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  • HDMI KVM Switch 2 Port Dual Monitor Extended Display, CKL USB KVM Switch HDMI 2 in 2 Out with Audio Microphone Output and USB 2.0 Hub, PC Monitor Keyboard Mouse Switcher [email protected] CKL-922HUA

    • UPC: 615068895316
    • Color: 2 Port HDMI KVM Extended Display 4K
    • Brand: CKL
    • Manufacturer: CKL

    CKL Dual Monitor VGA HDMI KVM Switch 2 Port is designed to control up to 2 computers / laptops with multi-graphics card or dual video output, using one set of keyboard, mouse and 2 monitors for extended or mirrored display at the same time. Recommended Configurations: 1.Computers or laptops with dual HDMI or HDMI / VGA / DVI / DisplayPort (DP) ... [read more]

  • IOGEAR 2-Port USB VGA Cable KVM Switch with Cables and Remote, GCS22U

    • UPC: 807030488019
    • Brand: IOGEAR
    • Size: 2-port
    • Manufacturer: IOGEAR

    IOGear GCS22U 2-Port USB KVM Switch, 2-Port USB Cable KVM allows users to share a VGA monitor, a USB mouse, and a USB keyboard between two computers. Users can switch between computers using a manual switch located on a wired remote controller that can be placed on your desk for ease of reach. It offers an out-of-box solution with no additional cab... [read more]

  • CKL HDMI KVM Switch 2 Port Dual Monitor Extended Display (CKL-922HUA)

    • Color: Dual HDMI KVM 2 Port 4K
    • Brand: CKL
    • Manufacturer: Shenzhen CKL Technology Co., Ltd

    CKL-922HUA 2 Port USB KVM Switch HDMI Dual Monitor Extended Display requires 2 video connections from each computer and laptop with cable A and cable B included. Make sure your computers / laptops have 2 video interfaces and support duplicated display (verify this by connecting your device to 2 monitors directly), and be aware of adapters you might... [read more]

  • CKL HDMI KVM Switch 4 Port Dual Monitor Extended Display (CKL-944HUA)

    • Brand: CKL
    • Manufacturer: Shenzhen CKL Technology Co., Ltd

    CKL-944HUA 4 Port USB KVM Switch HDMI Dual Monitor Extended Display requires 2 video connections from each computer and laptop with cable A and cable B included. Make sure your computers / laptops have 2 video interfaces and support duplicated display (verify this by connecting your device to 2 monitors directly), and be aware of adapters you might... [read more]

  • JideTech 2-Port USB HDMI Cable KVM Switch Video, Cables & USB Peripheral Sharing Support 4k×[email protected] Resolution

    • UPC: 710670417939
    • Color: 2 Ports HDMI Switch
    • Brand: JideTech
    • Manufacturer: Shenzhen Gentlen Technology Development Co., Limited

    JideTech 2 Port USB HDMI Cable KVM SwitchAvoid cabling hassles with integrated KVM and remote switch cablesTo help organize your desk without sacrificing work space, this compact HDMI USB KVM features integrated cables that can be connected directly to your system, while leaving a minimal footprint.For further convenience the HDMI KVM switch is USB... [read more]

  • TESmart 4-Port HDMI KVM Switch - 4K 60Hz UHD - Audio Output and USB Sharing - 4x1

    • UPC: 604213233905
    • Color: HDMI [email protected] 4x1 KVM Switch-Black
    • Brand: TESmart
    • Size: 11.81x4.72x1.18in
    • Manufacturer: TESmart

    Connect 4 Computers to One Keyboard, Video and Mouse with 4 Port HDMI KVM Switch Easily switch between four different devices without interruption by using our smart 4K HDR HDMI switch. Designed to give you an simple option for controlling multiple devices with one set of controls, you can use our KVM HDMI switch with: - Video Games - Televisions... [read more]

  • AV Access KVM Switch HDMI 2.0 4 Port, 4K60Hz YUV444 18Gbps, 4x1 USB 2.0 Keyboard/Mouse/Printer/Monitor/PC selector, Audio Out/Mic in, HDR10, Dobly Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDCP 2.2, 4 Input 1 Output

    • Color: HDMI Switcher 【4KSW41-KVM】
    • Brand: AV Access
    • Manufacturer: AV Access

    Overview 4KSW41-KVM is a 4xl HDMI KVM Switcher with HDMl2.0 and HDCP2.2 compatibility. With the four port KVM switch allows the user controls four source devices/computers with only one set of USB devices (e.g. USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB flash and other USB2.0 compliant devices). This product provides a cost-effective way to share one USB keyboar... [read more]

  • KVM Switch HDMI 4 Port Box,UHD [email protected] & 3D & 1080P Supported,with USB and HDMI Cables

    • UPC: 791265442963
    • Color: HDMI KVM SWITCH 0401
    • Brand: GHT
    • Manufacturer: GHT

    Professional design, Carefully manufactured,Specialized products for specialized users.---GHT【ABOUT GHT】 GHT devote itself to design and manufacture specialize audio and video transmission & switch products for specialize users.Thanks to the excellent research team and professional manufacture team as well as the brilliant customers services te... [read more]

  • HDMI to VGA Adapter,Mini HDMI to VGA,COCOMK Gold-Plated 1080P HDMI to VGA Adapter Converter (Male to Female) (HDMI to VGA)

    • UPC: 738920870839
    • Color: HDMI to VGA-female
    • Brand: COCOMK
    • Size: HDMI to VGA
    • Manufacturer: CoCoMK

    HDMI to VGA convertor can connect your input device with HDMI port to HD display output device Feature:Video input signal: 5Volts p-p(TTL) ;Support VGA video bandwidth: 10 bit, 162MHzVideo amplifier bandwidth: 162MHzSupport resolution up to 1920 X 1200, reduce blank signal during transmit.Specifications Input: HDMI MaleOutput: VGA Female; A VGA ca... [read more]

  • yunbox299 HDMI KVM Switch, HDMI Converter Adapter,2 Port HDMI KVM Switch Converter with Cables for Keyboard Mouse Monitor Sharing

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: yunbox299
    • Manufacturer: yunbox299

    Specifications: Built-in cable KVM switch, great appearance, easy installation. Cable built into the KVM switch, portable and easy use. Support for Windows, for Linux, for Apple, for Mac operating systems and so on. USB built-in cable KVM switch support plug and play. No need to shut down the computer when add or remove the PCs. No software needs. ... [read more]

  • TESmart KVM Switch 8 Port HDMI | 4K 30Hz Ultra HD | Enterprise grade | RS232 | LAN Port | IP Control | Auto Scan | Rackmount [Control Eight PCs, Laptops, Servers w/One Video Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse]

    • UPC: 710185993089
    • Color: 8x1 HDMI KVM Switcher Metal-Black
    • Brand: TESmart
    • Size: 8x1 HDMI KVM Switcher Metal
    • Manufacturer: TESmart

    Take a giant step forward with this upgraded 8-port HDMI KVM Switch designed to deliver more inclusive and convenient use to you. This 8-in to 1-out HDMI KVM Switch is designed to console control 1-8 computers, servers, DVR/NVR, laptops and more with one single set of USB keyboard, USB mouse, and monitor. With this HDMI KVM Switch, you can switch b... [read more]

  • CKLau 4Kx2K Ultra HD 4 Port HDMI Cables KVM Switch Control 4 Computers/DVR/NVR with USB 2.0 Hub and Audio Support Keyboard Mouse Switching for Linux, Windows, Mac, Unix

    • Color: 4 port HDMI KVM switch
    • Brand: CKLau
    • Size: 4 in 1 out
    • Manufacturer: CKLAU TECHNOLOGIES INC.

  • TESmart HDMI [email protected] Ultra HD 2x1 HDMI KVM Switch [email protected] 4:4:4 with 2 Pcs 5ft KVM Cables Supports USB 2.0 Devices Control up to 2 Computers/Servers/DVR

    • UPC: 663585955129
    • Color: [email protected] 2x1 HDMI KVM Switch
    • Brand: TESmart
    • Size: 2x1-Black-A1U
    • Manufacturer: HKS0201A1U

    SOMETHING of this TESmart 4K HDMI KVM Switch USB2.0 port SHOULD BE NOTED About Remote Control If the keyboard cannot switch KVM, please connect the keyboard to the dedicated port for the keyboard and mouse If the dedicated port does not work for the keyboard and mouse. I am very sorry for the incompatibility of the keyboard/mouse and your computer ... [read more]

  • QUICATCH 2-Port USB HDMI Switch KVM for Dual Monitor Desktop Stand Switch Controller Blue

    • UPC: 012249227391
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: QUICATCH
    • Manufacturer: QUICATCH

    ✿Product Description: 4K X 2K30Hz resolution, or support 4K resolution; Compatible with all USB devices, including USB flash drives, USB printers, all keyboards and mice With line switching, the length of the switching line can be up to 50 meters. The machine is integrated and can be used without additional accessories. No need to configure p... [read more]

  • TRENDnet 2-Port USB KVM Switch and Cable Kit, Device Monitoring, Auto-Scan, Audible Feedback, USB 1.1, Windows, Linux, TK-207K

    • UPC: 312806689564
    • Color: white
    • Brand: TRENDnet
    • Size: 2 Port Kit
    • Manufacturer: TRENDnet

    The 2-Port USB KVM Switch Kit lets you manage two PC’s with just one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Switch between two PC’s with a simple press of a button! Separate sets of KVM cables are included with the KVM Switch, so users can start controlling 2 PC’s instantly. The KVM cables also provide power to the KVM Switch, eliminating the ... [read more]


    The IOGEAR GCS72U KVM Switch with audio helps you use the same VGA monitor, USB mouse, USB keyboard, mic, and set of powered speakers for two computers. You can switch

    • UPC: 13021165
    • Model: GCS72U
    • Color: Black

  • StarTech 2-Port USB HDMI Cable KVM Switch with Audio and Remote Switch, USB-Powered

    The SV211HDUA 2-Port HDMI Cable KVM Switch with Audio and Remote Switching Control lets you control two HDMI, USB-equipped PCs with a single monitor, keyboard, mouse and audio peripheral set.

    • UPC: 36596935
    • Model: SV211HDUA
    • Color: Multicolor

  • IOGEAR GCS22U 2-Port USB KVM Switch

    IOgear GCS22U 2-Port USB KVM

    • UPC: 10299065
    • Model: GCS22U
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 2-port


    The IOGear GCS24U 4-Port USB KVM Switch allows you to share equipment like speakers, monitors, and keyboards between four computers. You can select which computer to use with a manual

    • UPC: 11073639
    • Model: USB Cable KVM Switch GCS24U
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 4-Port


    • UPC: 29222343
    • Model: CS22U
    • Color: Black