My Top 15 Best Car Sealants Tested & Reviewed Part 1

Best Pro Auto Paint Sealants on December 2019 - [TOP 10 Picks] at

  • Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating Kit 50 ml-9H Paint Sealant, Automotive Polish For Color Protection Against Scratches, Stains, Chipping And UV Light, Vehicle Care Deep Gloss Shine Finish, Easy To Use

    • Brand: Color N Drive
    • Size: 9H Car Ceramic Coating / Basic Kit
    • Manufacturer: Color N Drive

    Keep Your Car Looking Flawless With Color N Drive Don't you just hate it when you wash, wax and polish your car only for it to get stained and scratched shortly after? Are you looking for a way to keep your car paint looking glossy and flawless? Do you need a car paint sealant of the finest quality that is easy to use? Then look no further because ... [read more]

  • High Gloss 9H 3D Diamond Hardness nano super ceramic automotive coating car kit,Hocossy Anti-Scratch Super Hydrophobic Liquid Pro Premium Ceramic Car Coating Paint Sealant Protection-30ml

    • Brand: Hocossy
    • Size: 1 piece
    • Manufacturer: mercuryworld

    Hocossy 9H High Gloss Ceramic Coating keeps your car looking new with its unique qualities and protects paint from scratches, chips, dust, acid rain, paint transfer, rust, fading, and water streaks. 9h Diamond Hardness Ceramic Coating is also Super Hydrophobic Car Liquid Paint Sealant Protection Specifications:  Hardness: 9H hardness  Thickness: ... [read more]

  • Wolfgang Concours Series WG-5500 Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0, 16 fl. oz.

    • UPC: 800103462220
    • Size: 16 fl. oz.
    • Manufacturer: Wolfgang Concourse Series

    Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 will alter your perceptions of paint sealants forever. The glossy, liquid-like shimmer enhances all types and colors of paint. No other synthetic wax or paint sealant gives your vehicle the gloss, the depth, and the protection of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. Now with fortified polymer technology, Wolf... [read more]

  • Chemical Guys WAC_118_16 JetSeal Paint Sealant & Paint Protectant with UV Protection & Hydrophobic Properties (16 oz)

    • UPC: 816276010151
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 16 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    Jet Seal is engineered for ultimate versatility. The easy-to-use formula can be applied by hand or machine to any vehicle. The innovative paint protection sealant enhances paintwork to achieve a high gloss shine. It’s amazing! Simply apply Jet Seal to provide up to 12 months of protection against UV solar rays, discoloration, contamination, and w... [read more]

  • CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant - Most Advanced Top Coat Polish and Sealer on the Market - Infused with Liquid Carnauba for a Deep Hydrophobic Shine on All Types of Surfaces - 18 Ounce Kit

    • UPC: 762952133495
    • Brand: CarGuys
    • Size: 18 Ounces w/ Towel
    • Manufacturer: CarGuys

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Car Guys Hybrid Wax 18 oz - Complete Detailing Kit includes 1 Microfiber TowelQUESTION: Is this a Carnauba Car Wax, Polish, or Sealant?ANSWER: This product is a full synthetic polymer sealant to replace all the products above. Created with new science and technology to give the deep buttery and beautiful shine of a carn... [read more]

  • CarPro Reload Spray Sealant 500 milliter with Sprayer

    • UPC: 791154029602
    • Brand: CarPro
    • Size: 500ml.
    • Manufacturer: CarPro

    Reload Spray Sealant can be used on a wet or dry vehicle. If you use it on a dry vehicle, make sure the paint is clean and cool. On a wet vehicle, Reload Spray Sealant removes water spots and lays down a clear layer of protection - all in one step. Directions: Test Reload in an inconspicuous area before applying to the whole car. In case of uneven ... [read more]

  • Dicor 501LSW-1 Epdm Self-Leveling Lap Sealant-10.3 Oz. Tube, White, 10.3 Fluid_Ounces

    • UPC: 765053273039
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Dicor
    • Size: 10.3 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Dicor

    The third part of Dicor’s three-part roofing system, EPDM Lap Sealant creates a secure, secondary seal along the roof’s edges, air vents, vent pipes and screw heads. Compatible with EPDM and TPO sheeting, it adheres firmly to aluminum, mortar, wood, vinyl, galvanized metal, fiberglass and concrete. Ideally suited for aftermarket use, the lap se... [read more]

  • CarGuys Plastic Restorer - The Ultimate Solution for Bringing Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic Back to Life! - 8 oz Kit

    • UPC: 762952133587
    • Brand: CarGuys
    • Manufacturer: CarGuys

    - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Car Guys Plastic Restorer -QUESTION: Is this only for interior and exterior automotive surfaces?ANSWER: No! This can be used for a variety of applications such as a cars bumper, a jeep or chevy avalanche truck that has tons of plastic, plus your RV or motorcycle! Also has marine applications for things such as the ... [read more]

  • PRODUXA Premium Super Gloss & Ultra Hydrophobic Shine Spray: Revolutionary Paint Polish & Sealer | Multi-Surface Top Coat for Car, Bike & Boat | Applies in Minutes, Long Lasting & Streak-Free | 16oz

    • UPC: 711841604813
    • Brand: PRODUXA
    • Size: 16 Ounces
    • Manufacturer: Produxa

    Head-Turning Shine & Reliable Protection For All Your Vehicle Surfaces!Have you had enough with the poor efficiency of the many cheaply-made car or bike polishers available?Are you on the lookout for a pro grade protectant spray to prevent water & UV damage in your boat?You are definitely in the right place!PRODUXA has released the ultimate Polishe... [read more]

  • Chemical Guys MIC_507_06 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel, Gold (16 in. x 24 in.) (Pack of 6)

    • UPC: 608819519647
    • Color: Gold
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 16 in x 24 in
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    The Professional Grade Premium Silk Banded Microfiber Towel is a microfiber towel that is ideal for every job from wax and sealant removal to polishing jobs. This towel is silk banded for long lasting, safe and scratch free results. This towel is extra plush, absorbent, exceptionally soft, lint free and scratch free. The towel is constructed with a... [read more]

  • Mercu 9H ceramic automotive coating car kit, Anti Scratch Car Liquid Nano Ceramic Coating Paint Sealant Protection Super Hydrophobic Glass Coating Polish-30ML(1piece

    • Brand: Mercu
    • Size: 1 piece
    • Manufacturer: mercuryworld

    MR FIX 9H is a Nano-Ceramic Protective Paint Coating, Scratch Resistance, Chemical Resistance, UV Resistance, Thermal Resistance and Anti-Graffiti With both the Super Hydrophobic and Anti-Graffiti effect combined, your vehicle's surface will stay

  • Optimum Gloss Coat | Additional Layer of Auto Clear Coat! | Chemical & Swirl Resistant (20 CC)

    • Brand: Optimum Polymer Technologies

  • Mothers 01024 CMX Ceramic Spray Coating

    • UPC: 078175010247
    • Brand: Mothers
    • Manufacturer: Mothers

    Introducing Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating, an affordable, user-friendly, professional grade, ultra-durable, super-hydrophobic protection formula. Just spray on and wipe off, with this game-changing SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) and TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) blend. This powerhouse combo provides ultra long-term protection from the elements and relentless... [read more]

  • Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit 144 Ounces. Aircraft Quality for Your Car, RV, Boat, Motorcycle. The Best Wash Wax. Anywhere, Anytime, Home, Office, School, Garage, Parking Lots.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Aero Cosmetics
    • Size: 144 oz.
    • Manufacturer: Aero Cosmetics

    PLEASE NOTE: Wash Wax ALL is a cleaner protector. It IS formulated to clean and protect the finish. Wax is not for restoring shine to a dull finish. Wax is to protect and enhance the shine that you have. To restore shine you need to use a polish. Polish has a very fine abrasive (wax has no abrasives) in it that removes fine scratches and oxidized p... [read more]

  • 303 (30306) Aerospace Protectant, UV Protectant for Boats and Patio Furniture, 32 fl. Oz(package may vary)

    • UPC: 082043003507
    • Color: Beige
    • Brand: 303 Products
    • Size: 32 Fl. oz.
    • Manufacturer: 303

    No other product provides this much protection for your boat and water gear. Use Aerospace Protectant to keep your boat’s seats, sails, hull and windows colorful and clean. Marine Aerospace Protectant is a premium protectant designed to safeguard boats and boat equipment against the damaging effects of daily exposure to UV rays. It’s safe for u... [read more]

  • 9H Ceramic Automotive Coating car kit, Anti Scratch Car Liquid Nano Ceramic Coating Paint Sealant Protection Super Hydrophobic Glass Coating Polish-30ML

    Specification: Type: Car liquid ceramic coat Material: Polysiloxane and other Nanomaterials etc Hardness: 9H hardness Durability: 3-5 years Coating Thickness: 30um Gloss: Excellent high gloss effect, shiny as a mirror Anti-corrosion: PH tolerance: PH2-12 Heat Resistance: Up to

    • UPC: 322558803

  • Ultima Paint Guard Plus Protectant, Sealant Kit 12 oz. Bottle and Applicator For Auto Truck Car RV

    An application of Ultima Paint Guard Plus leaves nearly all of the leaves paint protected for nearly an entire season.Some of the Ultima products appear expensive. But take a closer

    • UPC: 957596058

  • Ultima Paint Protection 12 oz Non Stick Sealant For Auto Truck & RV

    Ultima long lasting paint sealant is formulated using Poly charger Polymers to create a long lasting protective barrier on painted, glass, wheels and Chrome surfaces. Creates a silky smooth slick

    • UPC: 817433871

  • Jescar Power Lock Plus Polymer Paint Sealant Quart 32oz & Two DD Microfiber Towels

    Jescar compounds and polishes to make automotive paint flawless, choose Jescar Power Lock Plus Polymer Sealant to lock in the results.Make Jescar Power Lock Plus a staple in your arsenal

    • UPC: 100687137

  • Audi TT Coupe 1X Aviator Gray Pearl Pro Touch Up Paint 1oz for Car Auto Truck

    Perfect for small touch ups, rock chips, scratches or even larger areas. The paint is easy to apply and fast drying. Also ideal for use in an airbrush. Specially formulated,

    • UPC: 943982384
    • Model: IE-1X-Audi-TT-Coupe-A-1-SJE5
    • Color: GrayAudi TT Coupe 1X Aviator Gray Pearl
    • Size: 1 oz

  • PRO Poly-Gard Paint Sealant better than CAR WAX 16oz. Don't pay $600 ! USA!

    • UPC / SKU: 112594305134
    • Category: Waxes & Polishes
    • Price: 19 USD