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  • Easy Gardener Multi-Use Netting For Garden Protection, Trellis Netting and Light Weight Fencing, 2 feet x 50 feet

    • UPC: 799360517609
    • Color: 2 feet x 50 feet
    • Brand: Easy Gardener
    • Size: 2 feet x 50 feet
    • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener

    Lightweight and flexible, Easy Gardener Multi-Use Netting can be used for a variety of applications around the yard and garden, including garden fencing to protect plants, fruits and vegetables, animal fence barrier, flower and vegetable trellis support, pool coverings and even light-duty partition fencing. It needs no maintenance, cuts easily with... [read more]

  • Easy Gardener Garden Fence For Trellis and Small Animal Fencing Protection (Durable Green Plastic Fencing) 2 feet x 25 feet

    • UPC: 617407742619
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Easy Gardener
    • Size: 2 Feet x 25 Feet
    • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener

    The Easy Gardener Garden Fence allows you to quickly and easily construct a border for gardens, a trellis for climbing plants, a temporary fence for newly planted trees and more. Durable, easy to install garden fencing. The attractive and versatile alternative to wood or wire fences for home and garden. Won't rust, rot or splinter unlike wood or me... [read more]

  • Ross Trellis Netting (Support for Climbing, Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers) White Garden Netting, 5 feet x 1000 feet

    • UPC: 039044163006
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Ross
    • Size: 5 ft x 1000 ft
    • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener

    Provide a sturdy support for your climbing plants with Ross Trellis Netting. This space-saving netting gives climbing plants a place to grow, producing healthier plants and improved yields while returning more of your valuable garden space. Lightweight and easy to handle, Ross Trellis Netting can be cut with scissors. Benefits of using Ross Trellis... [read more]

  • Gardener's Supply Company Large Cucumber Trellis

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Gardener's Supply Company
    • Manufacturer: Gardener's Supply Company

    Misshapen, yellowed cucumbers will be a thing of the past when you use this space-saving trellis to support plants in your garden. The sturdy, powder-coated steel frame supports heavy loads and has big 4" grids for easy harvesting. Lean-to design gives you room to sow salad greens under the trellis for an extra crop before your cukes mature. Large ... [read more]

  • Gardener's Supply Company Wire A-Frame Trellis

    • Brand: Gardener's Supply Company
    • Manufacturer: GARDENER'S SUPPLY CO.

    This matte black wire trellis nearly disappears when it's covered with vining plants. Whether you use it in a raised bed or in-ground garden, it will provide no-nonsense, heavy-duty support. Each side is 17-3/4" W x 58" H; grid openings are approx. 6" x 8" to make harvesting easy. Set up several side by side to create a long, A-Frame tunnel to supp... [read more]

  • Gardener's Supply Company Tall Expandable Pea Trellis

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Gardener's Supply Company
    • Manufacturer: Gardener's Supply Company

    Everybody loves fresh peas, but supporting them with poles, twine and netting can be a hassle. Our sturdy pea trellis is an easy solution. Each trellis has eight hinged panels with big 8" grids. Simply zig-zag the panels through your row of peas and push them into the ground (add a stake on each end in windy locations). Total length 9'-8" fully exp... [read more]

  • Gardener's Supply Company Deluxe Cucumber Trellis

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Gardener's Supply Company
    • Manufacturer: Gardener's Supply Co.

    Growing cucumbers on a trellis minimizes disease problems and keeps the fruit straight and blemish-free. This A-frame trellis lets you plant a row on both sides; or, let long vines grow up, over the top and down the other side. The sturdy, powder-coated steel frame supports heavy loads and has big 4" grid openings for easy harvesting. There's even ... [read more]

  • VELCRO Brand 91384 ONE-WRAP Supports for Effective Growing | Strong Gardening Grips are Reusable and Adjustable Gentle Plant Ties, 45 ft x 1/2 in in, Green

    • UPC: 075967907686
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: VELCRO Brand
    • Size: 45 ft x 1/2 in
    • Manufacturer: Velcro

    Gentle and effective, VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Garden Ties are a must have for any novice or experienced gardener to keep plants and flowers growing strong. Ideal as stakes and supports for tomato cages and trellises, these strong plant ties can be used over again without wearing down. The effective hook and loop construction wraps onto itself for a s... [read more]

  • IPSXP Vegetable Trellis, Garden Plant Support Stakes for Climbing Plants, Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits, Vine, 3 Garden Trellis with 40 Adjustable Cable Tie

    • UPC: 610825856098
    • Brand: IPSXP
    • Size: 3 pack
    • Manufacturer: IPSXP

    Vegetable Trellis / Plant Support Cages Suitable for Climbing Plants, Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits, Vine etc Package: 27 pcs plastic coated steel core pipes (length: 40cm, diameter: 1.1cm) 27 pcs snap-on arms (length: 40cm, diameter: 1.1cm) 18 pcs connectors (length: 40cm, diameter: 1.1cm) 40 pcs adjustable cable ties 1 pcs PE storage bag In... [read more]

  • Ram-Pro 40 Piece Green Gentle Gardening Plant & Flower Lever Loop Gripper Clips, Tool for Supporting or Straightening Plant Stems, Stalks, and Vines

    • UPC: 815518023676
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Ram-Pro
    • Size: 1" + 1-3/4"
    • Manufacturer: Mix N More Inc.

    About Ram-Pro Plant Clips The Ram-Pro Plant Clips is an especially designed Clip to use when you want to keep your Veggies, Flowers, Climbing and Crawling Plants or small Trees together, to protect from Weather, Wind, or Rain Damage without harming damaging or injuring the plant. This Garden Plant Clips Set features durable round Green plastic clip... [read more]

  • Gardener's Supply Company Lifetime Tomato Cages, Heavy Gauge, Set of 4

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Gardener's Supply Company
    • Manufacturer: Gardener's Supply Company

    Longtime customer favorites, our heavy-duty, powder-coated steel tomato cages are taller, wider and stronger than old-fashioned cone-shaped supports. And unlike flimsier versions, these are strong enough to support full-grown vines loaded with tomatoes. The tomato cages support plants on all sides (no tying needed) and keep plants up off the ground... [read more]

  • Easy Gardener 3103 3x150 Natural Burlap Weed Barrier Fabric, 3'X150', 3 ft X 150 ft Tan

    • UPC: 038398031030
    • Color: Tan
    • Brand: Easy Gardener
    • Size: 3 ft X 150 ft
    • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener

    Easy Gardener all-purpose Earth-friendly burlap fabric for hundreds of uses from gardening, soil erosion prevention, seed germination to crafting. Possibly the most versatile home and garden product ever, 100% Natural Burlap has hundreds of uses both indoors and out. As a ground cover in your garden, burlap helps seeds to germinate by holding in mo... [read more]

  • Easy Plant Support Stretch 6-HoleConncters, 8-Pack

    • UPC: 736211335340
    • Brand: Garden Things
    • Size: 6-Hole
    • Manufacturer: Garden Things

    Create virtually unlimited plant support and protection structures with these amazing 5-petal, flower shaped silicon rubber cane connectors. The 6 holes stretch to accept canes or square stakes from 1/4 to 1 inch in diameter. You can use a variety of materials for stakes: twigs, bamboo, metal or PVC pipe or combine stakes of different sizes and mat... [read more]

  • Bird Netting [Heavy Duty] Protect Plants and Fruit Trees - Extra Strong Garden Net is Easy to Use, Doesn't Tangle and Reusable - Lasting Protection Against Birds, Deer and Other Pests (7.5x65 Foot)

    • UPC: 654391793654
    • Brand: De-Bird
    • Size: 7.5x65 Foot
    • Manufacturer: De-Bird

    PROTECT YOUR BOUNTY FROM HUNGRY BIRDS Flying and furry thieves ransacking your crops is one of summer's biggest gardening headaches. Extra strong Garden Netting from De-Bird is your most reliable defense against common garden pests of the feathered and four-legged variety. HOW PROTECTIVE NETTING WILL KEEP BIRDS OFF YOUR FRUIT TREES AND OTHER CROPS... [read more]

  • Bloem Ariana Self Watering Planter, 6", Calypso (AP0627), 6-Inch,

    • UPC: 814174022092
    • Color: Calypso
    • Brand: Bloem
    • Size: 6-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Bloem

    This product has a unique design that works effectively. It is durable and convenient to use as well. It is definitely a great quality product.

  • Best Choice Products 46" Iron Lattice Garden Trellis Fence Panel - Black

    Beautify your home and garden. This elegant trellis gives climbing plants and flowers a secure and attractive support system. Simply place it in the ground and watch as they gracefully

    • UPC: 857946152
    • Color: Black

  • Best Choice Products 5' Iron Arched Garden Trellis - Bronze

    Adorn your yard or garden with an elegant embellishment. The modest yet decorative rustic design of this metal trellis will add emphasis to any outdoor decor. Made with branch, leaf,

    • UPC: 111452420
    • Color: Bronze

  • Greenes Fence CritterGuard 47.75" Cedar Trellis, 2-Pack

    Greenes Fence CritterGuard Trellis, 2-Pack, is an easy way to give support to your climbing plants. It fits perfectly in two-feet wide Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Beds where it

    • UPC: 55012451
    • Model: RCCGT2PK
    • Color: Brown

  • Arched Trellis

    Garden arch trellis is an inviting entry into a garden or backyard! Imagine this graceful arched trellis, covered with lush climbing greenery, towering over the sidewalk leading up to your

    • UPC: 656801507

  • Vegetable Garden Tomato Trellis Clips - 100 Pcs

    Large 25mm clear plastic clips meant to reinforce a plant by hanging to a vertical line or trellis netting. The larger size allows for more growth and prevents constricting of

    • UPC: 159377034
    • Color: White