10 Best Liquid Fabric Softeners 2018

Best Fabric Softeners on December 2019 - [TOP 10 Picks] at Bestigma.com.com

  • Method Fabric Softener, Beach Sage, 53.5 Ounce, 45 Loads (4 Count)

    • Brand: Method
    • Size: 45 Loads (4 Count)
    • Manufacturer: Method

    Feels soft, smells good. That about sums up what will happen to your clothes when you use our freshly scented fabric softener. Full of naturally derived softening power, our formula reduces static cling while making clothes and linens soft enough to cuddle. Because even your clothes need a little tlc.

  • Downy Ultra Cool Cotton Liquid Fabric Conditioner, 51 fl oz (Pack of 2)

    • UPC: 037000772095
    • Brand: Downy
    • Size: 51 Fl. Oz (Pack of 2)
    • Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble - Pampers

    Downy Ultra Cool Cotton Fabric Conditioner softens, freshens, and protects your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz, leaving them with a long-lasting fresh scent. This conditioning fabric softener will transport your senses to a cool, crisp day with freshly-washed linens floating in the breeze. Downy Ultra Fabric Conditioner fights static and... [read more]

  • Downy Infusions Lavender Serenity Liquid Fabric Conditioner (Fabric Softener), 103 FL OZ

    • UPC: 037000834694
    • Brand: Downy
    • Size: 103 Oz
    • Manufacturer: Downy

    You love your clothes just as much as you love scent—so keep them soft and calmingly fresh with Downy Infusions Lavender Serenity Fabric Conditioner. This fabric softener infuses clothes with a touch-activated fragrance of lavender and vanilla, all while conditioning and protecting them from stretching, fading, and fuzz. Use every laundry day to ... [read more]

  • Downy Free & Gentle Liquid Fabric Conditioner (Fabric Softener), 34 fl.oz, (Packaging May Vary) (Pack of 6)

    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Downy
    • Size: 240 Loads
    • Manufacturer: Downy

    No dyes, no perfumes, no worries: Downy Fabric Conditioner is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested—perfect for those with sensitive skin. Made with the same Downy conditioning protection you know and love, Downy Free & Gentle helps prevent clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. So you can enjoy a gentler, scentless softness for all your fa... [read more]

  • Gain Liquid Fabric Softener, Original, 41 fl oz, 4 Count

    • Brand: Gain
    • Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble - Pampers

    Cool and crisp with intangible charm. One sniff and you'll understand why it's the scent that started the phenomenon. Original Fresh combines these sniff-tastic elements, overtones of orange, lemon and blossoms with a modern fruity, green twist and undertones of white floral jasmine with a hint of woody amber. Amazing Scent? We think so!

  • Snuggle Plus Super Fresh Liquid Fabric Softener with Odor Eliminating Technology, Original, 95 Fluid Ounces, 90 Loads (Packaging May Vary)

    • UPC: 072613464067
    • Brand: Snuggle
    • Manufacturer: Snuggle

    Snuggle Plus SuperFresh features the Snuggly softness you love, plus odor eliminating technology. It doesn't just mask tough odor, it helps eliminate it and releases Snuggly freshness. Snuggle PLUS SuperFresh is the first-ever fabric conditioner & dryer sheet regimen designed to help eliminate tough odor and keep your favorites fresh. For a top loa... [read more]

  • Downy Ultra April Fresh Liquid Fabric Conditioner Smart Pouch, Fabric Softener - 48 Oz. Pouches, 3 Pack

    • Brand: Downy
    • Size: 48 Fl. Oz (Pack of 3)
    • Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble - Pampers

    Downy April Fresh Fabric Conditioner is more than just a fabric softener. It softens, freshens, and protects your clothes, leaving them with a pleasing floral scent. And it's easy to use in both top- and front-loading machines. When you use Downy, fabrics just feel better. Now available in the convenient new Downy Pouch. Downy Pouch packaging makes... [read more]

  • Amazon Brand - Presto! Concentrated Fabric Softener, Free & Clear, 250 Loads, 100 Fl Oz

    • UPC: 842379107443
    • Brand: Presto!
    • Manufacturer: Amazon Fulfillment Services, Inc.

    Presto! Free & Clear Concentrated Fabric Softener delivers premium softening power while being gentle on your skin. In just half the dose of a standard-concentration fabric softener (0.8oz), our concentrated formula cleans laundry and helps reduce wrinkles. It’s also hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, adding enchanting comfort to every load... [read more]

  • Gain Botanicals Liquid Fabric Softener, White Tea & Lavender, 44 fl oz (Pack of 2)

    • UPC: 037000772125
    • Color: White Tea & Lavender
    • Brand: Gain
    • Size: 44 fl oz (Pack of 2)
    • Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble - Pampers

    Gain Botanicals plant based fabric softener is specially formulated to smell irresistible and nurture your clothes. Gain Botanicals is made from plant-based active ingredients and is bursting with the irresistible scent of lavender. USDA certified 70% Bio-based product. This liquid fabric conditioner works in all washing machines, High Efficiency (... [read more]

  • Gain Liquid Fabric Softener, Moonlight Breeze, 41 fl oz, 48 Loads (Pack of 4)

    • Brand: Gain
    • Manufacturer: AmazonUs/PRFY7

    Liquid Fabric Softener; Fight Static + Soften

  • Snuggle Exhilarations Liquid Fabric Softener, Blue Iris & Ocean Breeze, 96 Ounce, 112 Loads

    The Snuggle fabric softener is a smart choice for your clothes. Designed to keep your laundry in good condition, this scented Blue Iris softener provides a soothing fragrance for your

    • UPC: 15026766
    • Model: 00072613455225
    • Size: 96

  • Snuggle Exhilarations Liquid Fabric Softener, Lavender & Vanilla Orchid, 96 Ounce, 112 Loads

    Enjoy gentle aromatherapy in your clothes and cupboards with Snuggle Exhilarations Liquid Fabric Softener. It is infused with active ingredients that help make your garments soft and fluffy. It also

    • UPC: 14862654
    • Model: 00072613454051
    • Color: NOT STATEDOther
    • Size: 96

  • Downy Ultra Liquid Fabric Conditioner (Fabric Softener), April Fresh, 150 Loads 129 fl oz

    Feel more connected with Ultra Downy April Fresh with Silk Touch Liquid Fabric Softener, the sun-kissed floral scent that's been in homes for generations. Ultra Downy is Downy's leading fabric

    • UPC: 21905148
    • Model: 3700010776
    • Size: 129129 fl oz

  • Snuggle Exhilarations Liquid Fabric Softener, Island Hibiscus & Rainflower, 96 Ounce, 112 Loads

    • UPC: 43203200
    • Model: 00072613460953
    • Size: 96

  • Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets, Outdoor Fresh, 240 Count

    Bounce Outdoor Fresh Scent Sheets are coated with a dry softener that makes clothes softer, prevents static cling and removes pet hair and lint from clothing or upholstery. The anti-cling

    • UPC: 11045833
    • Model: 3700007312
    • Color: RedClassic Bounce outdoor fresh scent Helps Reduce Wrinkles Controls static cling in fabrics Helps repel lint and hair Softens fabrics Contains biodegradable cationic softeners For use in all types of dryers (HE Regular)
    • Size: 6.4" X 9"6.4\" x 9\"

  • Ultra Downy April Fresh Fabric Softener (170 oz., 197 loads)*BEST PRICE

    • UPC / SKU: 254203775661
    • Category: Detergents, Softeners & Stain Removers
    • Price: 16 USD

  • Best Downy Downie Eco Laundry Liquid Fabric Softener Ball Dispenser For Men Kids

    • UPC / SKU: 311964827986
    • Category: Other Laundry Supplies
    • Price: 12 USD

  • Wool Dryer Balls - Best Natural Fabric Softener - 6 Pack XXL -100% Organic - USA

    • UPC / SKU: 192707395395
    • Category: Detergents, Softeners & Stain Removers
    • Price: 15 USD

  • Snuggle Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener (168 oz., 210 loads) *BEST DEALS IN USA*

    • UPC / SKU: 264369104609
    • Category: Detergents, Softeners & Stain Removers
    • Price: 16 USD

  • DRYER BALLS by ECO SPIN Green Best Eco-Friendly Alternative for Natural Organic

    • UPC / SKU: 392276177401
    • Category: Detergents, Softeners & Stain Removers
    • Price: 11 USD