Which Capacitor Tester Should I Buy?

Best Capacitor Testers on November 2019 - [TOP 10 Picks] at Bestigma.com.com

  • Supco MFD10 Digital Capacitor Tester with LED Display, 0.01 to 10000mF Range, 5% Accuracy

    • UPC: 687152020935
    • Color: 1
    • Brand: Supco
    • Manufacturer: Supco

    High quality - low price - simple to operate | Pocket size | LED readout | Gives the capacitance value on start and run capacitors from .01 to 10,000 MFD | Checks for open and shorted capacitors | Checks run, start and DC Electrolytic capacitors | Includes carry case | Power - 4AA batteries (not included) | 4-1/2"H x 2-5/8"W x 1-3/8"D - Manufacture... [read more]

  • Excelvan M6013 Digital Auto Ranging Capacitance Meter Capacitor Tester Professional 0.01pF to 470000uF

    • UPC: 639713718263
    • Brand: Excelvan
    • Manufacturer: Excelvan

    Please Note: ❶Accuracy may be affected by the test lead's length and distance, especially for testing pF small capacitance. Shortest test lead is recommended, and be careful the surrounding EMI or RF noise may affect the pF reading. ❷Please discharge the capacitor before testing. You can use a screwdriver to short circuit or series with a resis... [read more]

  • Honeytek A6013L Capacitor Tester

    • UPC: 721366549247
    • Brand: Honeytek
    • Manufacturer: Honeytek

    Capacitance Range: 0.1pF +/-0.5%+5 820Hz 200pF 1pF +/-0.5%+5 820Hz 2000pF 10pF +/-0.5%+5 820Hz 20nF 100pF +/-0.5%+5 820Hz 200nF 1nF +/-0.5%+5 820Hz 2uF 10nF +/-0.5%+5 82Hz 20uF 100nF +/-0.5%+5 8.2Hz 200uF 1uF +/-2%+10 8.2Hz 2000uF 10uF +/-4%+10 8.2Hz 20mF 9 measuring ranges from 200pF to 20mF, LCD display with Black Light, Auto discharge for capac... [read more]

  • Signstek Digital LCD Display A6013L Manual Capacitance Capacitor Meter Tester Multimeter 200pF ~ 20mF

    • UPC: 602561747730
    • Brand: Signstek
    • Manufacturer: Signstek

    FEATURES : *1. 9 measuring ranges from 200pF to 20mF *2. LCD display with Back Light *3. LSI-sircuit provides high reliability and durability. *4. With input overload protection *5. ZERO adjustment for compensation of measuring leads *6. Data-hold function *7. Over-range indication *8. Low battery indication *9. Compact structure & pocket ... [read more]

  • LCD Digital Meter XC6013L Capacitance Capacitor Tester mF uF Circuit Gauge Capacitance Meter Tester

    • UPC: 504534250943
    • Brand: NEWCASON
    • Manufacturer: Newcason

    Capacitance Range 200pF ±2% 2000pF 20nF 200nF 2uF 20uF 200uF 2000uF 20mF Package Includes: 1 x capacitor meter 1 x probes 1 x user manual 1 x battery

  • General Tools CAP1500 Automatic Digital Wide Range Capacitor Tester

    • UPC: 681035501924
    • Brand: General Tools
    • Manufacturer: General Tools & Instruments

    Checks Capacitor energy storage on controller boards. Includes alligator clip test leads, soft case, battery, user's manual and 1-Year Limited WarrantyGENERAL TOOLS - THE PRECISE TOOL FOR DOING THE JOB EXACTLY RIGHT. Offering over 1,000 tools, we’re proud to provide tradesmen, craftsmen and DIYers around the world with a broad range of affordable... [read more]

  • Multimeter Digital Capacitance Meter,cciyu Capacitor Tester 0.1pF to 20000uF with Hold Digital Function LCD Backlight Max 1999 Display,UA6013L Capacitance Meter

    • UPC: 661066124071
    • Brand: cciyu
    • Manufacturer: cciyu

    Description:General description:6013L type digital capacitance meter is pocket, convenient operation, accurate numerical reading, low-consumption, and showing numbers in a big LCD. Being accurate in measuring.Features1. It is applied with CMOS double-bevel A/D convertor that is automatic in zeroing and polar selection, and makes instruction for bey... [read more]

  • Transistor Tester, DROK Mosfet Transistor Capacitor Tester, Mega328 NPN PNP Transistor Diode Resistor Inductor Capacitance MOS SCR ESR Meter Automatic Checker Detector

    • Brand: DROK
    • Manufacturer: DROK

    Parameters: -- Voltage supply: DC 9V Battery 6F22 (NOT Included) -- Transistors range: 2 or less (including 2) P-N junction transistor -- Resistors range: 0.5Ω - 50MΩ -- Capacitors range: 25pF-100000uF -- Inductors range: 0.01mH - 20H -- Dimensions: 70mm × 135mm × 24mm Operating Instruction: >> The pins of the electronic components can be con... [read more]

  • AstroAI Digital Multimeter, TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter Manual and Auto Ranging; Measures Voltage Tester, Current, Resistance, Continuity, Frequency; Tests Diodes, Transistors, Temperature, Red

    • UPC: 759974998225
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: AstroAI
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: AstroAI

    The True RMS Multimeter is designed to be safely and accurately used by professionals in a commercial setting or weekend DIYer's that need a little more power utility from their standard digital multimeter. It's easy and safe to operate with advanced features built for measuring seemingly everything. Run tests on diodes and transistors while being ... [read more]

  • Longruner 1.8 inch Colorful Display Pocketable Multifunctional TFT Backlight Transistor LCR-TC1 Tester for Diode Triode Capacitor Resistor Transistor LCR ESR NPN PNP MOSFET (multi tester)

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Longruner
    • Size: multi tester
    • Manufacturer: Longruner

    Features: - Self test with automatic calibration - Color: White - Size: 69*91*28m/ 2.71x3.58x1.10 inch - Display: 1.8 inch TFT Screen, Color Screen - Diode Range: less than 4.5V - Zener Diode:Transistor Detect Area: 0.01-4.5V - Zener Diode Detect Area: 0.01-30V - Triac Range: IGT less than 6mA - Capacitance: 25pF-100mF - Resistor: 0.01-50MΩ - Ind... [read more]

  • DMiotech Multimeter Digital Capacitance Meter Capacitor Pro Tester 0.1pF - 20000uF with LCD Backlight Max 1999 Display w Data Hold Function UA6013L

    • UPC: 614134874170
    • Brand: DMiotech
    • Size: UA6013L
    • Manufacturer: Dragonmarts Co. Ltd. / Uxcell

    Features 1.Designed to safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems. Ensures long service life for the beginners and the professionals. 2.CE certified professional capacitance meter, battery included. 3 1/2 Digits big LCD (max .1999  Display), with backlight. 3.Data hold function. Manual adjustment k... [read more]

  • Multifunction Meter DIY kit, kuman Mega 328 Graphic transistor Tester, NPN PNP Diodes Triode Capacitor ESR SCR MOSFET Resistor Inductance LCD Display Checker with case and screwdriver K77

    • Brand: Kuman
    • Manufacturer: Kuman

    Specification: Product Name: Transistor Tester Material: Plastic,Metal With Automatic Shutdown. Test ranges: Inductors, capacitors , diodes, dual diode , mos, transistor, SCR , the regulator, LED tube , ESR, Resistance,Adjustable potentiometer Power Consumption Off Mode: Less than 20nA Capacitor Measure Range: 25pf -100000uf Inductance Measure R... [read more]

  • BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester SMD Electronic Components Meter Diode Triode Capacitor MOSFET Resistor Inductance LCR ESR Checker

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: BSIDE
    • Size: Transistor Tester
    • Manufacturer: Bside

    Features: - A key operation, boot test, a key to get - Automatically test the pin elements and display them on the LCD - Automatic detection of NPN, PNP bipolar transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOS field-effect transistors, junction type FET, diodes, diodes, thyristors, low power unidirectional and bidirectional thyristors - Automatic identific... [read more]

  • OCR 24Value 500pcs Electrolytic Capacitor Assortment Box Kit Range 0.1uF-1000uF

    • UPC: 764276394170
    • Color: Electrolytic Capacitor --24 Value 500pcs
    • Brand: OCR
    • Manufacturer: a

    High quality and long life. Nominal Capacitance : 0.1uF~1000uF Capacitance Tolerance: electrolytic +/-20% Operating Temperature Range: -40deg/C ~105+deg/C Temperature Coefficient: -55to+175deg C Package list: 0.1uF 50V 4x7 30pcs 0.22uF 50V 5x11 20pcs 0.47uF 50V 5x11 20pcs 1uF 50V 5x11 20pcs 2.2uF 50V 4x7 30pcs 3.3uF 50V 4x7 30pcs 4.7uF 50V 4x7 30pc... [read more]

  • Proster LCR Meter LCR Multimeter Tester for Capacitance Resistance Inductance Measuring Meter with LCD Over-range Display

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Proster
    • Manufacturer: Proster Trading Limited

    Description:Proster inductance, capacitance and resistance measuring meter,it is a Specialdigital instrument which is easy to be operated, the reading accuracydegree is higher with liquid crystal display 3 1/2.It adopted double integralA/D converter core and a large-scale integrated circuits,these make the meter anexcellent performance instrument f... [read more]

  • Digital Capacitor Tester

    High Quality - Low Price - Simple To Operate Pocket Size Led Readout Gives The Capacitance Value On Start And Run Capacitors From .01 To 10,000 Mfd Checks For Open

    • UPC: 182199272
    • Model: MFD10
    • Color: Multicolor

  • HQRP Capacitor for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan 4.8uf+6uf+6uf 4-Wire + HQRP Coaster

    HQRP® Replacement Motor Capacitor plus HQRP® Coaster; CBB61 4.8uf+6uf+6uf 4-Wire; Tolerance : +/-5%; Rated Voltage: 250VAC; 200 Days

    • UPC: 435422763

  • Unique Bargains 50V 4700uF 105 Degree Celsius Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

    Unique Bargains 50V 4700uF 105 Degree Celsius Radial Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorDescription: Polarized design: 2-Terminal is positive electrode and the shorter one is negative electrode. Widely used in electronics, such as

    • UPC: 172112715
    • Color: othersOther
    • Size: 4700uF 50V 1pcs50 V

  • New Audiopipe ACAP-6000 6 Farad Power Car Audio Capacitor Digital Display Black

    Audiopipe 6 Farad Power Capacitor SKU

    • UPC: 115248131
    • Model: ACAP-6000
    • Color: Black

  • Dual Run Capacitor, Round, 30 + 5 Mfd., 370 Volt, CD30+5X370R

    Dual Run Capacitor, Round, 30 + 5 Mfd., 370 Volt,

    • UPC: 54158100
    • Model: CD30+5X370R