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  • Cylinder Works, Lavender Cylinders Ct Cs 50

    • Brand: Cylinder Works
    • Size: 50 count
    • Manufacturer: CYLINDER WORKS

    Product Description is in the pictures. Ship with in 3 days with USPS tracking numbers. Delivery time is 5-7 days.

  • Hear Earwax Remover Kit, Includes: Ear Drops to Soften Ear Wax, Wash Basin, 3 Soft Disposable Tips, Irrigation System to Clean Outer Ear

    • UPC: 731717919155
    • Brand: EQUADOSE
    • Manufacturer: Equadose

    The Hear Ear Cleaning Kit Wax blockage is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. Impaction can also lead to earache, ringing in the ear, itching, odor, and discharge. This is often caused by attempts to clean the ear with cotton swabs. Most cleaning attempts merely push the wax deeper into the ear canal, causing a blockage. If not cotton s... [read more]

  • 100pc Natural Herbal Scented Hollow Candle Set

    • UPC: 712324487190
    • Brand: Royal Massage
    • Manufacturer: Royal Massage

    100pc Natural Herbal Scented Hollow Candle Set. Set includes an assortment of hollow candles with a variety of scents. Aromatherapy scents include lavender, rose, sanders, rosemary and peppermint. Each candle measures approximately 10" in length.

  • Ear Wax Removal Tool with FDA Certificate, TXDUE Ear Wax Removal Kit Including Ear Washer Bottle, Extra Hard Nozzles, Ear Basin, Bulb Syringe, Thread Cap, 6 Soft Disposable Tips

    • UPC: 768430423614
    • Brand: TXDUE
    • Manufacturer: TXDUE

    Ear Washer Bottle System

  • Cleanse Right Ear Wax Removal Kit- 20 Disposable Tips! with Wash Basin and Syringe - Safe, Easy to Use - Cleaner Tool to Remove Ear Blockage - Irrigation Device for Adults and Kids

    • UPC: 860443002401
    • Brand: Cleanse Right
    • Manufacturer: Blue Echo Care

    ★★★Check out our informational video above and to the left in the pictures to learn how to effectively use the Cleanse Right Ear Wax Removal Kit★★★ Description:Earwax occurs naturally as a deterrent from bacteria, foreign detritus and dust.  Unfortunately though, some people produce too much of it and are affected by uncomfortable and... [read more]

  • Perfect Hear Earwax Removal Tool Kit. Ear Washer System with Basin and Other Accessories.

    • UPC: 800564142228
    • Brand: Innovative Designworks

    Package Includes  ★Spray Bottle - 1   ★Ear Basin -1  ★Extra Tips - 10       ★Storage Ziplock Bag-1  ★Stainless Steel Ear Curette - 1   ★Instruction Manual - 1 Earwax  Buildup causes various problems in the ear & may result to temporary hearing loss.American Academy of Otolaryngology recommend Ear Irrigation as one of the s... [read more]

  • Ear Wax Removal Tool,Ronten 6pcs Ear Candles Stainless Steel Curette Earwax Removal Kit with Storage Box and Cleaning Brush, Silver

    • UPC: 787794230539
    • Brand: RONTEN
    • Size: 6PC Ear Wax Removal Set
    • Manufacturer: RONTEN

    Ear wax is a substance made in your ear to protect the skin from water and infection, according to the American Hearing Research Foundation. The wax can trap bacteria, dust and foreign particles from getting in your ear. Sometimes, this wax builds up and gets trapped in your ear. Need to remove ear wax with a curette. Instructions: Step 1: Slowly ... [read more]

  • Ear Candling Treatment Towel, No Ear Candles!

    • Brand: AIR COLUMN
    • Manufacturer: AIR COLUMN

    This treatment towel is ideal for patients and therapists who regularly use candles for therapy purposes on different body parts. It facilitates perfect comfort and hygienic conditions during the ear candling therapy. The same 100% pure organic certified material allows you an eco-sensitive approach to the daily candle therapy. Therefore this treat... [read more]

  • PAGOW 24-Pack Beeswax Candle Protectors - Personal Ear Care Protective Disk/Disc (Dia. 8cm)

    • UPC: 754047675539
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: PAGOW
    • Manufacturer: PAGOW

  • Ear Wax Removal Tool Kit, Safe Cleaning Wash & Remover Irrigation System for Sensitive Ears Rx. New Soft Cloth, 10 Disposable Tips, Curette Set & Basin

    • UPC: 768114163003
    • Brand: WaxOut
    • Manufacturer: WaxOut

    WaxOut is a premium ear flushing and irrigation system used to provide relief and cleaner ears as an at home all-purpose system. Our product is made from medical grade silicon as well as pre-packaged to make at home cleaning as easy and simple as possible. Included: • 10 Total Tips • Curette Set • Soft Cleaning Cloth • Ear Basin ... [read more]

  • Debrox Earwax Removal Aid Drops | Safely and Gently Cleanses Ear | 0.5 FL OZ

    • UPC: 885772447808
    • Brand: Debrox
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Debrox

    Excessive earwax build-up can lead to ear discomfort and reduced hearing and can affect your day-to-day life. Over-the-counter earwax removal drops are a safe and inexpensive in-home solution. Debrox's gentle, non-irritating microfoam cleansing action goes to work to soften and remove earwax as it cleans the ear. When drops are placed in the ear, o... [read more]

  • RAW Classic Natural Unrefined Pre Rolled Cones - 20 Cones Per Pack - 98 Special Size (1 Pack)

    • UPC: 716165203247
    • Brand: RAW
    • Size: 98 Special Size - 98mm with 26mm tip
    • Manufacturer: Raw

    The Raw 98 Special is the perfect compromise between King Size cones and 1 1/4 Size. Developed by Raw as a 420 special this cone caught on and now smokers love it.

  • Ear Wax Removal System by SimpliWell - Compatible with iPhone, Android, PC and Mac - Wireless Otoscope with Camera, Adjustable LED Lights and 6 Professional Ear Pick Tools for Earwax Removal at Home

    • UPC: 695924839586
    • Brand: SimpliWell
    • Manufacturer: SimpliWell

    If you are struggling with ear wax buildup or just want to make sure that your ears are clean, look no further. EarCam™ kit was designed by HomeClinic in Michigan and is the perfect kit that will save you hundreds of dollars on professional ear wax removal that you can now do yourself!Traditional methods of ear cleaning, such as a cotton swab, on... [read more]

  • Ear Wax Removal Tool by Tilcare - Ear Irrigation Flushing System for Adults & Kids - Perfect Ear Cleaning Kit - Includes Basin, Syringe, Curette Kit (Spoon and Spiral), Towel and 25 Disposable Tips

    • Brand: Tilcare
    • Manufacturer: Tilcare

    DO YOU HAVE EAR BLOCKAGE AND YOU ARE TIRED OF TRIPS TO THE DOCTOR? THEN THE TILCARE EAR WAX REMOVAL KIT IS PERFECT FOR YOU! 1. IT IS THE BEST PACKAGE ON THE MARKET - The Ear Wax Removal Tool includes a 12 oz./350ml Spray Bottle, Basin, Bulb Syringe, Curette ( spoon and spiral ), Towel and 25 disposable Tips 2. FAST & EASY - This Profession... [read more]

  • Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System by Doctor Easy

    • UPC: 881366456270
    • Color: Clear Bottle With Blue Hose and Trigger
    • Brand: Doctor Easy Medical Products
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Doctor Easy Medical Products

    Designed to be a practical, easy-to-use, and inexpensive way to quickly clean ears. Widely used in doctor offices, medical clinics, and hospitals. Each order contains the Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System with Three Disposable Tips.

  • (2 Pack) Wally's Natural Unscented Professional Collection Ear Candles, 2 count


    • UPC: 705114178

  • Wally's Natural Unscented Luxury Collection Ear Candles, 2 count

    Enjoy these Wally's Natural Unscented Luxury Collection Ear Wax Candles. You can feel the luxury of these fine candles with a no drip filter and handcrafted beeswax. They would be

    • UPC: 24818138
    • Model: 2BW
    • Color: Multi-Colored,MulticolorMulticolor
    • Size: 1

  • 10Pcs Ear Cleaner Wax Removal Candles Treatment Care Healthy Hollow Candles 16 Styles

    Features: 1:Customers satisfaction is very important to us! Please kindly give us the opportunity to resolve the problem to your satisfy.2: Due to different producing batches, there may be deviation

    • UPC: 579819696
    • Color: Pink10Pcs Straight Rosemary

  • 10Pcs Ear Cleaner Wax Removal Candles Treatment Care Healthy Hollow Candles 16 Styles

    Features: 1:Customers satisfaction is very important to us! Please kindly give us the opportunity to resolve the problem to your satisfy.2: Due to different producing batches, there may be deviation

    • UPC: 948544907
    • Color: Pink10Pcs Straight Rosemary

  • Pretty See Beeswax Taper Candles Natural Ear Wax Candles Non-toxic Candling Cones, Set of 50

    InformationOur product is well made of natural material, which is 100% body-safe and eco-friendly. FeaturesMaterial: Beeswax & essential oilSize (about): length 9.8''/25cm; width 0.5''/1.2cmColor: as picture shownPackage list: set of 50

    • UPC: 362232213

  • Candling Anne Tatum Illustrated Guide To Ear Candling For Better Health 1996 5E

    • UPC / SKU: 254180595280
    • Category: Nonfiction
    • Price: 49 USD