How to Use a Slide Hammer Nail Puller

Best Nail Puller Slide Hammers on February 2020 - [TOP 10 Picks] at

  • Crescent 56 Home Hand Tools Nail Pullers

    • UPC: 037103462848
    • Brand: Crescent
    • Size: 4 inch
    • Manufacturer: Crescent

    The Crescent 19-inch forged alloy nail Puller is a must-have for professionals and homeowners alike because of its utility and strength. It features a box-joint design with a hardened, tempered jaw and forged alloy construction that is built to last under rough jobsite conditions. Ready to tackle flush nails, the design is available with either a l... [read more]

  • ATP Blind Inner Bearing Puller Slide Hammer Set Hole Remover Extractor Set 5PCS

    • UPC: 687926000088
    • Brand: ATP
    • Manufacturer: ATP

    ATP Blind Inner Bearing Puller Slide Hammer Set Hole Remover Extractor Set 5PCS Bearing Extractor Collets With Internal Capacity From 3/8" (10mm) To 1-1/4" (32mm) One Slide Hammer Assemble & ClampOpen Clamps By Turning Handle Clockwise To Snug Against The Bearing For Pulling Out Evenly Without Damage The Parts Fully Chromed Carbon Steel Open clamps... [read more]

  • Slammer Hammer Large

    • Brand: Slammer Hammer
    • Size: large
    • Manufacturer: Toolco

    I ran across this tool totally by accident and saw the uses for it immediately. A few weeks ago I spent about 22 hours removing around 90 planner knives from an old Powermatic planner. If I would have had this tool I would have been able to remove them in less than one hour! Like so many great ideas it is simple. The manufacturer (here in the USA)... [read more]

  • OEMTOOLS 27033 5-Pound Slide Hammer

    • UPC: 076812270337
    • Brand: OEMTOOLS
    • Size: 5 Lbs Slide Hammer
    • Manufacturer: Great Neck Saw

    The OEM 5 Lb. Slide Hammer Threaded 5/8 Inch x 18 works with OEM attachments as well as other manufacturers' attachments with the same thread. It comes in a sturdy blow-mold storage case with room to store other attachments.

  • BAHCO 38 17 3/4 Inch Nail Puller

    • Brand: Bahco
    • Size: 17 inches
    • Manufacturer: Snap-On Industrial Brand BAHCO

    High leverage design allows greater pulling torque for removing well-imbedded nails. Easy and fast operation for opening wood crates Hardened jaws for durability and long life.

  • Crescent Cooper Tools 56 19" Forged Alloy Grip Nail Puller Hardened Tempered Jaw

    • UPC: 732233467694
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Crescent Cooper
    • Manufacturer: Crescent Cooper

    Cooper Tools 56 19" Forged Alloy Sure Grip Nail Puller w/ Hardened Tempered JawMade from a forged alloy, hardened and tempered jaw, box-joint and 24 inch full extension. Black enamel finish. Conforms to U.S. Fed. Spec. GGG-P-79lb, Type 1, Class-1.104851

  • Heavy Duty Slammer Hammer (slide tool) with Vise Grips

    • UPC: 611856382334
    • Brand: Toolco Inc.
    • Manufacturer: Toolco Inc.

    Toolco's Slammer Hammer can be used for many different projects. It is good for pulling nails, body and dent puller, flywheel puller, cotter pin puller, dowel pin puller, moon key puller, door hinges, snowmobile track sliders, and tent stake remover and MANY more!! This is for the Heavy Duty slammer hammer with vise grips included.

  • Crescent 56 Nail Puller by Crescent

    • UPC: 752913157325
    • Brand: Crescent
    • Manufacturer: Apex Tool Group

    Box-joint, forged alloy, hardened and tempered jaw. Black enamel finish. Conforms to U.S. Fed. Spec. GGG-P-79lb, Type 1, Class-1. 16 penny nail Jaw Capacity. 19" Length.

  • Small slammer hammer with Deluxe Vise Grips

    • UPC: 611856382426
    • Brand: Toolco Inc.
    • Manufacturer: Toolco Inc.

    The slammer hammer is made of all steel construction with a removable aluminium handle for tight spots.

  • PacTool International RS501 Roof Snake, Shingle Nail Puller, Roof Shingle Installer

    • UPC: 787721665861
    • Color: Steel Grey
    • Brand: PacTool
    • Size: 1-(Pack)
    • Manufacturer: PacTool International

  • Air Locker AP700 Nailer/Nail Remover Kit with Extra Driver

    • UPC: 702038331407
    • Brand: Air Locker
    • Manufacturer: Air Locker

    This is a bundle of 2 items. 1ea AP700 and 1ea of DAP700. Includes: - Punch Nailer / Nail Remover - Piston Driver Assembly - Operating Manual - Comes in cardboard box -- Details about AP700: Air Locker AP700 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Professional Punch Nailer / Nail Remover. Ideal for recycling wooden pallet or case. Powerful and well -balanced for easy... [read more]

  • Estwing Pro Claw Nail Puller - 9" Pry Bar with Forged Steel Construction & No-Slip Cushion Grip - PC210G

    • UPC: 034139102762
    • Brand: Estwing
    • Size: 9" (Inches)
    • Manufacturer: Estwing

    Estwing's 9-inch pro-claw nail pullers are made with fine tool steel both nail puller claws are precise and sharp to remove imbedded or headless nails with ease and minimal wood damage, double sided.

  • Dead On Tools EX9CL 10-5/8-Inch Exhumer Nail Puller

    • UPC: 787721425304
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Dead On Tools
    • Size: 10-5/8-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Dead On Tools

    Made of S-5 grade steel invest casted with a built in circular saw wrench and can opener.

  • Duckbill Deck Wrecker

    • UPC: 858255000012
    • Brand: Forrester Manufacturing Co.
    • Manufacturer: Forrester Manufacturing

    It's no secret that demolition can take longer than building the replacement. If you've ever tried to remove old deck boards with a pry bar and hammer you know how tedious that can be, not to mention being rough on your knees and back. Introducing the Duckbill Deck Wrecker... The Duckbill Deck Wrecker straddles a single or double 2x joist with a st... [read more]

  • OEMTOOLS 27104 4-Wheel Drive Spindle Puller Attachment

    • UPC: 076812271044
    • Brand: OEMTOOLS
    • Size: Spindle Puller Attachment
    • Manufacturer: Great Neck Saw

    The OEM 4WD Spindle Puller Attachment is used to pull most front spindles on 4WD vehicles. For use with OEM Slide Hammer #27033

  • Puller Slide Hammer For Otc1174

    Special Slide Hammer Puller

    • UPC: 16487330
    • Model: 1173
    • Color: Multicolor

  • Plumber's Deluxe Faucet Handle Puller with Slide Hammer, Plumbing Tool

    This tool is used for easy removal of faucet handles and compression sleeves. Deluxe impact style model removes even the most stubborn handles.Two large jaws with extra wide opening fits

    • UPC: 704908103

  • Puller Slide Hammer 2-1/2Lb With Threaded End

    2-1/2 lb Slide Hammer Puller with Threaded

    • UPC: 16487347
    • Model: OT1156
    • Color: Multicolor

  • 5 pc 3 lb Dent Puller Set Slide Hammer

    5 Pc 3lb Dent Puller Auto Body Repair Set 1-Nose Cone solid Steel SlideHandle w/ Shaft cushion Grip 1-""l"" Puller 1-Metal Puller Screw 1-PlateEdge

    • UPC: 887054748

  • Air Pneumatic Dent Puller Car Auto Body Repair Suction Cup Slide Hammer Tool Kit

    Package Included:1 x Air Pneumatic Dent Puller Description:* A super-strong vacuum create by pneumatic control.* Easy to pull most dents out of panels without damaging paint.* Air compressor is required,no

    • UPC: 765959010