10 Best Handheld Massagers 2018

Best Hand Held Massage Tools on January 2020 - [TOP 10 Picks] at Bestigma.com.com

  • HealthAndYoga Palm Urchin Massage Tool - Easy Palm Fit | 4-Legged Massage Knobs for Gentle Massage

    • UPC: 794168580183
    • Brand: SoulGenie
    • Manufacturer: SoulGenie

    CAUTION: Please do not press hard during massage as the legs of the Urchin may snap

  • Body Back Buddy Back Massager (Blue) | Handheld Massage Stick | Trigger Point Massager

    • UPC: 827912060447
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Body Back
    • Size: Fullsized
    • Manufacturer: Body Back Company

    How many times daily do you suffer from some sort of back or body pain? What do you do when you need a massage to soothe your tired muscles but can’t reach that problem area, or can’t generate enough pressure for effective relief. Other than seeing your massage therapist which can easily cost $70 or more, the only thing left to do is ask your p... [read more]

  • Body Back Buddy Back Massager with Poster (Blue) | Handheld Massage Stick | Trigger Point Massager

    • UPC: 885436168490
    • Color: Blue With Poster
    • Brand: Body Back
    • Size: Fullsized with Poster
    • Manufacturer: Body Back Company

    Body Back Buddy is an all-in-one massage tool that makes at-home massage easy and effective. Use Body Back Buddy's 11 custom knobs to apply targeted pressure to muscle knots and trigger points at your level of comfort. Relieve headache pain, soothe muscle tension, and even promote athletic recovery with Body Back Buddy and the simple massage steps ... [read more]

  • [Upgrade Version] Youlisn Electric Portable Deep Tissue Muscle Sport Massage Gun Tools Cordless丨Handheld Wireless Compact Chiropractic Percussion Massager丨Professional Percussive Therapy Massager

    • UPC: 713440855603
    • Color: Silver&black
    • Brand: Youlisn
    • Manufacturer: Youlisn

    What is the role of Youlisn Massage Gun? It is an high-frequency mobility therapeutic gun massage device.It relys on high speed reciprocating pulse of the massage hammer head to penetrate and vibrate the deep muscle tissue. Thereby it promotes blood circulation, relieve pain and accelerate recovery from injury. 1. Accelerate inquiry recovery after ... [read more]

  • BVN Palm Urchin Massage Tool - Easy Palm Fit | 4-Legged Massage Knobs for Gentle Massage

    • Brand: BVN
    • Manufacturer: BVN

    BVN is an elegantly designed hand held massage tool ,that can be used to provide a most pleasant and relaxing back massage.  The hand transfers the force to the four points of strength, may simultaneously alleviate the multi-spot muscle tension and the ache, eliminates the fatigue The smaller knobs provide deeper, more intense pressure.  The la... [read more]

  • Lolicute Professional Variable Speed Body Chiropractic Massager for Back Point Trigger Pain and Aching Muscles Handheld Massage Tool

    • UPC: 192240559216
    • Brand: Lolicute
    • Manufacturer: Lolicute

    Description: Magic Body Vibration Machine Can quickly vibrate fat to open pulse and active blood and lymph drainage.Can care ovary,adjust internl secretion,strengthen sex function,dispel tiredness,and comfort nerve. Features: Easy control and operation Engineered and designed to conform to the body's curves. Unique rapid rotation and powerful ma... [read more]

  • [Upgrade Version] Intelitopia Massage Gun, Powerful Cordless Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager, Pure Wave Massager to Massage Different Parts of The Body Through The Most Comfortable Percussion

    • UPC: 764823992606
    • Brand: Inteli-topia
    • Size: Intelitopia
    • Manufacturer: Inteli-topia

    Professional athletes and physical therapists have been relying on massage therapy to aid muscle recovery for ages. Massaging muscles expedite recovery by releasing lactic acids which are known to cause muscle fatigue. Massaging also increases blood flow to your muscles, breaking down knots and even providing relief to muscle pains by releasing tri... [read more]

  • Massage Ball Manual Roller Massager 2-Pack Self Massage Therapy Tool for Sore Muscles, Shoulders, Neck, Back, Foot, Body, Deep Tissue, Stiffness, Joint Pain Relief  (Blue&Green)

    • UPC: 797566000413
    • Color: Blue&green
    • Brand: ZONGS
    • Manufacturer: ZONGS

    Are you tired of feeling sore every time you come home? Would you like to enjoy a soothing massage without high cost? Then the ZONGS Massage Ball is the perfect affordable solution you have been looking for! It provides you a stimulating, deep tissue massage, and is designed to reach sore shoulders, neck, upper back, arms, legs and relieve foot... [read more]

  • Reflexology Thai Spider Massage Shoulder & Full Body Wooden Tool

    • Brand: Reflexology Thai Hand Massage
    • Manufacturer: Reflexology Thai Hand Massage

    A benefit experienced by every on who experiences a foot massage is relaxation. The important thing is based on reflexology. Foot massage stimulates blood and lymph system flow.

  • Bossjoy Trigger pt. Therapy Self Massage Tool, Lower Back Massager, Neck Massager, Shoulder Massager, Myofascial Release Tool - Deep Muscle Massage, Blue

    • UPC: 755082808739
    • Color: Blue:back Massager Hook
    • Brand: Bossjoy
    • Manufacturer: Bossjoy

    Color:Blue:back Massager Hook How many times daily do you suffer from some sort of strain related pain? What do you do when you need to massage or to soothe your tired muscles but you can’t reach that problem area, or simply can’t generate enough pressure for effective relief? Bossjoy handheld self massager is the answer. This self-massaging ... [read more]

  • Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Massager for Full Body Massage, Model 4290-300

    The Wahl Deep-Tissue Massager is designed to create a gentle, relaxing, all-over body massage. The Wahl Percussion Massager features soft, finger-like nodes that replicate the human touch and reach deep

    • UPC: 21670338
    • Model: 4290-300
    • Color: MulticolorMulti

  • HoMedics Percussion Pro Handheld Massager With Heat, Variable Speed Control, Dual Pivoting Heads, HHP-350H

    Soothe tired muscles with the HoMedics Percussion Action Massager. It includes three custom massage attachments, dual pivoting heads, an ergonomic handle and variable speed

    • UPC: 21608453
    • Model: HHP-350
    • Color: Gray

  • Wahl Hot Cold Therapy Handheld Massagers for Back, Neck, Foot, Full Body Massage. 4295-400

    Give your body some relief from aches and pains with the Wahl Hot-Cold Therapy Custom Body Therapeutic Massager. It features seven attachments customizing your relaxation experience. The Wahl massager heats

    • UPC: 37556030
    • Model: 4295-400
    • Color: Red

  • Wahl All Body Powerful Therapeutic Massager Handheld for Full Body Massage, Model 4120-600

    4 attachments--General Body: All-over soothing; Facial: A smooth surface for a gentle massage to the face; Power Disc: Large surface and prongs massage deep to stimulate blood flow; Spot: Pin-point

    • UPC: 20532429
    • Model: 4120-600
    • Color: SilverWhite
    • Size: 1

  • Belmint Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Electric Massagers for Muscles, Back, Neck, Shoulder, Leg

    Take pleasure in having pressure points massage with this powerful cordless electric handheld

    • UPC: 922912094
    • Color: Black