How to Select a Fertilizer - Organic vs. Synthetic

Best Non Organic Fertilizers on October 2019 - [TOP 10 Picks] at

  • Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, 2lb with Powder Duster Included in The Bag

    • UPC: 072725004076
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Harris
    • Size: 2lb
    • Manufacturer: Harris

    It is a naturally occurring mineral that has several industrial & Domestic uses. Natural product - safe for human or animal consumption. This product is manufactured in United States.

  • Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK - Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer - Spring & Summer Concentrated Spray - Any Grass Type - Simple Lawn Solutions (32 Ounce)

    • UPC: 705672000661
    • Brand: Simple Lawn Solutions
    • Size: 32 ounce
    • Manufacturer: UAS of America

    Simple Lawn Solutions: 16-4-8 is an all in one balanced Lawn Food Liquid Fertilizer. Made from high quality, natural ingredients resulting in a very pure and clean NPK liquid nutrients. 16-4-8 is designed to give your turf green & growth while providing just enough energy for root support, health and strength. If you want a balanced Lawn Food to ma... [read more]

  • DiatomaceousEarth DE10 FGDE10 Food Grade diatomaceous Earth, 10 Lb

    • UPC: 642014795345
    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: DiatomaceousEarth
    • Size: 10 Lb
    • Manufacturer: DiatomaceousEarth

    Diatomaceous earth (DE) is essential for anyone looking for natural remedies in their home, yard, garden or homestead. This amazing product is made of tiny, fossilized diatoms (plankton) that accumulated over millennia in fresh water lakes. When mined and left untreated, this fine powder can be used in hundreds of different ways. At 10 pounds, it's... [read more]

  • Milorganite 32 lb. Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer

    • UPC: 046539620364
    • Brand: Milorganite
    • Manufacturer: Milorganite

    Milorganite 32 lb. Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer is good for promoting healthy growth of lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers. The non-burning slow-release nitrogen feeds up to 10 weeks and the iron delivers a long-lasting green. The slow-release formula helps reduce mowing, conserve water, and is non-leaching. Trust the fertilizer that has been pro... [read more]

  • EarthPods Premium Indoor Plant Food - Easy Organic Fertilizer Spikes - 100 Capsules - All Purpose (Great for Indoor Houseplants + Outdoor Potted Flower Gardens, No Urea, Ecofriendly)

    • UPC: 853619008079
    • Color: All Purpose Formula {Green Label}
    • Brand: Earthworm Technologies
    • Size: 100 EarthPods
    • Manufacturer: Earthworm Technologies

    EarthPods organic fertilizer capsules can be used successfully on all your plants, flowers, vegetables, herbs & fruits whether they be indoor / outdoor or in containers / raised garden beds (for optimal comprehensive results, we suggest feeding with EarthPods every 2 weeks and watering with our TeaDrops liquid plant food packets weekly as a regular... [read more]

  • Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer | Natural and Organic Weed & Grass Killer | Pet Safe | 1 Gallon

    • UPC: 859501007540
    • Brand: Green Gobbler
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Green Gobbler

    Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer by Green Gobbler is a Natural Weed Killer and the best and the easiest way to eliminate weeds fast. This Organic Weed Killer is approved for Organic Use. While Other Weed Killers use dangerous chemicals, Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed Killer is derived from corn. So, it is safer to use around kids and pets. This Natural Weed... [read more]

  • Tomato-tone Organic Fertilizer - FOR ALL YOUR TOMATOES, 4 lb. bag

    • UPC: 050197009041
    • Color: -
    • Brand: Espoma
    • Size: 4 pounds
    • Manufacturer: Espoma

    Espoma 4-pound tomato-tone 3-4-6 plant food

  • Espoma IT5 Iron Tone Bag, 5-Pound

    • UPC: 050197054058
    • Color: Brown/A
    • Brand: Espoma
    • Size: 5 lb
    • Manufacturer: Espoma

    For a naturally green garden. Fast acting, non staining turns yellow leaves deep green. For Lawn, Veggies, tree & shrubs.

  • Dr. Earth INC 756P Exotic Exoitc Blend Palm, Tropical & Hibiscus Fertilizer 4lb

    • UPC: 749688314138
    • Brand: Dr. Earth
    • Size: 4lb
    • Manufacturer: TV Non-Branded Items

    DR EARTH 756P Tropical Fertilizer 4 Pound includes micronutrients and multi-minerals plants need to thrive. Contains no GMOs, chicken manure or sewage sludge. Organic, natural and safe. For use with tropical and sub-tropical plants.

  • Espoma PT18 Plant Tone, 18-Pound

    • UPC: 050197002189
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Espoma
    • Size: 18 lb
    • Manufacturer: TV Non-Branded Items

    Espoma PT18 Plant Tone, 18-Pound

  • Espoma (CT20) Citrus Tone, 18-Pound

    • UPC: 050197050180
    • Color: Brown/A
    • Brand: Espoma
    • Size: 18 Lb.
    • Manufacturer: TV Non-Branded Items

    An all natural and organic plant food enhanced with thousands of living microbes and is approved for organic gardening. It is perfect for all citrus, fruit, and nut trees and provides a safe, continuous, and complete balanced feeding. It helps in the development of the entire tree.

  • Organic Liquid Seaweed and Kelp Fertilizer Supplement by Bloom CIty, Quart (32 oz) Concentrated Makes 180 Gallons

    • UPC: 841401125066
    • Brand: Bloom City
    • Size: Quart (32 oz)
    • Manufacturer: Bloom City

    Bloom City's CleanKelp formulation contains seven species of wild harvested sea plants that are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and naturally occurring plant growth hormones. CleanKelp improves root and stem growth, and relieves heat and drought stress to ensure plants grow vigorously. Add CleanKelp to your everyday watering routine or use it for r... [read more]

  • Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, 5lb with Powder Duster Included in The Bag

    • Brand: Harris
    • Size: 5lb w/ Duster
    • Manufacturer: Harris

    Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 5lb powder is listed with the Organic Research Minerals Institute and is composed of ground freshwater diatomaceous earth. The bag includes a complementary powder duster for easy application. The powder is NOT approved by the EPA as an insect killer for roaches, bed bugs, ants, fleas, silverfish, scorpions or an... [read more]

  • Russian Comfrey Bocking-14 Cultivar, 12 Cuttings for Growing Your Own Medicinal Salve, Compost Tea & Animal Fodder

    • UPC: 688960262647
    • Brand: Verdant Treasures
    • Manufacturer: Verdant Treasures

    Choose Verdant Treasures comfrey for beyond organic growing methods, secure packaging and guaranteed results. No other comfrey vendor offers this kind of assurance of your growing success. Each order will contain at least 12 comfrey cuttings, similar to those pictured above. Tolerates harsh condition if not allowed to dry out One of the best dy... [read more]

  • Simple Lawn Solutions Extreme Grass Growth Lawn Booster- Natural Liquid Spray Concentrated Fertilizer with Fulvic & Humic Acid- Any Grass Type (32 oz. w/Sprayer)

    • UPC: 705672000500
    • Brand: Simple Lawn Solutions
    • Size: 32 oz. w/ sprayer
    • Manufacturer: UAS of America

  • Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen All Purpose Long Lasting 6-4-0 Fertilizer, 32 lbs

    Grow a lush, beautiful garden with Pennington Milorganite. This product is ideal in drought areas and will not leach into ground

    • UPC: 16794889
    • Model: 100048741
    • Color: Multicolor

  • SOIL POWER Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer. Plant Food. 5 Lb. Bag Concentrated Strength (Makes 20 Lbs.) Non-GMO. AVA Approved & Recommended. Sustainable. Bee & Butterfly Friendly.

    Gardening experts agree that SOIL POWER Certified Organic Earthworm Castings work best. Organic Fertilizer, Organic Plant Food, Non-GMO, American Vegetarian Association Approved & Recommended and Sustainable. Bigger Vegetables, More Colorful

    • UPC: 522843590
    • Model: SPBG5

  • Purely Organic Products LLC. Lawn Food 5,000 sq ft 10-0-2

    Purely Organic Products Lawn Food is a new all-natural fertilizer. It covers 5,000 square feet and can be used all year long. Lawn Food contains no dangerous chemicals or harmful

    • UPC: 111367413
    • Model: LFJRDK1

  • Jobeâs Organics 10oz. Water-Soluble Vegetable and Tomato Fertilizer

    Jobe's Organics Water-Soluble Vegetable and Tomato Fertilizer is an organic, environmentally friendly, water-soluble solution for healthy, beautiful vegetables and tomatoes. Jobe's synergistic blend of Biozome plus organic plant nutrients and

    • UPC: 46855923
    • Model: 08204W
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 10 oz10 fl oz

  • Scotts Green Max Lawn Fertilizer

    The Scotts Green Max Lawn Fertilizer is ideal for use on your established lawns and has a time-release formula designed to provide up to eight weeks of feeding for your

    • UPC: 46944669
    • Model: 44615A2
    • Color: MulticolorMulti
    • Size: 33.7533.75 lbs