✅Composter: Best Composters (Buying Guide)

Best Pyramid Composters on April 2020 - [TOP 10 Picks] at Bestigma.com.com

  • Doggie Dooley "The Original In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System, Black with Green Lid

    • UPC: 095467138007
    • ASIN: B00WMMMIX6
    • Brand: Doggie Dooley
    • Manufacturer: Doggie Dooley

    The newest doggie Dooley pet waste disposal system works like a miniature septic tank, utilizing natural bacteria and enzyme cultures to reduce dog waste to a ground absorbing liquid. Simply shovel stools into the system; occasionally add water and the digester . Neat, clean, convenient way to dispose of pet waste. The model 3800x doggie Dooley features a plastic tank with extension panels and has a foot operated lid opener. The digester is a non-toxic, harmless mixture designed especially for pet waste. The systems are harmless to pets, lawns, and shrubs. The doggie Dooley is an excellent way... [Read More]

  • FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter, 37 gallon, Black

    • UPC: 018717049045
    • ASIN: B009378AG2
    • Brand: FCMP Outdoor
    • Size: 37 gallon
    • Manufacturer: Forest City Models and Patterns Inc

    Yimby Tumbler Composter, Color Black

  • Redmon Green Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin

    • UPC: 741435462932
    • ASIN: B003HOR8BK
    • Brand: Redmon
    • Size: Compost Bin Only
    • Manufacturer: Redmon

    Additional Features 4 doors for easy access all around Composting guide included Instruction and assembly guide included Simply and easy assembly Weighs 15 lbs. Made in New Zealand     The Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin makes it easy and convenient to convert your food and lawn waste into nutrient-rich compost. This bin holds up to 65 gallons and is constructed of rugged plastic resin. Leave it out year round and it won't deteriorate. It has a convenient lift-off lid that makes it easy to add more substances. There are four doors, one on each side, for additional convenient acces... [Read More]

  • Envirocycle The Cutest Composter in The World, Made in The USA, Food Safe, BPA and Rust Free, No Assembly Required, Mini Composting Tumbler Bin and Compost Tea Maker

    • UPC: 628027000126
    • ASIN: B0121B5474
    • Brand: Envirocycle
    • Size: 17 US Gallons
    • Manufacturer: Envirocycle

    The Cutest Composter in the World is a mini innovative, all-in-one, outdoor composting system that combines a compost tumbler drum with a compost tea maker base, made in the USA from food safe, BPA and rust free, UV and antioxidant protected materials. Let's bring jobs back to America. It comes ready to use, with no assembly required, saving you previous time, money and headaches. The drum rotates on top of the base to create solid compost, and if you choose, the base allows you to collect the excess liquid from the drum as compost tea, a precious liquid fertilizer. We designed the Envirocycle... [Read More]

  • Doggie Dooley 36 Waste Tablets, White

    • UPC: 685239313635
    • ASIN: B00CJBH5K6
    • Brand: Doggie Dooley
    • Manufacturer: Doggie Dooley

    36 Tablets of the Waste Terminator packaged in a convenient bottle with a child-proof cap. Our premium Digester formula exclusively for use in the Doggie Dooley. Contains billions of helpful bacteria per tablet to break down dog waste in the Doggie Dooley. Works well with larger breeds or for homes with multiple dogs. Harmless to plants, lawn and the environment. Use one tablet per week per dog in the Doggie Dooley system with water as recommended in the directions.

  • Composting Tumbler - Dual Rotating Outdoor Garden Compost Bin, Easy Turn/Enough Height/Heavy Duty Capacity Composter(43 Gallon, Black)

    • UPC: 712885499441
    • ASIN: B077972KCR
    • Brand: EJWOX
    • Size: 43 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: EJWOX

    EJWOX Tumbler Composter with this easy to use tumbler, converts your kitchen and garden waste into nutritious compost with no composting downtime. Unique 2 chamber design allows you to fill one side while the other is curing. Built-in sliding doors for easier access. Rodent-proof design. Knock-down packaged. Product Details and Features Brand Name: EJWOX Style No.: 3001 Colors: Black Product size: 28.5x26x37 inches weight:24 lbs material: 50% recycled plastic and 50% fresh material; steel frame Instructions Start with the piece that the doors slide into. Line up the triangle on the doors w... [Read More]

  • Exaco 628001 Eco-Master Polypropylene Composter, 120-Gallon, Black

    • ASIN: B009NRX4HC
    • Brand: Exaco Trading Company
    • Size: 120-Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Exaco Trading Co. - Warehouse

    Exaco trading 628001 eco-master composter turns kitchen waste into rich compost. Constructed from 100-percent recycled UV-resistant polypropylene. Great one piece feed opening. Lid with wind protection. Easy and convenient assembly without tools. Convenient withdrawal of compost thanks to a big flap with handle. Ideal ventilation. Requires little space. 27.6-Inch Long by 27.6-inch Wide by 40.2 Inch high. 120 gallon capacity. Black.

  • Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler - Outdoor Bin with Easy-Turn System, 2 Sliding Doors, Sturdy Steel Frame - All Season Composter, BPA-Free + Free Scotts Gardening Gloves (2 X 18.5gal/70L)

    • UPC: 899069000706
    • ASIN: B0785HCXB5
    • Brand: Miracle-Gro
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: DF OMER

    Never be without!Don't let small spaces keep you from always having fresh compost on hand! Typical composters are clunky and cumbersome, but Miracle-Gro's Small Dual Chamber Composter is just the right size for tight spaces. Generate a constant source of compost from just about anywhere!Cure compost in 1 chamber while you add scraps to the other for a steady supply of ready-to-use compost. Simply load your kitchen and yard waste into 1 side, close the sliding door, and use the built-in handle to give it a few turns every few days. The internal mixing bars create an efficient aeration system to... [Read More]

  • Knick Knack Gifts got Compost? - 20oz Sturdy Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Silver

    • ASIN: B01J8V89T0
    • Brand: Knick Knack Gifts
    • Manufacturer: Knick Knack Gifts

    Need a gift for your boss, spouse, friend, neighbor, or mailman? This stainless steel water bottle makes a great choice for a gift! It features a classic styling made from a newly designed mold for maximum durability.

  • got compost? - Ceramic White Outer & Black Inner 1.5oz Shot Glass

    • ASIN: B07H55CN1D
    • Brand: Knick Knack Gifts
    • Manufacturer: Knick Knack Gifts

    Need a gift for your boss, spouse, friend, neighbor, mailman, or alcoholic in your life? This shot glass makes a great choice for a gift! It features a classic styling made from a newly designed mold for maximum durability.

  • Miracle-Gro Single Chamber Outdoor Garden Compost Bin - Large Volume, Compact Design 27.7gal (105L) Capacity - Heavy Duty, Easy to Assemble Tumbling Composter + Free Scotts Gardening Gloves

    • UPC: 899069000713
    • ASIN: B0785HZYFR
    • Brand: Miracle-Gro
    • Size: 27.7 gal
    • Manufacturer: DF omer

  • Pet Waste Wizard BioBin Pet Waste Disposal Unit, Waste Digester (100% Recycled Material, 10" Width x 18" Height)

    • UPC: 732068452186
    • ASIN: B07GF7SRTP
    • Brand: Biomaster
    • Manufacturer: Solutions Unlimited Australia Pty Ltd

    Pet Waste Wizard BioBin, when used in conjunction with a digester product, is the fast, easy, effective and efficient way to break down dog waste. It will also help control unpleasant, unhealthy odors. Constructed of tough, durable, 100% recycled material, it is suitable for both dog and cat waste (use only biodegradable kitty litter) and is the most environmentally friendly and eco-safe method of dealing with your pet's waste. The Pet Waste Wizard BioBin will even create fertilizer and attract worms to your garden. (Do not use in vegetable gardens, but it is ok to place under fruit trees.) Th... [Read More]

  • Compost Bin by GEOBIN

    • UPC: 741435463083
    • ASIN: B0085O6NXQ
    • Brand: Geobin
    • Manufacturer: Presto Products

    The GEOBIN composter is a great way for households to quickly and easily compost kitchen scraps and yard waste. The least expensive, largest capacity composting bin on the market, the GEOBIN backyard compost system is easy to set up and is ideal for all skill levels, from beginners to master gardeners. Use the finished compost around trees, flowers and garden plants to amend the soil with rich nutrients and beautify your outdoor environment. Buy yours today and enjoy it for years to come!

  • Brabantia Sort & Go Waste Bin, 12L/3.2 Gal. , 12 L, Mint

    • UPC: 764558533242
    • ASIN: B01E6A73AY
    • Brand: Brabantia
    • Size: 12L
    • Manufacturer: Brabantia

    We love our planet as much as you do! With this 12L/3. 2 Gal Sort & Go bin recycling is much easier. The lid stays open when in use and it's available in several colors, so you can create your own recycling system. It's made of high quality plastic and can be wall-mounted thanks to the bracket and instructions included.

  • Valterra V22128 'Pure Power' Waste Digester and Odor Eliminator - 128 oz. Bottle

    • UPC: 019079221285
    • Brand: Valterra
    • Size: 128 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Valterra

    Super concentrated bacteriological formula - use only 2 ounce per treatment in both black and gray tanks. Let the natural efficiency of bacteria and enzymes keep your holding tanks clean and odor free. Put the power of this proprietary microbial formula to work for you and see what a difference it makes. This chemical free solution is accepted at all campgrounds, RV parks, and RV/marine dump stations. Safe to use in all septic systems. Will not harm children or pets; fresh wintergreen fragrance.

  • Yimby IM4000 Dual-Chamber Tumbling Composter

    This bin's efficient dual-chamber design allows for fast finishing. Fill it up, give it a turn every other day, and in as little as two weeks you'll have a nourishing

    • UPC: 20964928
    • Model: IM4000
    • Color: Black

  • Miracle-Gro Single Chamber Tumbling Composter, 105L/27.7 Gal

    Take care of your home and garden waste with the Miracle-Gro Single Chamber Tumbling Composter. It has one 105 L/27.7 gallon chamber for your convenience. This Miracle-Gro tumbling composter is

    • UPC: 49302068
    • Model: C1105MG
    • Color: MulticolorBlack

  • Greenes Cedar Wood Composter Add On Kit

    Turn your regular Greenes Composting Bin into a complete composting system with our Add-On Composting Kit. After the materials in your original composting bin begin to break down, move them

    • UPC: 53952030
    • Model: RCCOMP36ADK
    • Color: Brown

  • Miracle-Gro Single Chamber Tumbling Composter, 70L/18.5 Gal

    The Miracle-Gro Tumbling Composter has one 18.5 gallon (70 liter) chamber for fast composting convenience. Heavy Duty all-season construction means years of great backyard

    • UPC: 49302067
    • Model: C170MG
    • Color: MulticolorBlack

  • 23 Cubic Feet Greenes Fence Cedar Wood Composter Bin

    Create an environmentally friendly, economic composting system with Greenes Composting Bins. These cedar bins allow you to turn household waste into a natural food for your garden and flowerbeds. The

    • UPC: 53951995
    • Model: RCCOMP36
    • Color: Brown