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  • Royal Magic Money Maker - Royal

    • UPC: 793631844555
    • Brand: Royal Magic
    • Manufacturer: Magic Geek, Inc.

    A plain piece of white paper is run through the "Money Maker." As the paper emerges from the other side, it has turned into a real dollar bill. A fun and easy trick for anyone. You provide the bills. Amaze your audience when you feed blank paper in one side and the money comes out the other. Or reverse the trick and turn their money into blank pape... [read more]

  • Magic Makers Bicycle Blank Face Red Back Card Deck

    • UPC: 785924431221
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Size: Poker
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    Create magic with this high quality Bicycle deck by Magic Makers. The Blank Face Red Back Bicycle Deck features 56 Bicycle cards with standard red Bicycle backs and blank, white face sides. Use these cards to perform a plethora of card tricks or even create your own tricks using these customizable cards!

  • Magic Makers 100 Card Tricks Kit Includes Marked Deck & Svengali Trick Deck

    • UPC: 714447084218
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    Master over 100 card effects with 8 hours of teaching material in this comprehensive magic training guide on card magic. It contains a complete range of card tricks for magicians of all ages and skill levels.Learn all the secrets, tips and tricks to becoming a materful card magician.

  • Magic Makers Large Close-up Pad - Hunter Green - 22.5 x 15.5 Inches

    • UPC: 714447012020
    • Color: Hunter Green
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Size: Anti-Stress429
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    Take your performances anywhere with Magic Makers Close Up Performance Pad! The neoprene backing and beautiful gaming table surface makes this the BEST performance pad in the industry. It's perfect size and cushion allows you to perform card tricks, magic effects and so much more. It's easy to roll up and store or pack when traveling for performanc... [read more]

  • Magic Makers Bicycle Stripper Deck with 10 Bonus Tricks (Blue) - Tapered Magic Trick Deck

    • UPC: 714447006722
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    Imagine someone selects a card and then looses it into the deck. You, the magician, can then instantly and mysteriously locate that card from the deck. The Bicycle Stripper Deck by Magic Makers brings an unprecedented level of credibility and quality to the performing magician. Made of high quality card stock with an air cushion finish these cards ... [read more]

  • Magic Makers Royal Road to Card Magic Deluxe Magic Training - Complete Set Including a Delands Marked Deck - Over 100 Card Trick Effects from Beginner to Expert Skill Levels

    • UPC: 743181888356
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    The Royal Road to Card Magic Deluxe Edition is THE classic card magic course! It includes knowledge that was originated by Frederick Braue and Jean Hugard. Rudy Hunter stars in this four volume comprehensive course. In the Deluxe Edition, you also get the De Lands marked deck. The ideas and design of this deck were created by Theodore L. De Land... [read more]

  • Magic Makers Red Light Up Thumb Tips

    • UPC: 787793272660
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    These magic lights make a light appear from your fingertips. Next, make it travel from hand to hand. Countless moves are now at your fingertips with the Magic Lights... The package includes: (2) Magic Lights (2) Magic Soft Standard Size Thumb Tips Special Illustrated Instructions Online Learning

  • Magic Makers Pro Model Magician's Wand - 13.5 Inches

    • UPC: 714447335990
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    The Magician's Wand is poised with great balance for the seasoned magician. This two-part screw together wand is hand crafted from the finest wood and material. The wand stands 13.5 inches tall and weighs 5 oz. with a heavy feel. Definitely a wand that the pros use. This wand is designed by Magic Maker Rob Stiff

  • Little Kids Magic Kidchen Create Your Own Slushy Maker Kid Friendly Cooking Activity and uses Real Food Ingredients Toy, Blue

    • UPC: 093539643046
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Little Kids
    • Size: 7.6" x 4.25"
    • Manufacturer: Little Kids

    "Kids can create tasty frozen treats in minutes with Magic Kidchen! Magic Kidchen lets kids create their own frozen treats with limited help from adults! With our patented freeze technology your child uses real food to create frozen treats in minutes. It is so easy to use that it seems like magic. The Magic Kidchen Slushy Maker includes our super f... [read more]

  • Magic Makers the Prediction - Tell the Future Card Trick

    • UPC: 841110173884
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    This kit includes the special medallions and magical props required to use with any deck of cards. Start performing this amazing miracle which also contains a bonus impromptu version L brought to you by rob stiff. An instructional DVD is included for quick learning. Two cards are randomly selected by a spectator. The spectator freely chooses to pla... [read more]

  • Magic Makers Color Deception Magic Trick - The Amazing Color Changing Effect - Now in Stainless Steel

    • UPC: 714447030048
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    Color Deception is a terrific little mystery. AND, it truly defies detection. Two black and white poker chips are shown front and back and then change under amazing circumstances, going from black and white to four different colors! All can then be handed out for examination.*Poker chips are about the size of half dollars.

  • Magic Makers Top Secret Card Magic with Kris Nevling 11 Spectacular Card Tricks

    • UPC: 787793638114
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    Loads of spectacular secrets are revealed to you in this step-by-step comprehensive course in card magic. Kris Nevling takes you in-depth through each secret so you can easily learn and master these card effects. These are proven effects that even fool magicians! The best part about this course on Top Secret Card Magic is that most of the effects a... [read more]

  • Magic Makers Presents the Ultimate Showoff Collection, 3 Huge Volumes of Magic Tricks Sure to Impress Anyone

    • UPC: 714447084041
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    This collection is stacked with astounding tricks. Perhaps the best thing about these magic tricks is they can be performed using everyday household items. Or even better, things you might carry in your pocket every single day all you need to perform these tricks are coins of any size, rubber bands and regular playing cards, no special decks requir... [read more]

  • Magic Makers Linking Rings Medium 8 Inch Set of 8 Rings with DVD

    • UPC: 714447011214
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    BACK IN STOCK!! Medium 8" Complete Ring Set of 8 Come with 2 Singles, 1 Key Ring, 1 Set of 3 and 1 Set of 2. The classic Chinese Linking Rings are now made to near perfection by Magic Makers in this complete 8 ring set. The seams in rings are almost impossible to find ... These professional grade linking rings are high polished. They shine beau... [read more]

  • The Secret Box - Amazing Magic Trick

    • UPC: 714447006289
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    Try to imagine what's inside this small tin. You give it a shake and you feel there's something inside. Perhaps you may think it is a ring or a coin. But, after you look inside be ready to be fooled! This trick is so deceptive, it will even fool magicians! THIS ITEM CAN BE HANDED OUT FOR INSPECTION!

  • Magic Makers Bicycle Stripper Deck

    Imagine someone selects a card and then loses it into the deck. You, the magician, can then instantly and mysteriously locate that card from the deck. The Bicycle Stripper Deck

    • UPC: 154757732
    • Model: 0668
    • Color: .Other
    • Size: 70698

  • Magic Makers Gold & Silver Coin Magic Illusion

    The ULTIMATE trick for any skill level magician!Show two coins, a gold and silver. Place them in your closed hand. Remove one and place it in your pocket. Open your

    • UPC: 607117405
    • Model: 0611

  • Magic Makers Straight Jacket Escape with Instructional Training Guide

    Made famous by the great Harry Houdini, and seen performed on TV dozens of times...An audience member examines the jacket. Six belts are fastened behind your back. Your arms are

    • UPC: 848665814

  • Magic Makers Magic Tricks You Can Master: SpongeBalls

    Magic Makers presents Magic Tricks You Can Master: Spongeballs Combo by MAGIC MAKERS. This instructional magic training course will help you to amaze your audience with sponge balls with easy

    • UPC: 167196846
    • Model: 2101

  • magic makers the master's coin magic illusion kit - 2 dvds with rare material and bonus card tricks

    have extra change lying around? then you re ready to perform great magic! with this 2 dvd set, you ll be ready for anything. every find yourself playing with coins

    • UPC: 819528989
    • Color: White

  • Magic Makers Black Scorpion Deck. Best Price

    • UPC / SKU: 192971264074
    • Category: Other Outdoor Toys, Structures
    • Price: 29 USD

  • Pro Brand Magic Invisible Deck - Poker Sized. Magic Makers. Best Price

    • UPC / SKU: 192980545816
    • Category: Other Outdoor Toys, Structures
    • Price: 25 USD


    • UPC / SKU: 231917025940
    • Category: Other Classic Toys
    • Price: 59 USD

  • Nutribullet Magic Bullet Blender Smoothie Maker Green Veggie 600 Watt Best

    • UPC / SKU: 232721434125
    • Category: Countertop Blenders
    • Price: 79 USD

  • Mystic Chips. Magic Makers. Best Price

    • UPC / SKU: 254298057538
    • Category: Other Preschool & Pretend Play
    • Price: 68 CAD