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  • Harvest Right Freeze Dryer - The Best Way to Preserve Food - Food Dehydrator, Medium Size, White Color

    • UPC: 867137000071
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Harvest Right
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: Harvest Right

    Freeze drying is the easiest and best way to preserve food. You can freeze dry fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, full meals, desserts, and much more in a home freeze dryer. Preserved food can be used immediately or stored for up to 25 years. With a home freeze dryer, you can make emergency meals, snacks, backpacking meals, and transform fo... [read more]

  • Gourmia GFD1950 Premium Countertop Food Dehydrator 9 Drying Shelves Digital Thermostat Preset Temperature Settings Airflow Circulation Countdown Timer Free Recipe Book Included 110V

    • UPC: 816425020932
    • Color: black
    • Brand: Gourmia
    • Size: 9 Tray
    • Manufacturer: Gourmia

    Got the munchies? Indulge without ditching the diet.. or your money! With the Gourmia GFD1950 Food Dehydrator, you can forget about store bought processed junk. Now you can make a much more flavorful, nutrient dense, preservative free, and much much cheaper alternative to packaged products. Dry up a huge variety of delicious, healthy snacks; from s... [read more]

  • Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Food Dehydrator, 5 Tray, Gray

    • UPC: 753956365036
    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Hamilton Beach
    • Size: 5 Tray
    • Manufacturer: Hamilton Beach

    Looking for snack options that are high in nutrients but low in calories? Want to offer your family delicious food options to dress up morning oatmeal or replace that bag of potato chips at lunch? The Hamilton Beach Food Dehydrator helps accomplish these goals by taking food preparation to the next level. It opens the door to endless possibilities ... [read more]

  • Rosewill Countertop Portable Electric Food Fruit Dehydrator Machine with Adjustable Thermostat, BPA-Free 5-Tray RHFD-15001

    • UPC: 840951115374
    • Color: Food Dehydrator
    • Brand: Rosewill
    • Size: Food Dehydrator
    • Manufacturer: Rosewill

    A fast & easy way to make delicious, healthy and natural snacks like banana chips, fruit roll-ups, beef jerky, and dried meats Great for drying vegetables & herbs. Make tea with flowers, seeds, leaves, and herb stemsUse for drying-crafts: flowers, apple wreaths, and moreAdjustable thermostat lets different foods dry at the proper temperature Thermo... [read more]

  • KOIOS Vacuum Sealer 80Kpa Vacuum Sealing System with Cutter, 10 Sealing Bags (FDA-Certified) - FRESH UP TO 5x Longer | With Up To 40 Consecutive Seals | Dry & Moist Modes

    • UPC: 614324550112
    • Color: silver
    • Brand: KOIOS
    • Size: VS-2233
    • Manufacturer: KOIOS

    Heavy-duty performance to process faster with up to 40 consecutive seals.

  • NESCO FD-75A, Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, Gray

    • UPC: 029517750024
    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Nesco
    • Size: 5 trays
    • Manufacturer: Nesco

    Dry fruit, vegetables, and jerky in hours instead of days. The unit's patented Converga-Flow drying system forces air down the exterior pressurized chamber, then horizontally across each individual tray, converging in the center, for fast, even, and nutritious drying. Flavors don't mix, and there's no need to rotate the trays. It's top-mounted fan ... [read more]

  • NutriChef Vacuum Sealer | Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System For Food Preservation w/ Starter Kit | Compact Design | Lab Tested | Dry & Moist Food Modes | Led Indicator Lights (Black)

    • UPC: 068888772853
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: NutriChef
    • Size: EWE
    • Manufacturer: Sound Around

    How Vacuum Preserves Your FoodVacuum sealing preserves food by blocking the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria that are responsible for ruining the food taste, appearance and texture.Storage And OrganizationWhy have big lumps of uneven frozen blocks or half-full food containers that take up a lot of freezer space, when you can neatly stack airtigh... [read more]

  • Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Machine - Easy Setup, Digital Adjustable Timer and Temperature Control | Dryer for Jerky, Herb, Meat, Beef, Fruit and To Dry Vegetables | Over Heat Protection | 9 tray

    • UPC: 042796990509
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Magic Mill
    • Size: 9 Trays Plastic
    • Manufacturer: MAGIC MILL

    Enjoy all your homemade dried favorites and have them last longer without spoilage The Magic mill dehydrator is designed to serve you with all you need to have the joy of hydrate food for your health and taste UNIQUE HEAT DISTRIBUTION - DRIES FOOD EVENLY- NO NEED TO ROTATE TRAYS The electric dehydration machine is equipped with a rear-mounted dry... [read more]

  • NESCO FD-1018A, Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator, White, 1000 watts

    • UPC: 781147971643
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Nesco
    • Size: 1-(Pack)
    • Manufacturer: Nesco

    The FD-1018A Gardenmaster Dehydrator features 1,000-watts of drying power that generates maximum speed and quality for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, herbs and jerky. A quiet, 2,400-RPM motor and specially designed 4 1/2-inch fan mean faster, more nutritious drying. An adjustable 95-160°F thermostat provides the flexibility to achieve the best re... [read more]

  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice Electric Shaved Ice Maker (S900A) Perfect for Cool Summer Treats

    • UPC: 815085010031
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Hawaiian Shaved Ice
    • Size: Home-Use Machine
    • Manufacturer: Hawaiian Shaved Ice

    This Shaved Ice Machine is great for shaved ice, snow cones, slushies, margaritas, fun drinks and more. The Hawaiian Shaved Ice brand machine is fun and easy to operate. Included with the machine are two round ice molds. To use, simply fill the round ice molds with water and freeze overnight to produce small, round blocks of ice. Next, allow the ic... [read more]

  • Foodsaver V4440 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Bag Detection and Starter Kit | Safety Certified | Black & Silver

    • UPC: 782398651049
    • Color: Black Base/Stainless Steel
    • Brand: FoodSaver
    • Size: V4440
    • Manufacturer: Jarden Consumer Solutions

    Combining both a handheld and standard vacuum sealer, the FoodSaver V4400 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer System is vacuum sealing versatility at its best. Powerful technology eliminates air from specially designed bags, and automatic bag detection ensures a secure airtight seal to prevent freezer burn. When sealing FoodSaver zipper bags and Fresh containers,... [read more]

  • Chefman 5 Tray Round Food Dehydrator, Professional Electric Multi-Tier Food Preserver, Meat or Beef Jerky Maker, Fruit, Herb, Vegetable Dryer, Adjustable & Compact, Stackable BPA-Free Trays, 9.5 x 6.5

    • UPC: 816458021791
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Chefman
    • Size: 9.5 x 6.5 Inches
    • Manufacturer: Chefman

    Fast, easy way to make delicious and healthy natural snacks. Trying to cut down on food waste? Dehydrate stale snacks like crackers and cereal to give them brand new texture and crunch. Get as creative as you want and use the Dehydrator to dry flowers for potpourri, make edible cake decorations or garnish for cocktails.

  • Takeya 10310 Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Lid & Silicone Handle, 1 Quart, Black - Made in USA BPA-Free Dishwasher-Safe

    • UPC: 885895927393
    • Color: Black - Made in USA BPA-Free Dishwasher-Safe
    • Brand: Takeya
    • Size: 1 Quart
    • Manufacturer: Takeya

    Taste the difference with TAKEYA's Cold Brew Coffee Maker. The traditional hot brewing process releases undesirable acids and oils, resulting in bitter flavor and acidity that is intolerable to many. With cold brewing, only the naturally delicious coffee flavors are extracted, leaving behind the bitter oils and fatty acids, creating a perfectly bal... [read more]

  • Gourmia GFD1650 Premium Electric Food Dehydrator Machine - Digital Timer and Temperature Control - 6 Drying Trays - Perfect for Beef Jerky, Herbs, Fruit Leather - BPA Free - Black

    • UPC: 816425021267
    • Brand: Gourmia
    • Size: 6 Tray

    Got the munchies? Indulge without ditching the diet.. or your money! With the Gourmia GFD1650 Food Dehydrator, you can forget about store bought processed junk. Now you can make a more flavorful, nutrient dense, preservative free, and much cheaper alternative to packaged products. Dry up a huge variety of delicious, healthy snacks; from sweet pinea... [read more]

  • Chefman Food Dehydrator Machine, Touch Screen Electric Multi-Tier Food Preserver, Meat or Beef Jerky Maker, Fruit Leather, Vegetable Dryer w/ 6 Slide Out Drying Rack Trays & Transparent Door, Black

    • UPC: 816458022217
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Chefman
    • Size: 6 Tray
    • Manufacturer: Chefman

    Fast, easy way to make delicious and healthy natural snacks. digital temperatures preset settings ranging from 95º F to 158º F, integrated with a Countdown timer up to 19. 5 hours, provides accurate drying times and temperatures to make it super easy for you to start creating delicious dried fruit, homemade granola bars, trail mix, beef jerky, dr... [read more]

  • Fresh is Best Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Tenders for Pets

    100% All Natural Meat Dog TreatGreat Training TreatEmergency Meal

    • UPC: 49252289

  • Fresh Is Best Freeze Dried Whole Chicken Necks, Dog & Cat Treats

    Give your furry friend a delicious treat with the Fresh Is Best Freeze-Dried Whole Chicken Necks for Dogs and Cats. Each package features approximately a full pound of raw meat

    • UPC: 49252288

  • Wise 60 Serving of Seasoned Freeze Dried Beef & Poultry Food Supply + 20 Servings of Instant Rice

    • UPC: 25465689
    • Model: 07-702
    • Color: Yellow
    • Size: One Sizeone size

  • 1 Month Value Long Term Pantry Supply of Healthy Freeze Dried Survival Food for Emergency Preparedness - Valley Food Storage

    WARNING: COUNTERFEIT SELLERS! Do not buy from any other brand other than VALLEY FOOD STORAGE. VALLEY FOOD STORAGE is the sole seller of this product. Other sellers will show extended

    • UPC: 317635307
    • Model: 101002

  • Wise 84 Serving Freeze Dried Entree and Breakfast Grab and Go Bucket

    Wise Company 84 Serving Breakfast Entr?e Grab and Go Food Kit (12x12x10-Inch,

    • UPC: 21985179
    • Model: 01-184
    • Color: Black