Top New Crossbows For 2019

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  • Karnage Apocalypse Crossbow Package Includes Arrows, Quiver, Detachable Sling, Wax, Cocking Rope, and Scope

    • UPC: 754806262994
    • ASIN: B077H56YY1
    • Brand: Bear Archery
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Escalade Sports

    Do more than survive. The Karnage Apocalypse deliveries top of the line speed, accuracy and quality for an affordable price. They are forged with the hunter in mind making them sleek and lethal. This crossbow offers aggressive power and performance under the most challenging of conditions on any continent. Stock has 3" of adjustability with and adjustable cheek piece, ambidextrous trigger with dry fire inhibitor, adjustable fore end grip is mounted on a picatanny-style rail system for improved accuracy and comfort, dual mount string recoil suppressor system to reduce noise and friction.

  • Plano Spire Crossbow Case, Black

    • UPC: 024099011327
    • ASIN: B01B609ZXU
    • Brand: Plano
    • Size: UNITS
    • Manufacturer: PLANO MOLDING COMPANY

    Perfect fit means perfect protection. And it looks pretty slick, too. Introducing Plano's new SPIRE Crossbow Case. With a new dynamic design combined with the dependable craftsmanship that you expect from a Plano hard case, the SPIRE Crossbow Case is sure to impress. It provides excellent protection, high-density foam padding, balanced carry handles, quiver storage and easily fits all major crossbow brands.

  • *CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper AXCTW185CK Compound Crossbow with 4x32 Scope, RCD

    • UPC: 843382002619
    • ASIN: B06Y268DMR
    • Brand: CenterPoint
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: CenterPoint

    The Tormentor whisper 380 has an all weather composite stock with rubber padded grips for comfort and convenience. This crossbow has a whisper silencing system that includes two string stoppers with silencers and two limb dampeners, two spider silencers for the ultimate in noise reduction and vibration control.

  • Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow in Mossy Oak Bottomland, Shoots 375 Feet Per Second; Includes 4X32 Scope, 2 22" Arrows, Quiver, and Rope Cocking Device

    • UPC: 042609011186
    • ASIN: B07RC86KJ1
    • Brand: Barnett
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Barnett

    As long as hunters keep chasing whitetails, Barnett will keep equipping them with the best crossbows. The newest addition to our popular Whitetail Hunter series, the Whitetail Hunter STR creates a compact, manageable profile that hunters of all sizes and skills can manage. Step-Through Riser (STR) technology reduces the length of the crossbow by integrating the foot stirrup directly into the riser. Combined with an overall weight of just 6.6 pounds, this crossbow hunts light and fast –375 feet per second fast. The Whitetail Hunter STR comes ready-to-hunt with all the accessories you need and... [Read More]

  • *CenterPoint Sniper Compound Crossbow

    • UPC: 843382002411
    • ASIN: B06Y2KFCJR
    • Brand: CenterPoint
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: CenterPoint

    Big game performance in a package that begs to hit the mountain! The Sniper features, performance, maneuverability and convenience for any skill level. Starting with lightweight and durable aluminum construction and a fully adjustable stock and pass-through fore-grip, shoulder the bow with confidence to fit your shooting style. Quad limbs, precision-machined cam system and rail with shoot-through riser insure exceptional power and accuracy at a draw weight of 185-pounds and mind-blowing speeds of up to 370 feet-per-second. Anti-dry fire and auto-safety trigger mechanisms prevent ill-intentione... [Read More]

  • Barnett WHITETAIL PRO STR Crossbow Triggertech Trubark Camo 400fps BAR78004

    • UPC: 042609000043
    • ASIN: B079ZQDYQZ
    • Brand: Barnett
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Barnett

    Meet the Whitetail Hunter Pro STR.That's right; STR stands for Step-Through Riser. Once reserved for Barnett's most exotic, high-performance models, a total of seven Barnett crossbows are being built on theprovenStep-Through Riser platform. The innovative design creates improved balance to combat the ill effects of power by effectively shiftingweight from the riser to the stockfor enhancedstability and ultimate accuracy. Other unique performance features on the new Whitetail Hunter ProSTR include string dampeners to cut vibration and sound, Barnett's self-adjusting Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Ar... [Read More]

  • DMAIP 0.3LB Mini Crossbow

    • ASIN: B07K2DJ79X
    • Brand: DMAIP
    • Manufacturer: DMAIP

    100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • HHA Speed Dial Cross Bow Mount

    • UPC: 716415040028
    • ASIN: B004UOXLB2
    • Brand: HHA
    • Manufacturer: Sportsman Supply Inc.

    The HHA optimizer lite speed dial cross bow sight mount features lightweight durability and accurate to-the-yard from 20 to 80 yards. Includes calibrated tapes for bow speeds of 260-410 feet per second, 2 inch groups at 80 yards. The model fits most current crossbows. Weight of 7-ounce.

  • Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow | Shoots 350 FPS | Includes 4x32 scope, rope cocking device, light weight quiver & two 20 inch Headhunter arrows

    • UPC: 042609781287
    • ASIN: B06XKS7YVM
    • Brand: Barnett
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Barnett Archery

    Features: + ADF (anti-dry fire) trigger system + bristle brush Retainer + MIM (metal injected molded) trigger + 7/8 inch Picatinny rails + allows for the Integration of a crank cocking device + finger safety reminders + pass through fore grip. Anti-Vibration Foot Stirrup

  • 1.5-5x32 Crossbow Scope, 20-100 Yards Ballistic Reticle,300 FPS - 425 FPS Speed Adjustment Red Green Illuminated Mount Included

    • UPC: 605760278470
    • ASIN: B07D9MCH71
    • Brand: MA3TY
    • Manufacturer: MA3TY

    HOW TO ADJUST FPS? Take a shot at its center using the 20 yard aiming point on the reticle. If the point of impact is higher than the point of aim, turn the FPS speed selector dial to a slightly lower number. If the point of impact is lower than the point of aim, turn the FPS speed selector dial to a slightly higher number. Once the point of impact is the same as the point of aim at 20 yards the scope is calibrated for your crossbow speed. It is not necessary to adjust the FPS selection dial for other distances. If the FPS selection dial is changed you will need to recalibrate your crossbow... [Read More]

  • Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target - for Crossbows, Compounds, Traditional Bows and Airbows

    • UPC: 036496112286
    • ASIN: B002UIZWTE
    • Brand: Morrell
    • Size: Field Point Bag Archery Target
    • Manufacturer: Morrell

    Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target gives you capability of a shooting target to withstand abuse of Crossbows, Compound Bows and Air bows with super easy arrow removal. This target can withstand thousands of shots from these bows. These bag targets are so tough they can even stop 440 FPS from an Air bow. THAT’S THE FASTEST KNOWN ARROW FLIGHT! The target cover is completely replaceable to increase core target life even longer. This is truly an archery target that can last for years and years. With today's fast crossbows and compound bows an archer needs the advantage of... [Read More]

  • UTG 4X32 1" Crossbow Scope, Pro 5-Step RGB Reticle, QD Rings

    • ASIN: B0076IA1DK
    • Brand: UTG
    • Size: 4x32
    • Manufacturer: Leapers Inc

    UTG 4X32 1" Crossbow Scope, Pro 5-Step RGB Reticle, QD Rings Features: - Built on Robust True Strength Platform with Smart Spherical Structure(SSS) to Achieve Most Precise and Accurate - Wind age/Elevation Adjustment and Toughest Recoil Resistance - Unique Pro 5-Step Red/Green Illuminated Reticle Designed for Crossbows and Other Applications Requiring Variable Velocity Compensation, Includes 5 Horizontal Lines Calibrated for 300fps Crossbows for Quick Aiming at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50-yard Distances - Side Wheel Red/Green Dual Illumination Control for Versatile Uses in Different Light Conditions... [Read More]

  • ESS Eyewear Cross Series Crossbow 3LS Kit 740-0387

    • UPC: 811533014538
    • ASIN: B0042F3JCK
    • Brand: ESS Eyewear
    • Size: One Size Fits Most
    • Manufacturer: ESS Eyewear

    When you try on the ESS Crossbow, you'll discover it's unlike any other ballistic eyeshield. Experience the Tri-Tech Fit frame that achieves an amazing universal fit with max comfort and zero pressure points. Then notice the lenses. They won't fog. That's thanks to groundbreaking ClearZone FlowCoat technology, engineered to eliminate fog inside and prevent scratches outside. As you stare down your objective through distortion-free ESSOPTICS, you'll see just how optically precise vision can be. When you're ready to switch tints, the innovative DedBolt Lens Lock pivots up for easy release, then ... [Read More]

  • Carbon Express Piledriver Crossbolt 20in. Moon 6pk 52140

    • UPC: 044734521400
    • ASIN: B00AU6CPKW
    • Brand: Carbon Express
    • Size: 20-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Feradyne Outdoors Llc

    BONE-CRUSHING PENETRATION Designed for the hunter who wants ultimate penetration. Heaviest carbon crossbolt in CX lineup creates maximum kinetic energy and great knock-down power. Advanced construction ensures spine consistency for greater accuracy, and the composite material is extremely durable at impact for exceptional reliability and repeat performance. Fletched with 4" vanes. Moon Nocks. Size: 20". Weight: 442 grains. Diameter: 0.348". Straightness Tolerance: +/- 0.004 MAX. 6 pack. Note: Weight includes 100 grain field points. Include inserted moon nocks, plus 6 universal flat nocks. Mode... [Read More]

  • ESS Smoke Gray Crossbow Replacement Lenses, Single

    • UPC: 845452007371
    • ASIN: B07JNLJ72X
    • Brand: ESS
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: ESS

    THIS IS JUST FOR THE "Smoke Gray Crossbow Replacement Lenses, single" ESS P/N: 740-0420 NSN: 4240-01-583-5786 Included on the U.S. Army’s Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) and the only approved eye protection for U.S. Marines. When you try on the Crossbow, you'll discover it's unlike any other ballistic eyeshield. Experience the Tri-Tech Fit frame that achieves an amazing universal fit with max comfort and zero pressure points. Then notice the lenses. They won't fog. That's thanks to groundbreaking ClearZone FlowCoat technology, engineered to eliminate fog inside and prevent scratche... [Read More]

  • SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

    Get on target quickly with this powerful SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package. It includes a 175-pound model with a premium 4 x 32 multi-reticle scope for long distance shots. This

    • UPC: 22029343
    • Model: 543
    • Color: NAOther

  • Firefield Stinger Pistol Crossbow

    The Stinger Pistol Crossbow from Firefield packs a major punch in a compact, lightweight design. The Stinger is ideal for target shooting and small game hunting and is a great

    • UPC: 46906334
    • Model: FF78000
    • Color: MulticolorBlack
    • Size: 7.75x2.00x20.507.75

  • Karnage Apocalypse Crossbow

    Do more than survive. The Karnage Apocalypse delivers top of the line speed, accuracy and quality for an affordable price. They are forged with the hunter in mind making them

    • UPC: 392869215
    • Model: AC82A2A2175

  • CenterPoint Archery TYRO Recurve Crossbow 245 FPS Kit with 4x32mm Scope AXRT175CK4X

    Jump into crossbow hunting with the lightweight, easy-to-operate CenterPoint Tyro Recurve Crossbow. The Tryo has an adjustable all weather composite stock coupled to a compression molded fiberglass limb generates an

    • UPC: 55549125
    • Model: AXRT175CK4X
    • Color: GreenCamo

  • Carbon Express® Fully Adjustable Crossbow Shooting Stick

    Boost your level of confidence by reaching your target before it sees or hears you with the Carbon Express 62" Crossbow Shooting Stick. It has the ability to adjust from

    • UPC: 27441601
    • Model: 20842

  • Center Point AXCS185CK Sniper Camo Compound Crossbow Hi End Precision Best Value

    • UPC / SKU: 173934282555
    • Category: Crossbows
    • Price: 274 USD


    • UPC / SKU: 123776228969
    • Category: Dart Guns & Soft Darts
    • Price: 8 USD

  • Best Morrell Crossbow Double Duty The Bone Collector 450FPS Target Arrow Archery

    • UPC / SKU: 312346325010
    • Category: Targets
    • Price: 94 USD

  • HME Products Better CrossBow Hanger 24 inch W/ Three Mounting Screws BCBH #00919

    • UPC / SKU: 291914400344
    • Category: Blind & Tree Stand Accessories
    • Price: 29 USD

  • HME Better Crossbow Hanger

    • UPC / SKU: 232066232800
    • Category: Other Archery
    • Price: 36 USD