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  • Dritz 24P Heavy Duty Snap Pliers, Metal

    • UPC: 794965249979
    • Color: Metal
    • Brand: Dritz
    • Size: Heavy Duty Snap Pliers
    • Manufacturer: Dritz

    Dritz Heavy Duty Snap Pliers are an easy-to-use tool for the application of heavy duty snaps. This style of heavy duty snaps is used on jackets, coats, skiwear, and boat covers. Snaps are designed to be used on reversible garments. Simply substitute a cap for a post on reverse side. The Heavy Duty Snap Pliers will apply Dritz Size 24 - 5/8" (1.58 c... [read more]

  • Dritz 16P Snap Fastener Pliers, Size 15 (3/8-Inch) & Size 16 (7/16-Inch), Metal

    • UPC: 072879100228
    • Color: Metal
    • Brand: Dritz
    • Size: Size 15 (3/8-Inch) & Size 16 (7/16-Inch)
    • Manufacturer: Dritz

    Dritz Snap Fastener Pliers are an easy-to-use tool for the application of snap fasteners. This style of snap fasteners is used on children's wear, blouses and shirts. The pliers package contains 1 pair of pliers, 5 tools, 1 tool remover, 2 replacement inserts, and illustrated instruction guide. Warning: Small parts. Keep away from children under 3 ... [read more]

  • Dritz 574 Eyelet Pliers, Metal

    • UPC: 046913892523
    • Color: Metal
    • Brand: Dritz
    • Size: Eyelet Pliers
    • Manufacturer: Dritz

    Dritz Eyelet Pliers are an easy-to-use tool for the application of small and large eyelets. These styles of eyelets are used on belts, shower curtains, tote bags, purses and garments. Use the eyelets to create laced effects on clothing and costumes. Eyelets can be applied to heavy paper for scrapbooking and card making. The Eyelet Pliers will apply... [read more]

  • Dritz 984P Snap Pliers for Plastic Snaps

    • UPC: 072879294729
    • Color: Metal
    • Brand: Dritz
    • Size: Snap Pliers for Plastic Snaps
    • Manufacturer: Dritz

    Dritz Plastic Snap Pliers are used to apply plastic snap fasteners to a variety of DIY sewing and repair projects such as children’s wear. The metal bar shown on the pliers is for packaging purposes only. Squeeze handles together to remove. Use tool remover to keep pliers closed during storage. This package contains: 1 Pliers, 4 Tools, 1 Awl, 1 T... [read more]

  • Dritz 1-65 Grommets, 3/8-Inch, Nickel-Plated Brass, 8 Count

    • UPC: 072879104363
    • Color: Nickel-plated Brass
    • Brand: Dritz
    • Size: 3/8-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Prym

    Use the Dritz Grommets 3/8'' Pack of 8 for a number of home decor and craft projects. This pack contains eight 3/8-inch rust-proof and machine-washable metal grommets. They are perfect for attaching to tents, shower curtains, backpacks and duffel bags for smooth movement and to prevent fabrics from fraying. You can also use this grommet pack to mak... [read more]

  • Dritz 0340071 Grommets 3/8in Antique Brass,

    • UPC: 072879256550
    • Color: Antique Brass
    • Brand: Dritz
    • Size: By The Yard
    • Manufacturer: Dritz

    Ideal for attaching to shower curtains; backpacks; and duffle bags to keep fabric from framing and for a professional touch. Each metal grommet is rustproof and machine washable. This package contains eight 3/8in metal grommets. Available in either nickel; brass; or antique brass finish: each sold separately. Imported.

  • Babyville Boutique 35039 Snap Pliers

    • UPC: 087007927554
    • Color: Pliers
    • Brand: Babyville Boutique
    • Size: By The Yard
    • Manufacturer: Prym Consumer USA

    Babyville Boutique Snap Pliers are for easily and quickly applying fashionable and durable plastic "no rust" snap closures to projects. They are the perfect DIY tool for diaper makers and the apparel seamstress. Package includes: 2 Shanks. 3 Die Trays; size 16-20-and 24. 1 Plier. 1 Awl. 1 Screwdriver. 2 Rubber Pressing Heads. 2 Washers. Babyvilleâ€... [read more]

  • Dritz Plastic Snap Fastener Pliers Kit

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Dritz

  • OKSLO Dritz Grommet Plier Kit 3/8

    • Brand: OKSLO
    • Manufacturer: OKSLO

    OKSLO Dritz Grommet Plier Kit 3/8

  • Dritz 5-3 Heavy Duty Snaps, Black, Size 24 (5/8-Inch) 7-Sets

    • UPC: 072879100051
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Dritz
    • Size: Size 24 (5/8-Inch)
    • Manufacturer: Notions Marketing

    Dritz Heavy Duty Snaps are hardware fasteners used in DIY sewing and repair projects to create a functioning closure. These snaps are durable and work as ideal fasteners for sportswear, coats, jackets, vests and tops. Substitute cap and post on the reverse side to create reversible garments. Use for making accessories such as bags, totes, belts, wa... [read more]

  • Dritz 9-65 No-Sew Dungaree Buttons, Nickel, 5/8-Inch 4-Count

    • UPC: 696720154217
    • Color: Nickel
    • Brand: Dritz
    • Size: 5/8-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Dritz

    Dritz 5/8" dungaree buttons easily attach to fabric with the tacks that are provided in the package; using dungaree buttons provides a no-sew alternative when making repairs to jeans, pants, or tops.

  • YZS Heavy-Duty Snap Pliers Fastener Tool Kit Snap Installation Set Hand Tools for Fastening, Replacing Metal Snaps, Repairing Boat Covers, Canvas, Sewing, Tarps

    • UPC: 663585950056
    • Color: Snap Pliers
    • Brand: YZS
    • Manufacturer: YZS

    Color:Snap Pliers DIY with YZS snap fastener plier tool kit! Fix your canvas snaps at home! --Welded dies --The locking pliers --nickel plating --adjustable snap setter how to use it? 1>test compressing a snap before starting. Don't need to test on fabrics, just get a feel for the setter tool by creating a snap from the Two snap halves. This will m... [read more]

  • Shoreline Marine Canvas Fastener Kit

    • UPC: 013893591234
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Shoreline Marine
    • Manufacturer: Shoreline Marine

    Assorted Canvas Fastener Kit with convenient snap lock. For major or minor repair of canvas covers, tarps, boat covers, sail covers or any heavy fabric. Contains 1 plier, 21 sockets, 20 caps, 18 eyelets & 18 studs.

  • Dritz Grommet Plier Kit 3/8"

    • UPC: 072879285840
    • Color: N/a
    • Brand: Dritz
    • Manufacturer: Prym Consumer USA, Inc

    Ditz Tools Grommet Plier Kit 3/8"- Includes pliers, four tools, two replacement inserts, a tool remover and an instruction guide. Applies 3/8" grommets. For refills, use Ditz #1, #1-65 grommets. Great for tents, shower curtains and duffel bags. Use 2 or 3 layers of fabric, reinforced with interfacing if necessary.

  • Ram-Pro 1/4" Grommet Eyelet Setter Plier, Hole Punch Tool Kit with 100 Silver Metal Eyelets Grommets

    • UPC: 811902030121
    • Brand: Ram-Pro
    • Size: 100
    • Manufacturer: Ram-Pro

    Ram-Pro Grommet Tool Setting Pliers Kit with 100 Small 1/4 inch GrommetsHave you been looking for ways to insert grommets or eyelets? A reliable and solid tool that will make installing and replacement of eyelets easier than ever? An eyelet setter machine tool that really works? If you have been looking for best grommet kit, your quest stops here!R... [read more]

  • Dritz Snap Fastener Pliers-

    This kit is used for assorted snaps (#15 and #16), decorative snaps (#17, #25, #19, and #34), jumbo snaps (#24 and #30), and eyelets (#104). Kit includes: 4 size #16

    • UPC: 52765983
    • Model: 16P
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: Dritz Snap Fastener Pliers

  • Dritz Eyelet Pliers-

    DRITZ-This eyelet plier kit includes 50 small eyelets-5/32 and 6 large eyelets-1/4. Applies small and large eyelets to to create laced effects on garments and craft projects. For belts, shower

    • UPC: 122261874
    • Model: 574
    • Color: Blue

  • VAMPLIERS. World's Best Pliers 8" Pro Lineman's Screw Extraction Pliers. Specialty Screw Extractions Pliers. Extract Stripped Stuck Security, Corroded or Rusted Screws/Nuts/Bolts

    Remove stripped, rusted, corroded, stuck, one-side, Torx screws, nuts and boltsDesigned with VamPLIERS TechnologyTarget screws can be extracted using top jaw or side jawPerfect slim nose for access confined spacesErgonomic

    • UPC: 53977232
    • Model: VT-001-8 VMP LP
    • Color: Multicolor

  • STANLEY 84-097 6-Inch Slip Joint Pliers

    These slip-joint pliers feature a forged steel construction and hand-ground cutting edges. They are a great addition to every

    • UPC: 19285145
    • Model: 84-097
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: EA

  • Dritz Grommet Plier Kit 3/8"

    Dritz Grommet Plier Kit 3/8"

    • UPC: 175768068
    • Model: DRI1P
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 3/8\"Dritz Grommet Plier Kit 3/8"