Nerf Buyers Guide - 2018 BEST Nerf Gun Age 3

Best Nerf Gifts For An 8 Year Old Boys on November 2019 - [TOP 10 Picks] at

  • Marky Sparky Faux Bow 3 - Shoots Over 100 Feet - Foam Bow & Arrow Archery Set

    • UPC: 660615610065
    • Color: blue
    • Brand: Marky Sparky
    • Size: Full pack with ultra-light arrows
    • Manufacturer: Marky Sparky

    This is the best Faux Bow yet. I wanted to invent a bow that has the look and feel of real archery. I wanted it to be solid and well made. I invented the original Nerf Bow many years ago. After it was taken off the market, many foam shooting toys followed. All were very high tech and shot multiple projectiles at different speeds and distances. They... [read more]

  • Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets, 4 Rockets and Rocket Launcher - Outdoor Rocket Toy Gift for Boys and Girls Ages 6 Years and Up - Great for Outdoor Play with Friends in The Backyard and Parks

    • UPC: 793625049188
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Stomp Rocket
    • Size: Basic
    • Manufacturer: D+L Company

    With Dueling Stomp Rocket, you can challenge your friends and family: The special Dueling Base lets two kids launch rockets at the same time, so you can see whose goes higher. Dueling Stomp Rocket is 100% KID powered! Run, jump and STOMP to launch these rockets up to 20 stories high -- that’s 200 feet in the air! Dueling Stomp Rocket is strong an... [read more]

  • Marky Sparky Faux Bow Pro - Shoots Over 200 Feet - Bow and Patented Arrow Archery Set

    • UPC: 660615610072
    • Brand: Marky Sparky
    • Manufacturer: Marky Sparky

    Marky Sparky's Masterpiece is finally Finished! Faux Bow Pro is here! Faux Bow Pro Is Archery Re-invented! Faux Bow Pro has patented, totally unique, "Impact Arrows" that are unlike anything ever shot from a bow! The arrows are ultra lightweight and incredibly durable. Faux Bow Pro sports fiberglass bow limbs and a connected "3 Arrow Clip" quiver. ... [read more]

  • Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack - Fun Multiplayer Laser Tag Game for Kids & Adults, Ages 8 & Up (Amazon Exclusive)

    • UPC: 630509259113
    • Brand: NERF
    • Size: 4 x 17.5 x 13 inches
    • Manufacturer: Hasbro - Import

    Tag or be tagged in this intense, real-life lazer battle game! The complete 2-player system includes 2 Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX blasters that register hits with lights, sounds and vibrations for thrilling minute-to-minute action! The rumble pack lets players know when they've been hit, while the recoil feature engages with every shot fired. Invit... [read more]

  • Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket Party Pack, 30 Rocket Combo - Great Outdoor Rocket Toy Gift for Boys and Girls Ages 6 (7, 8, 9) Years and Up - Comes with Toy Rocket Launcher and Rockets

    • UPC: 795516208551
    • Brand: Stomp Rocket
    • Manufacturer: D+L Company

    With the Stomp Rocket Combo Pack, the whole family can play, and everything is 100% KID powered! Run, jump and STOMP to launch these Stomp Rockets up to 200 feet in the air! Plus, have a blast with hand-powered Squeeze Rockets that can fly up to 30 feet! The Ultra Stomp Rocket Combo Pack is perfect for parties, a day at the park or just plain old b... [read more]

  • Stomp Rocket Extreme Rocket 6 Rockets - Outdoor Rocket Toy Gift for Boys and Girls- Comes with Toy Rocket Launcher - Ages 9 Years Up

    • UPC: 885554461930
    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Stomp Rocket
    • Size: Basic pack
    • Manufacturer: D+L Company

    Stomp Rocket Extreme Rockets gives you the ultimate in Stomp Rocket performance! It’s 100% KID powered: Run, jump and STOMP to launch these rockets up to 400 feet in the air -- that’s longer than a football field, including the end zones! Stomp Rocket Extreme is strong and durable, and great for active, outdoor play. Stomp Rockets have won lots... [read more]

  • Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest - Infrared Laser Tag Set 4 Guns 4 Vests - Laser Tag Gun Toys for Indoor Outdoor - Laser Tag Game Set Best Gift Boys Girls - Original

    • UPC: 638346186975
    • Brand: Play22
    • Manufacturer: Play22

    laser tag guns for kids Blaster Set! - Great group activity laser tag guns 4 pack is designed with a solid grip in your hand, They are made with non-toxic ABS plastic to ensure complete safety. - Great Gift for Birthday and Holidays for Boys & Girls - Original By Play22USA

  • Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag : Game Mega Pack - Set of 4 Players - Infrared Laser Gun Indoor and Outdoor Group Activity Fun. Infrared 0.9mW

    • UPC: 856097005660
    • Brand: Kidzlane
    • Manufacturer: Kidzlane


  • UWANTME Kids Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf Guns N-Strike Elite Series with Refill Darts, Dart Pouch, Reload Clips, Tactical Mask, Wrist Band and Protective Glasses for Boys

    • Brand: UWANTME
    • Manufacturer: UWANTME

    Serious Nerf warriors can't afford to run out of ammo. With this tactical vest kit, the equipment is always at hand and let you ready for any battle situation more easily! Velcro design makes the vest adjustable for kids of different ages! Works with all Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters and most original N-Strike blasters! Surprise gift to children fo... [read more]

  • TEPSMIGO Kids Tactical Jacket Vest Kit for Nerf Guns N-Strike Elite Series, with 20 Pcs Refill Darts, 1 Face Tube Masks, 1 Hand Wrist Bands, Great Gift for Boy 5+

    • UPC: 711347456688
    • Color: Standard 1 Pack
    • Brand: TEPSMIGO
    • Manufacturer: TEPSMIGO

    Fit all the ammo and fire power in your Tactical Vest and your blaster in your hand, you'll be ready for any battle situation more easily! This Tactical Vest Kit is perfect gift for kids, especially best birthday gift for boys, can keep them cool while running all around shooting people with his guns! this nerf vest jacket kit is adjustable for ki... [read more]

  • Strongarm Nerf N-Strike Elite Toy Blaster with Rotating Barrel, Slam Fire, and 6 Official Nerf Elite Darts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (Amazon Exclusive)

    • UPC: 630509260232
    • Color: White
    • Brand: NERF
    • Size: Value not found
    • Manufacturer: Hasbro - Import

    Fire 6 darts in a row from the quick-draw, fast-firing Nerf Strongam blaster! When speed and mobility are essential, bring this N-Strike Elite toy blaster into Nerf battles. Take aim at targets with this blaster that shoots darts up to 90 feet (27 meters) away. The barrel flips open to the side of the blaster for easy loading and holds up to 6 Nerf... [read more]

  • Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun and Safe Pogo Stick, Durable Foam and Bungee Jumper for Ages 3 and up Toddler Toys, Supports up to 250lbs (Blue)

    • UPC: 783318426082
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Flybar
    • Manufacturer: Flybar Inc

    The My First Flybar foam pogo stick is a fantastic way to introduce your children to the joy of jumping toys for kids. Designed specifically for little ones, this toddler pogo stick is a great place to start with the joys of pogo. Get ready to boing boing your kids to a healthier future with our Flybar pogo stick made of heavy duty foam. We love ke... [read more]

  • UWANTME Electric Scoring Auto Reset Shooting Digital Target for Nerf Guns Blaster

    • Color: Basic Pack
    • Brand: UWANTME
    • Manufacturer: UWANTME

    Digital target is a good addition to kids' growing armory. The scoring target has three targets, which will fall down when hitting the target, and all three targets fall down to get one point. Built-in powerful electric gear design, the target will automatically bounce after 3s. The two-digit LCD screen can be up to 30 points, then the target will... [read more]

  • TEPSMIGO 2 Pack Tactical Jacket Vest Kit Compatible with Nerf Guns N-Strike Elite Series, Suits for Kids Boys Girls Over 5 Years

    • UPC: 711347456695
    • Color: 2 Pack, 8+ Years
    • Brand: TEPSMIGO
    • Manufacturer: TEPSMIGO

    Fit all the ammo and fire power in your Tactical Vest and your blaster in your hand, you'll be ready for any battle situation more easily! TEPSMIGO Tactical Vest for kid let you carry along lots of extra firepower. Setting all accessories up is a cinch. The easily adjustable design allows it to fit most sizes for kids, teenagers and even grown-ups.... [read more]

  • NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy, Multicolor

    • UPC: 885421911216
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: NERF
    • Size: No Size
    • Manufacturer: Hasbro

    The Nerf Triad EX-3 blaster delivers 3-barrel blasting! Load 1 dart into each of the blaster’s 3 barrels, pull down the handle to prime the blaster, then pull the trigger to fire 1 dart. Battlers can prime and fire 3 darts in a row with confidence. The compact size makes it easy to carry, so battlers can surprise the competition with a 3-dart bla... [read more]

  • Nerf N-Strike Modulus Mediator Pump-Action Blaster, Ages 8 and up

    Kids can build the Mediator XL blaster with the Nerf Modulus Mediator Series. The series includes a blaster core, barrel, and stock (each sold separately). The Mediator core blaster fires

    • UPC: 414355624
    • Model: E0016
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: n/a

  • Nerf N-strike Elite Infinus with Speed-Load Technology, 30-Dart Drum, and 30 Nerf Elite Darts

    Blast into action with on-the-go dart loading for non-stop battling! The Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus blaster features motorized Speed-Load Technology that automatically loads darts in the drum. The drum stays

    • UPC: 606554546
    • Model: E0438
    • Color: MulticolorMulti
    • Size: n/a

  • Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Shadow ICS-6, Ages 8 and up

    Stay in stealth mode or light the way Keep the blaster clear for stealth action Illuminate the blaster for low-light missions Includes a light-up barrel extension Comes with 6 Modulus

    • UPC: 510822739
    • Model: E2655
    • Color: Multicolor

  • Nerf Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster with 8 Nerf Zombie Strike Darts

    Defend the world from the zombie hordes with NERF Zombie Strike blasters! Slice a path to shelter with the NERF Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster. This dart-firing blaster also has a

    • UPC: 724851244
    • Model: B3569
    • Color: Multicolor

  • Nerf Zombie Strike Survival System Nailbiter Blaster

    The Nailbiter blaster features fast firing with no priming The blaster has an 8-dart indexing clip Includes 8 Zombie Strike darts Part of the Zombie Strike Survival System Nerf and

    • UPC: 134930123
    • Model: E2672
    • Color: Multicolor