E-Stim for Baseball Players / Pitchers - Electrical Stimulation

Best E Stim Devices on November 2019 - [TOP 10 Picks] at Bestigma.com.com

  • tDCS Device - TheBrainDriver v2. tDCS Digital Precision + Safety Features. (Everything Included. Ready-to-Use).

    • UPC: 798154088172
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: TheBrainDriver
    • Manufacturer: TheBrainDriver

    New tDCS v2.1 - Modern, safety designed transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) device with 4 selectable current levels. Advanced tDCS circuitry. LED lit screen for safe nighttime use. TheBrainDriver Deluxe tDCS System includes everything you need to get started; Main unit, comfortable electrode positioning headband, color-coded wire set, 2 ... [read more]

  • TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit with Accessories

    • UPC: 092237616796
    • Brand: TENS 7000
    • Manufacturer: Roscoe Medical

    Over 1,000,000 TENS units sold and a consumer OTC favorite in physical therapy equipment The TENS 7000 is a muscle stimulator and muscle recovery device that provides prescription strength pain relief and is the best valued OTC digitalTENS unit on the market today. Energized by a 9Volt battery, this TENS machineis proven to be powerful and durable.... [read more]

  • Quantum RejuvenationTM Introductory Sale - Red Light Therapy Device - FDA Registered Advanced Pain Relief - Joint & Muscle Reliever - Medical Grade

    • UPC: 608065140145
    • Color: Stainless Steel
    • Brand: Quantum Rejuvenation
    • Manufacturer: Holistic Technologies

    THE SECRET TO RECLAIMING YOUR PAIN-FREE LIFE Red Light Therapy is a revolutionary approach to feeling your best. Whether you experience rapid relief or improve steadily over time, Red Light Therapy is the missing ingredient that restores health deep within your joints and tissues. The Quantum Rejuvenation Tendon & Joint Red Light Therapy device us... [read more]

  • LightStim for Pain

    • UPC: 854265003180
    • Color: Transparent
    • Brand: LightStim
    • Manufacturer: Lightstim

    LightStim for Pain is FDA cleared to temporarily relieve arthritic pain, a variety of minor aches and pains, relax muscles and increase blood circulation. The light will automatically shut off after 30 minutes of use.

  • Vive Stim Machine TENS Unit - Electrotherapy Muscle Stimulator with Electrode Pads - Neurostimulation EKG Pulse Massager for Neuropathy, Back Pain Relief, Sciatica, Diabetic Nerve - OTC Rechargeable

    • UPC: 028841242403
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Vive
    • Manufacturer: Vive Health

    TENS Unit by ViveProduct Features:Rechargeable internal lithium batteryAdjustable IntensityEasy to Read DisplayOut-Of-Box ReadyMultiple Massaging ModesIncluded in your purchase:Tens unit4x Electrode Pads2x Electrode Cables1x USB battery Charger1x Mini USB Cable1x Wire Roller/Pad Holder

  • tDCS ApeX Type A 18V 2mA Analog Precision w/ProGrade Safety Meter and Accessories Included.

    • Brand: Apex
    • Size: Type A 18V Edition - Ultimate Bundle
    • Manufacturer: ApeX Electronics

    The ApeX Type A 18V Edition is a fully analog tDCS system with a built-in current meter. The meter is an absolute must have feature. It is the only way to know if a tDCS device is delivering the proper levels of stimulation to the user. The progressive adjustment dial allows for comfortable current level adjustments. Installing the batteries is eas... [read more]

  • iStim Probe for Kegel Exercise, Pelvic Floor Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Incontinence - Compatible with TENS/EMS, (Vaginal)

    • Color: White
    • Brand: iSTIM
    • Size: Vaginal
    • Manufacturer: Everyway4all

    [Including] iStim Probe (Vaginal) x1 + Quick Guide x1 + 1 Zip-Lock Carrying bag [Benefit] iStim Probe (Vagianl) can be used to train the muscle of bladder control system and tighten the pelvic floor. It's a easy and effective way to fight with the incontinence and help you improve the intimacy life, too It's lightweight and slimline design [How to ... [read more]

  • LightStim for Wrinkles, White

    • UPC: 854265003371
    • Color: White
    • Brand: LightStim
    • Manufacturer: LightStim

    Erase wrinkles naturally. Lightstim for Wrinkles is the first led device to be FDA cleared to treat wrinkles on the entire face. You can treat your forehead, crow’s feet, cheeks, nasal labial folds, jawline and even your lips. In clinical studies required by the FDA, 100 percent of participants showed significant improvement in their fine lines a... [read more]

  • AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Machine with 20 Modes, 2" and 2"x4" TENS Unit Electrode Pads

    • Brand: AUVON
    • Size: Small
    • Manufacturer: AUVON

    AUVON Live Smart, Live Healthy AUVON TENS Unit The TENS machine is safe, non-invasive, drug free method of pain relief and pain management. Many people have even used it for intense pain from sports injury, knee injury, foot, hip, arthritis or tennis elbow. Do I need independent intensity controls for each channel? Most of dual channel TENS units ... [read more]

  • FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit with 4 outputs, apply 8 pads at the same time, 15 modes Handheld Electrotherapy device | Electronic Pulse Massager for Electrotherapy Pain Management -- Pain Relief Therapy : Chosen by Sufferers of Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Shin Splints, Neuropathy and other Inflammation Ailments Patent No. USD723178S

    • Brand: HealthmateForever
    • Manufacturer: Healthmate International, LLC

    NEED PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH PAIN RELIEF AND MUSCLE RECONDITIONING RELAXATION? Safe and Effective - 9 Auto Stimulation Programs, Fully-adjustable Speed & Intensity, 6 Selectable Massage Settings, High-Frequency Pulses to Provide Pain Relief. -THE PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 control unit; 4 sets of dual leads wires; 4 pair of inserted pin electrode pads (8 pc... [read more]

  • TENS Unit 8 Modes Professional Digital Palm Device | Best Pain Relief Machine Devices for Lower Back Lumbar Muscle Pain. HealthmateForever HM8GL-Blue

    • UPC: 784672671491
    • Brand: HealthmateForever
    • Manufacturer: HealthmateForever

    HOW OUR ELECTROTHERAPY DEVICE WORKS? Using bioelectricity technology, the device sends frequency electrical pulses to your muscles through the conductive electrode pads. Your muscles respond to the impulses by contracting and relaxing rhythmically. The contracting and relaxing of your muscles produces soothing massage sensations that are similar t... [read more]

  • Tens Unit Machine Pulse Massager 24 Massage Modes Rechargeable Muscle Stimulator Device with 6 Large Pads for Pain Relief, Body Building Neck Back Pain Relief

    • UPC: 617923550460
    • Brand: NueMedics
    • Manufacturer: NueMedics

    [Newest Model] NueMedics Tens 24 Massager Tens Unit - Portable TENS Unit NueMedics Tens 24 is a dual-channel battery powered multi function device, offering both Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) and Powered Muscle Simulator (PMS) qualities in one device. Tens 24 offers a large LCD Display, 24 Massage Modes and 2 A-B outputs. This ... [read more]

  • NURSAL TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator with 8 Electrodes Pads Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager Machine for Pain Relief & Arthritis & Muscle Stiffness, Soreness and Aches ...

    • UPC: 754970037039
    • Size: HPC0037
    • Manufacturer: NURSAL

    Pain Relief - Targets your pain precisely, Effective and Safe By placing the pads exactly at the site of the pain, you get fast relief, without having to digest potentially harmful or addictive prescription medicine. TEC.BEAN Tens therapy has FDA, CE,ROHS certification, which is considered free of side effects, so it's safe to use it whenever you n... [read more]

  • Pure Enrichment PurePulse Duo EMS and TENS Combo Device with LCD Display, 8 TENS Modes, 6 EMS Programs, Adjustable Timer and 2 Channels - Includes 3 AAA Batteries, 6 Electrode Pads and Storage Bag

    • UPC: 853975005231
    • Brand: Pure Enrichment
    • Manufacturer: Pure Enrichment

    PurePulse Duo from Pure Enrichment is an innovative, pocket-sized TENS and EMS combo device that naturally helps reduce pain, increase blood circulation and stimulate the muscles. By using PurePulse Duo just 15 minutes a day, you can save money and get doctor's office-quality pain relief in the comfort of your home. PurePulse Duo is backed by Pure ... [read more]

  • Tens Unit Plus 24 [Lifetime Warranty] Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager Machine Multi Mode Device with All Accessories [New Model]

    • Brand: TechCare Massager
    • Manufacturer: TechCare Massager

    [Newest Model] TechCare Massager Plus 24 - Portable TENS Unit - Magnetic Therapy TechCare Massager Plus is a dual-channel battery powered multi function device, offering both Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) and Powered Muscle Simulator (PMS) qualities in one device. Plus offers a large LCD Display, Multi Modes and 2 A-B outputs. ... [read more]

  • Pelvic Floor Exercise Probe for TENS/EMS/E-Stim Devices. Discount TENS Brand. (V1)

    An insertable probe for TENS devices for pelvic floor exercise and kaegel stimulation. Made from medical grade stainless steel and bio-plastic, it connects to your TENS / EMS devices for

    • UPC: 335833695

  • Pelvic Floor Exercise Probe for TENS/EMS/E-Stim Devices. Discount TENS Brand. (A2)

    A uniquely shaped anal probe for Tens / E-Stim devices with dual electrode panels. It is intended to be used anally but can be used vaginally if a smaller probe

    • UPC: 843730253

  • App Store in a Box: A Guide to the Best Free Applications for Mobile Devices on the Internet - eBook

    The “In the Box” series of books finally goes mobile with App Store in a Box:A Guide to the Best Free Applications for Mobile Devices on the Internet. Now the

    • UPC: 343010307

  • Pelvic Floor Exercise Probe for TENS/EMS/E-Stim Devices. Discount TENS Brand. (A1 - Adjustable)

    Pelvic floor exerciser and prostate stimulation device. A slender, insertable probe for TENS devices that has dual electrode rings and an adjustable depth that can be used anally or vaginally.

    • UPC: 997893274

  • Pelvic Floor Exercise Probe for TENS/EMS/E-Stim Devices. Discount TENS Brand. (V3)

    Made from medical grade stainless steel and bio-plastic, it connects to your TENS / EMS / E-stim device (not included) for electro-stimulation and pelvic floor exercises. It has standard 2mm

    • UPC: 309752829
    • Color: White