How To Paddle and Choose a Kayak Fishing Paddle

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  • Best Marine Kayak Paddle Accessories. Carbon Fiber Shaft and Reinforced Fiberglass Blades. 234 Centimeter Lightweight 33.5 Ounce Adjustable Paddles for Kayaks. Fishing and Kayaking Oars Leash Included

    • UPC: 862235000367
    • Brand: BEST Marine and Outdoors
    • Manufacturer: BEST Marine and Outdoors ®

  • Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

    • UPC: 782446174834
    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Intex
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Intex Recreation Corp.

    The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is sporty and fun with a streamlined design for easy paddling. The bright yellow color and sporty graphics makes the kayak highly visible in the water. Great for experiencing lakes and mild rivers with a friend, this Sports Series kayak is perfect for two adults. Lightweight and compact, this kayak is a snap to assemble,... [read more]

  • SeaSense X-TREME II Kayak Paddle, 96-Inch

    • UPC: 792348413566
    • Color: white
    • Brand: SeaSense
    • Size: 96-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Unified Marine, Inc.

    X-Treme II Kayak Paddle 96" - Black

  • Pelican Boats - PS1129 - Poseidon Angler Fishing Lightweight Kayak Paddle - Built-in Retrieval Hooks - Fiberglass Reinforced, 98.5 inches, Color Sand

    • UPC: 776324536388
    • Color: Sand
    • Brand: Pelican Boats
    • Size: 98.5 inches
    • Manufacturer: Pelican Sport

    The Pelican POSEIDON ANGLER paddle is a tool of choice for your next kayak fishing adventure. It features larger blades with built-in retrieval hooks, a longer shaft for wider kayaks, drip rings, 0 to 65 degrees blade angle adjustment and a tape measure along the shaft. INDEXING feature: To ensure you are holding your paddle properly, there is a ve... [read more]

  • Bending Branches Angler Scout 2-Piece Snap-Button Kayak Fishing Paddle

    • UPC: 717320400792
    • Color: Sage Green
    • Size: 260 cm
    • Manufacturer: Bending Branches

    The Angler Scout is a durable constructed, lightweight recerational kayak paddle designed to do more than propel a boat. The paddle shaft includes a measure tape to provide the angler with a quick length reference and an ingenious "hook" that is molded into one of the blades to create a retrieval system perfect for rescuing lures, pulling in large ... [read more]

  • YYST Orange Paddle Leash Paddle Holder Tool Lanyard - No Paddle (Orange X 4 Pack)

    • Color: Orange X 4 Pack
    • Brand: YYST
    • Manufacturer: Yi Ya Su

    You can choose 1 Pack, 2 Pack, 3 Pack and 4pack. No Paddle. No Kayak. Keep your paddles within hand. No floating away.

  • Crooked Creek C11380 Tournament Angler Fishing Kayak Paddle - 8'

    • UPC: 666996113805
    • Brand: Crooked Creek Paddle Company
    • Size: 8'
    • Manufacturer: Crooked Creek Paddle Company

    Crooked Creek's Tournament Angler Fishing Kayak Paddles feature a fiberglass shaft with a laser-engraved measurement scale and poly-fiber composite dihedral blades for tournament performance. Each blade features reinforced blade tips for push-off and a dock hook cutout to help pull yourself over to the edge. The dock hook cutout also doubles as a w... [read more]

  • Bending Branches Angler Ace Plus 2-Piece Plus Ferrule Fishing Kayak Paddle; (Carbon Shaft/Carbon Reinforced Blade)

    • UPC: 717320485942
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Bending Branches
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Bending Branches

    Bending Branches Angler Ace Plus Telescoping Kayak Paddle - The Angler Ace Fishing Kayak Paddle new designed oversize carbon-reinforced nylon blades provide more power and efficiency with every stroke. The Ace comes equipped with the dual tape measure on the shaft as well as the hook retrieval system that's built into the blade! The Angler Ace is d... [read more]

  • Perception Kayaks Pescador Adjustable Kayak Fishing Paddle -2 Piece

    • UPC: 729282094667
    • Color: Moss Camo
    • Brand: Perception Kayaks
    • Size: 230-250cm/90.5-98.5"
    • Manufacturer: Confluence Accessories

    The perception pescador kayak fishing paddle is loaded with features to make sure you spend less time paddling and more time catching. Save the fighting for the fish. Control your boat with ease. Paddle faster, farther, and more EFFICIENTLY with this optimized blade design.

  • MAXSHADE COVERS Fishing Kayak Paddle,Color Available Olive,Tan 2-Piece (Olive, 95 inches)

    • UPC: 611040318569
    • Color: Olive
    • Size: 95 inches
    • Manufacturer: Summates

    MSC Kayak Paddle is the perfect entry level kayak and fishing paddle for paddler use as performance,recreational,touring or even whitewater.It features an anodized aluminum shaft to increase corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The Shaft has 3 offset angles so you can adjust it to your desired paddle angle. It doesn't matter if you enjoy bravi... [read more]

  • Pelican Kayak Paddle Accessories | Aluminum Shaft with Fiberglass Reinforced Blades | Lightweight, Adjustable Kayaks Paddles | Perfect for Kayaking Boating & Kayak Fishing, 89"

    • UPC: 776324531970
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Pelican
    • Size: 89 inches
    • Manufacturer: Pelican Sport

    The Pelican POSEIDON kayak paddle is a tool of choice for your next kayak adventure. Impact resistant, it features fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades, a two-piece aluminum shaft, drip rings, and 0 to 65 degrees blade angle adjustment. Perfect for all your trips on the water! INDEXING feature: To ensure you are holding your paddle properly, ... [read more]

  • Campingandkayaking Made in The USA! NO Hook & Loop to Fail! Paddle Leash with a 2 Rod Leash Set, 3 Black Leashes Total Plus 1 Carabiner.

    • UPC: 706090697518
    • Brand: Campingandkayaking
    • Manufacturer:

    A versatile and complete Paddle leash and Rod leash system with 3 leashes and a (1) carabiner. The leashes have a very unique light tension bungee section that elongates with light forces and retract back neatly. The kit contains 3 leashes and 1 aluminum carabiner to attach your gear to the boat. Light weight, small diameter make these one of the b... [read more]

  • YYST 2 X Adjustable Kayak Safety Rod Leash Fishing Rod Paddle Leash

    • UPC: 610396183456
    • Brand: YYST
    • Manufacturer: Yi Ya Su

    You are bidding on two 4- feet paddle leash.

  • Shoreline Marine Rounded Kayak Paddle, 96 Inches

    • UPC: 013893522474
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Shoreline
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Big Game International

    Steer your boat easily in the water with the Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle. It is designed with a three-position system and a lightweight, sturdy aluminum shaft. The 96" kayak paddle has strong handles and molded blades for ease of use. It is resistant to corrosion and breaks down to two pieces for simple portability.

  • Yakattack RotoGrip Paddle Holder, Track Mount

    • UPC: 708325112544
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: YakAttack
    • Size: GRP-1001
    • Manufacturer: YakAttack

    If you are looking for an easy way for you to manage your paddle the YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder is the answer to your problem. The RotoGrip easily attaches to the GearTrac and most other track systems by grabbing the handle of your paddle between two soft rollers with just the right amount of tension for you to grab it when you need it. Model... [read more]

  • Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak (Paddle Included), 90818

    Lifetime Tamarack™ 10 ft. Angler Kayak - The 10 ft. adult kayak has a 275 lb. weight capacity and comes in olive green. This model is a sit-on-top (SOT) kayak

    • UPC: 55604992
    • Model: 90818
    • Color: Olive GreenGreen
    • Size: 10 ft10'

  • Lifetime Daylite 80 Sit-On-Top Kayak (Paddle Included), Red, 90775

    Lifetime Daylite™ Kayak - The 8 ft. adult kayak has a 250 lb. weight capacity and comes in fire red with an adjustable backrest and one paddle (1169412). Individually packaged.

    • UPC: 151801297
    • Model: 90775
    • Color: RedFire Red
    • Size: 8 ft8'

  • Lifetime Tahoma 100 Sit-On-Top Kayak (Paddle Included), 90816

    Lifetime Tahoma Kayak - The 120 in. adult kayak has a 275 lb. weight capacity and comes in lime green. This model is a sit-on-top (SOT) kayak and comes with

    • UPC: 55604994
    • Model: 90816
    • Color: Lime GreenGreen
    • Size: 10 ft10'

  • Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Sit-On Angler Kayak Olive, Paddle Included

    Spend a wonderful day out on the water in this Sun Dolphin Journey 10' Sit-On Fishing Kayak with a Paddle. It is ideal for lakes and rivers and for accessing

    • UPC: 32333500
    • Model: 51945-P
    • Color: Green

  • Sun Dolphin Journey 12' Sit-on Fishing Kayak, Paddle Included

    Large, comfortable seating areaMaximum weight Capacity 395 lbs.Two flush mount rod holders, one swivelIncludes

    • UPC: 21015144
    • Model: 51745-P
    • Color: OliveGreen