840553082494
    • Color: Birch Cajon with Snares
    • Brand: Meinl
    • Manufacturer: Meinl USA L.C.

    The Meinl Jam Cajon is perfect for playing on the go. Its compact design is lightweight and easy to carry to drum circles, unplugged gigs or wherever you want to enjoy playing. The size makes it ideal to grab and go for spontaneous jam sessions and has every feature of a standard size MEINL Cajon. Crafted in Europe from birch wood, the Jam Cajon ha... [read more]

  • Meinl Cajon Box Drum with Internal Metal Strings for Adjustable Snare Effect - NOT MADE IN CHINA - Hardwood Full Size with Makah Burl Frontplate, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (CAJ3MB-M)

    • UPC: 840553059120
    • Color: Makah Burl String Cajon
    • Brand: Meinl Percussion
    • Manufacturer: Meinl USA L.C.

    Meinl string cajons feature four internal metal guitar strings that come together into two adjustable points to deliver a sizzle effect when striking the frontplate. This can be very useful in achieving a crisp sound that enhances bass notes and gives corner hits extra snap. Adjusting the tension of the strings opens up the sound options and varies... [read more]

  • Meinl Jumbo Bass Subwoofer Cajon with Internal Snares - NOT MADE IN CHINA - Walnut Playing Surface, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (SUBCAJ5WN)

    • UPC: 888366053799
    • Color: Walnut
    • Brand: Meinl Percussion
    • Size: Walnut
    • Manufacturer: Meinl USA L.C.

    The MEINL Jumbo Subwoofer Cajon features a forward projecting sound port in place of the traditional rear facing style and an internal reflex channel. This results in an enhanced bass note projection, particularly desirable for live and unplugged situations. Fixed internal snare wires deliver a crisp and cutting sound that enhances corner slaps and... [read more]

  • Meinl Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares and FREE Bag - MADE IN EUROPE - Baltic Birch Wood Full Size, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (BC1NTWR)

    • UPC: 840553082517
    • Color: Snare Cajon with Bag
    • Brand: Meinl Percussion
    • Manufacturer: Meinl USA L.C.

    The Meinl Percussion cafe Cajon with free gig bag is constructed of dense hardwood for full, resonant bass notes and crisp slap tones. An internal snare system is fitted against the inside of the playing surface to add a sizzle effect, mimicking the sound of a snare drum. The front plate in wine Red finish responds well to finger rolls as well as c... [read more]

  • Nino Percussion Kids' Make Your Own Cajon Kit -MADE IN EUROPE - Baltic Birch Wood, Includes Easy to Follow Manual, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (Parts Only) Only), inch (NINO951-MYO)

    • UPC: 840553043570
    • Color: Natural
    • Brand: Nino Percussion
    • Size: -inch
    • Manufacturer: Nino Percussion

    One of the most popular percussion instruments today is the Cajon. Now with the NINO Cajon kit, you can build your own! The instructions will guide you through this fun project, and at the end you will be able to customize the finish by using the included stencils and adding lacquer or paint to create an entirely unique design. This Cajon is the pe... [read more]

  • Sawtooth ST-CJ120B Cajon Birch Wood with Padded Seat Cushion and Carry Bag

    • UPC: 811501031635
    • Color: Birch
    • Brand: Sawtooth
    • Size: Cajon with Carry Bag
    • Manufacturer: Sawtooth

    Craftsmanship and playability is delivered with this wood Cajon. Experience more attack with and an overall brighter tone with saw tooth's Birch Cajon (ST-CJ120B). adjust the snare tension to achieve your desired sound. Perfect for beginners, drummers looking to diversify their playing styles and professional players. Includes seat pad, and carry b... [read more]

  • Pyle String Cajon - Wooden Percussion Box, with Internal Guitar Strings, Full Size

    • UPC: 068888773843
    • Brand: Pyle
    • Manufacturer: Sound Around

    Pyle Model : PCJD18Wooden Cajon Percussion BoxStringed Jam Cajon - Wooden Cajon Percussion Box Features:Classic/Traditional Cajon StyleHand-Crafted Wooden Panel Box FrameAcoustical ‘Hand-Percussion’ Tone SoundsInternal Guitar Strings for Rhythmic ProductionRubber-Capped Feet for Anti-Vibration InterferenceLightweight & Compact DesignMusical Fun... [read more]

  • Echoslap Padded Cajon Backpack Bag - Green Camo

    • UPC: 643307666083
    • Color: Green Camo
    • Brand: Echoslap
    • Manufacturer: CNZ Audio

    Look & FeelThe CNZ Audio Backpack Gigbag is made of Sturdy Black Nylon and is perfect for transporting your Cajon to the studio or your next gig. The Gigbag has two Shoulder Straps to take around your cajon backpack style.Safe & SecureTwo buckle clasps hold your cajon firmly inside of the bag. It is perfect for protecting your cajon on the road.F... [read more]

  • Born to Jam Cajon Drum T-Shirt for Jamming Drummers

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: ADC Musicians Tshirts
    • Size: Male Small
    • Manufacturer: ADC Musicians Tshirts

    Show of your love for your cajon drum with this Born to Jam graphic t-shirt from ADC Musicians Tshirts. It makes a great gift for drummers who love jamming and rocking out with their cajon drum.

  • eDealMax 5 piezas de 17,5 mm Rosca Dia Cam Lock Juego de llaves para el Buzón del cajón del gabinete

    • Brand: eDealMax
    • Manufacturer: eDealMax

    Feature con cerradura de cilindro, 2 llaves included.Suitable para buzón, cajón, gabinete, puerta del armario u otro bloqueo de leva furnitures.The es adecuado para el buzón, cajón, gabinete, puerta de un armario u otros muebles.

  • Latin Percussion Cajon, inch (LP1428NY)

    • UPC: 731201478229
    • Color: MultiColored
    • Brand: Latin Percussion
    • Size: -inch
    • Manufacturer: Latin Percussion

    The LP Black Box Wire Cajon is a winning combination of sound and price. Winner of DRUM! Magazine’s Drummies! award for Best Cajon. It has a clear distinction of snare and bass tones. Made of environmentally responsible eco-board body. Body is MDF, soundboard is Birch/Poplar.

  • Cajun Injector Creole Butter 16oz (1 Pint) (Pack of 2)

    • UPC: 778554139100
    • Color: Basic
    • Brand: Cajun Injector Creole Butter
    • Size: 16oz (1 Pint)
    • Manufacturer: Unknown

    Price is for two 16 oz plastic jars as shown. Best by December 8, 2018. Ships from Amazon.

  • Hal Leonard Cajon Method

    • UPC: 888680030698
    • ISBN: 1495002411
    • Brand: Hal Leonard
    • Manufacturer: Hal Leonard

    (Percussion). This beginner's guide for anyone learning to play the cajon takes you through the basics of the instrument and its techniques with dozens of exercises and over 30 grooves from many genres including rock, Latin, blues, jazz, flamenco, funk, and more. There are also more advanced techniques in the final chapter that include how to chang... [read more]

  • Schlagwerk TA12 Backpack Cajon Bag

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Schlagwerk
    • Size: -inch
    • Manufacturer: Schlagwerk

    Thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap the Cajon rucksack is a practical "travel bag" for the Cajon. Furthermore, its substantial lining provides the necessary protection.

  • InterDesign Drawers Caja con compartimentos | Caja de maquillaje con 1 cajón y 11 compartimentos | Organizador de maquillaje o artículos de oficina | Plástico transparente

    • UPC: 081492373605
    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: InterDesign
    • Size: 6-1/2" sq. x 4" h
    • Manufacturer: InterDesign

    Cajón para almacenar cosméticos, joyas y otros accesorios ► ¿Por qué InterDesign? InterDesign trae innovación, estilo y organización a su hogar gracias a una amplia gama de productos. Nuestro objetivo es mejorar y embellecer su entorno. Nos inspiramos en las tendencias de moda actuales para crear colecciones que aúnan la practicidad con la... [read more]

  • Sawtooth Birch Wood Cajon with Padded Seat Cushion and Carry Bag

    Craftsmanship and playability is delivered with this wood Cajon. Experience more attack with and an overall brighter tone with Saw tooth\'s Birch Cajon (ST-CJ120B). Adjust the snare tension to achieve

    • UPC: 54513311
    • Model: ST-CJ120B
    • Color: BirchOff-White

  • The Lyndsay Diaries: Scott Windsor (vocals, guitar, drums).Additional personnel: Jonathan Caro (vocals); Sean O'Donnell (slide guitar, harmonica, keyboards, bass, percussion, background vocals); Justice Constantine (cello); Rick Sybranchy (upright bass).Recorded at Jumbo Sound Studios, El Cajon, California.

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    • UPC: 3487110

  • John Santos And The Machete Ensemble: John Santos (vocals, congas, caxixis, axatse, talking drum, bells, bongos, woodblock, bata drum, gankogui, shekere, metal rattle, cajon, guiro, kata, timbales, timbalitos, maracas, vibraslap, repique, shaker, whistle, percussion); Lichi Fuentes, Ismael Rodriguez, Ramon Estevez (vocals); Melecio Magdaluyo (soprano, alto, tenor & baritone saxophone, flute); Ron Stallings (soprano & tenor saxophone, flute); John Calloway (tenor saxophone, flute, piano); Wayne Wallace (trombone, piano); Jeff Cressman (trombone); Bill Ortiz (trumpet); Rebeca Mauleon (piano); David Belove (bass); Paul Van Wageningen (drums); Anthony Carrillo (bongos, bell); Paoli Mejias (congas); Orestes Vilato (timbales); Jose Clausell (bell).Recorded at Bay Records, Berkeley, California.Includes liner notes by David Penalosa and John Santos.

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    • UPC: 3481483

  • Cajon Pass, BNSF Railway's Cajon Sub

    Cajon Pass, BNSF Railway's Cajon

    • UPC: 634828902

  • Return to Cajon Pass, California

    Return to Cajon Pass,

    • UPC: 818942570


    • UPC / SKU: 142684540355
    • Category: Baseball Cards
    • Price: 2 USD

  • 2002 Taylor Guitars El Cajon CA Nominated Best New Artist Dog Photo Print Ad

    • UPC / SKU: 153564558450
    • Category: 1990-Now
    • Price: 12 USD

  • Nino Better Life Series Cajon, Grey Gray

    • UPC / SKU: 372696081474
    • Category: Other Drums
    • Price: 99 USD


    • UPC / SKU: 401065277841
    • Category: Antiquarian & Collectible
    • Price: 9 USD

  • Custom Made-Cajon's by Bruce Cajon Cajons Drum Box Best

    • UPC / SKU: 264341841732
    • Category: Other Percussion
    • Price: 175 USD