Light Therapy Changed My Life! | Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock Review: Best Alarm Clock Ever?!

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  • Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, White (HF3520)

    • UPC: 797978443693
    • Color: White
    • Brand: PHILIPS
    • Size: Bulbs
    • Manufacturer: Norelco

    Wake up naturally with a wake-up light and colored sunrise. Inspired by nature's sunrise the Philips Wake-up light uses a unique combination of light therapy and sound to wake you in a more natural way. The color of the morning light changes from soft dawn reds through warm orange to bright yellow light. Developed with Philips’ Clinical Sleep & R... [read more]

  • Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp, with Sunrise Alarm and Sunset Fading Night Light, White (HF3650/60)

    • UPC: 075020069184
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Philips
    • Size: 1 Count
    • Manufacturer: Norelco

    Philips Somneo brings a gentle, pleasant and natural wake up thanks to gradually increasing light. Wind down with advanced RelaxBreathe feature to help you drift off to sleep: light guided wind down breathing, personalized sunset function and sounds. Developed with Philips’ Clinical Sleep & Respironics Healthcare knowledge and 100+yrs of Lighting... [read more]

  • Wake- Up Light, LBell Alarm Clock 8 Colored Sunrise Simulation & Sleep Aid Feature, Dual Alarm Clock with FM Radio, 7 Natural Sound and Snooze for Kids Adults Bedrooms (LB01-Sunrise Alarm Clock)

    • Color: LB01-Sunrise Alarm Clock
    • Brand: LBell
    • Manufacturer: digi-life

    LBell Wake Up Light, Newest Alarm Clock Sunrise Simulation Snooze Radio Clock Bedside Night Light with Nature Sounds, FM Radio, Sleep Aid and USB Charger Sunrise Simulation Alarm Light for Natural Waking: The simulated sunrise of the LBell Wake-Up Light provides a more natural waking experience and improved morning energy levels. Offering 20 bright... [read more]

  • Verilux HappyLight Full-Size 10,000 lux Light Therapy Energy Lamp

    • UPC: 768533810007
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Verilux, Inc
    • Size: 10"
    • Manufacturer: Verilux, Inc

    We often don't get enough sunlight or even daylight for that matter. Our hectic work and home lifestyles tend to keep us indoors and away from an essential element we can't live without - sunshine. A dose of full or natural spectrum light is a welcomed lift to mood, increased energy, improved sleep patterns, and enhanced health, happiness & well-be... [read more]

  • Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation, White (HF3500/60)

    • UPC: 075020035998
    • Color: White
    • Brand: PHILIPS
    • Size: -
    • Manufacturer: Philips

    Sunrise simulation wakes you gradually Bedside light with 10 light settings Color flow of sunrise: bright yellow Gentle beep ensures you get up on time Snooze function. Frequency: 50/60 Hz

  • Bluetooth Speaker Wake Up Light Alarm Clock by iPM | Dawn Simulator | Light Therapy Product | Sunrise Simulant | Gradual Sound Increase | Six Natural Sounds | FM | Chimes Sound | Birds Sounds

    • UPC: 008853828871
    • Brand: iPM
    • Manufacturer: theipmstore

    Are your mornings slow? Are you sluggish when you try to get up? Want a gentler alarm clock for your sensitive early morning senses? This is the product you have been missing! Our product wakes you up gently and slowly, just as you want it to. GENTLE ALARM Our clock wakes you up gently and slowly in keeping with early morning sensitivities, takin... [read more]

  • 10,000 Lux Happy Energy Light Therapy Simulated Natural Sunlight Full Spectrum LED Lamp Light Box Portable Thin Border Design Aluminum Alloy Material

    • UPC: 664248941138
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: AMZCOOL
    • Manufacturer: AMZCOOL

    The light therapy box Upgrade Version brings you the happy simulated natural sun light in the dark days of fall and winter, good for better rest and working. Helping you feel more awake during the day and to fall asleep better at night. Full spectrum light without flicker, no UV. Mordern designed, blends seamlessly into your home or office, easy ... [read more]

  • Nature Bright - Sun Bliss Pro - 2-in-1 10,000 LUX Light Therapy Lamp - Wake Up Light Alarm Clock - Mood Light -Traveler Light Therapy - Advanced Optical Lenses - 4.8"H x 4.7"W x 1.2"D - 15.5 Ounces

    • UPC: 899071000794
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Nature Bright
    • Size: 4.8 x 4.7 x 1.2 inches
    • Manufacturer: Nature Bright Company

    Waking up to a personalized sunrise provides energy-stimulating attributes to power your day. The Nature Bright Sun Bliss Pro Portable Light Therapy Lamp is a compact, portable wake-up light and alarm that helps you rise as nature intended. Powered by a powerful yet gentle LED light panel that produces 10,000 lux light, the Sun Bliss Pro replicates... [read more]

  • HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock, Smart Wake up Light Sleep Aid Digital Alarm Clock with Sunset Simulation and FM Radio, 4 Alarms /7 Alarm Sounds/Snooze/20 Brightness

    • UPC: 606098432787
    • Color: White
    • Brand: heimvision
    • Manufacturer: HeimVision

    7 Natural Sounds and FM RadioThere are 7 kinds of unique alarm clock sounds to choose, Such as Birdsong, Hawaii Wave, Streams, Beep, Win dells, Chord, Ringtone and Piano, which can bring you fantastic nature sounds, As well as have a FM Radio function, easy to add the VOA as your new alarm sound you like.Ease into Your DreamlandHeimVision A80S Wak... [read more]

  • Alarm Clock for Me free

    • Brand: Apalon
    • Manufacturer: Apalon

  • AMIR Wake-Up Light Beside Lamp Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation, 5 Natural Sounds, Rechargeable, Touch Sensor Multicolor Dimmable Night Light, Simple Design and Healthy Style (Non-Plug in)

    • UPC: 712190825515
    • Color: Lemon Yellow
    • Brand: AMIR
    • Manufacturer: AMIR

    Features: ● Wake-up Function: Hold down “alarm key” to adjust alarm time with use of “+” and “-” keys. Then press “alarm key” to confirm.Then select your desired natural sound among the 5 types of natural sound with use of “+” and “-“ keys. Then press “alarm key” to confirm. The alarm icon is appeared on the screen an... [read more]

  • Carex Day-Light Sky Bright Light Therapy Lamp - 10,000 LUX - Sun Lamp To Combat Winter Blues and To Increase Your Energy

    • UPC: 721762759950
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Carex Health Brands
    • Manufacturer: Uplift Technologies Inc.

    Combat the Winter Blues, circadian sleep disorders, jet lag, shift work adjustment and low energy with the Carex Day-Light Sky Bright Light Therapy Lamp. The light therapy lamp is a 10,000 LUX light that features "in home" bright light therapy. Bright light therapy experts recommend BrightZone Technology that delivers 10,000 LUX in a broad field of... [read more]

  • LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Trainer, Alarm Clock, Night Light Sleep Sounds Machine (Arctic Blue)

    • UPC: 709870705106
    • Color: Arctic Blue
    • Brand: LittleHippo
    • Manufacturer: LittleHippo

    Little Hippo MELLA Ready to Rise Children's Sleep Trainer, Alarm Clock, Night Light and Sleep Sounds Machine This is a great gift for any parent with young children who constantly looks tired, AKA all of them. - Mashable Can’t keep your kid in bed? Let us help with that. MELLA is the all-in-one children’s clock and sleep trainer designed to kee... [read more]

  • Philips AJ1000/37 Clock Radio with Mirror-Finished Display (Silver)

    • UPC: 609585226685
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Philips
    • Manufacturer: Philips

    Wake up to sounds from your favorite radio station or a buzzer. Simply set the alarm on your Philips Clock radio to wake you with the radio station you last listened to or choose to wake up with a buzzer sound. When the wake up time is reached, your Philips Clock radio will automatically turn on that radio station or trigger the buzzer to sound.Fea... [read more]

  • Nature Bright Sun Bliss 2 in 1 Portable Light Therapy and Wake-Up Light

    • UPC: 749447189182
    • Brand: Nature Bright
    • Manufacturer: Nature Bright Company

    Sun Bliss Portable Light Therapy is designed to deliver the benefits of the sun without sun's harmful UV rays. Using the lamp for 30 minutes a day helps you sleep by helping improve your mood and regulate your sleep patterns and circadian rhythm. The lamp's 10,000 LUX LED Light Panels mimic a cloudless, sunny day while its LED diffusion lens makes ... [read more]

  • Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp

    Use the power of a blue sky to help you through the day with the Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp. It produces a 10,000 LUX

    • UPC: 49408983
    • Model: F4040
    • Color: White

  • Sunrise SAD Therapy Light Box w/ Dawn Simulator

    The Sunrise SAD Therapy Light Box with Dawn Simulator is the only product on the market that combines a bright-light LED light box with a Sunrise System Dawn Simulator. It's

    • UPC: 734340531

  • SABRE TV Light Simulator

    MAKES HOME LOOK OCCUPIED TO DETER INTRUDERS: Simulating a 27" TV, the FakeTV is a burglar deterrent that makes it look like someone is home watching television by creating the

    • UPC: 46380813
    • Model: HS-FTV-01
    • Color: WhiteOff-White

  • TKOOFN Fake TV Simulator Anti-Burglar Theft Deterrent LED Light Sensor Home Security

    TKOOFN Fake TV Simulator Anti-Burglar Theft Deterrent LED Light Sensor Home Security100% Brand New and high qualityRealistic apprearanceEasy to setup and useThe Defender TV simulator gives the impression of a

    • UPC: 563046858

  • Beurer Infrared Light Heat Lamp for Red Light Therapy, Blood Circulation, IL50 

    The Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp is designed to deliver infrared heat to the human body. It can be used to provide warming relief to those with colds, muscle ache and

    • UPC: 132199669
    • Model: IL50
    • Color: White