Best Mouse Trap Ever DIY Humane Mousetrap Green Rat Trap for capture and release Rat Eats Moth

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  • Large Humane Rat Traps, Set of 2, Catch and Release Chipmunks Into The Wild, Cruelty Free Live Capture Plank Trap, Smart No Kill House Rodent Cage, Safe Pest Control Alternative from Glue and Poison

    • UPC: 712038955848
    • ASIN: B07NMHNJG7
    • Brand: Kat Sense
    • Size: Large, Set of 2, For Rats
    • Manufacturer: Kat Sense

    WHEN MICE WANT TO PLAY, Kat Sense IS THE WAY! In the war against rodents, Kat Sense has your back Kat Sense doesn't fool around. Kat Sense makes the unpleasant job of successfully controlling rodents, mice, rats, moles, shrews, and other pests in and around your home and yard, easy and effective. Kat Sense is scientifically engineered to make rodent control easy and effective. We know what mice, rats, and pests do and we know what they like. More importantly, we do what it takes to stop them from infesting your home and invading your life. If you want to get rid of rats or chipmunks inside yo... [Read More]

  • CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps, Easy to Set, Kids/Pets Safe, Reusable for Indoor/Outdoor use, for Small Rodent/Voles/Hamsters/Moles Catcher That Works. 2 Pack (Large)

    • UPC: 700287221494
    • ASIN: B07H2J2VTR
    • Brand: CaptSure
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: CaptSure

    2019 Upgraded Version Smart & Humane Mouse Trap 100% HUMANECatch and Release method - No kill, no pain, cruelty free. Endorsed by humane societies and animal rights organizations in the U.S. and worldwide. Ideal for animal lovers.SAFE AROUND KIDS AND PETSNo poison, glue, electricity or chemicals. Very safe to use even with children around. unlike other deadly traps which might harm kids/pets, CaptSure Mouse Traps are extremely safe to use.EASY TO SET AND USESimply place the peanut butter in the compartment and open the spring door. When mice are caught alive and unharmed, all you have to do is... [Read More]

  • Kensizer Small Animal Humane Live Cage Rat Mouse Chipmunk Trap for Indoor and Outdoor

    • UPC: 758232000915
    • ASIN: B07331WZ6G
    • Brand: Kensizer
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: Kensizer

    Important!!!!!! We looked at all bad reviews and found that most of them were because the trap are bit broken by squirrels. so we adopted stronger mesh wire to upgrade it and it's 3 times thicker than old one. however, it will accordingly change the mesh hole size, The old mesh hole is 1/4 inch in size and the upgraded one is 1/2 inch in size. The upgraded trap can better prevent squirrels from biting the cage, but it's not fit for catching baby mice or small animals that smaller than 1/2 inch in size. (As it's in the process of new ones is replacing the old ones, you may still get the origina... [Read More]

  • AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap Catch and Release Rats Mouse Mice Rodents and Similar Sized Pests - Safe and Effective - 10.5" x 5.5" x 4.5" Single Door

    • UPC: 851948007015
    • ASIN: B013FLER72
    • Brand: AB Traps
    • Size: 10.5" x 5.5" x 4.5" Single Door
    • Manufacturer: Atomic Barbie

    When you purchase an AB Traps Humane Trap, you can be certain that you are getting a high quality product that works. We are registered with the USPTO and our products ship to you directly from Amazon's fulfillment centers. Beware of counterfeits and low quality replicas. Only purchase authentic AB Traps Brand Humane Traps!This AB Traps Humane Trap measures 10.5" x 5.5" x 4.5" and is suitable for catching small to medium sized rats, mice, and similar sized pests. For larger pests we recommend one of our larger size traps.Our patented humane animal traps are a safe and effective way to capture ... [Read More]

  • Humane Mouse Trap - Mouse Traps That Work - Best Mouse, Mice and Rat Trap - Plastic Traps Live Catch and Release Rodents, Safe Around Children and Pets (2Packs)

    • UPC: 080101226080
    • ASIN: B07L8JNPF2
    • Brand: AKCHY
    • Manufacturer: AKCHY

    AKCHY Mouse Trap with high quality material.Specifications:·        Material: ABS plastic.·        Size: 6.7 * 2.4 * 2.6 inches.·        Package Include: 2 mouse trap and 1 manual.Easy to wash:Made of high quality and strong ABS plastic which is easy to wash and won't leave bad odor and stains like old fashioned wood mouse trap does.Simple, Safe, Sanitary: No poison; No glue; No touching mice or any dropping so no risk of disease; Safe around children and pet (cats, dogs); Especially suitable for using at home. 100% Money Back Guaranteed:We will replace or refund I... [Read More]

  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Plug in Pest Control, 6 Packs, Best indoor Repellent for Children and Pets Safe, Electronic Pest Control, Mice, Bugs, Ants, Insects and Cockroaches Repellent

    • ASIN: B07T9CTGZX
    • Brand: Bocianelli
    • Manufacturer: Bocianelli

    Why choose us: 1. No any noise for driving pest. 2. Repellering many kinds of pests continuously and Powerfully. 3.Easy to use: Just plug in. 4. 100% Safe and economical: noiseless and no radiation, safe for pregnant woman and baby to use 5. Pack of 6: One package solve all rooms Product Specifications: Material: ABS Weight: 2.54 ounces (6 pack) Size: 9cm*5.6cm*5cm (6 pack) Standard Wall Plug-In Output Power: 6-8W INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This machine should be installed at 30 centimeter away from the floor.And should be vertical to the floor and plug to the power socket.  2. The installing point sho... [Read More]

  • RatzFatz Mouse Trap Humane Live Cage, Catch and Release Mice, Rats, Chipmunks, Hamsters and Other Rodents, Hook Design

    • UPC: 796168706808
    • ASIN: B07ML2HG5R
    • Brand: RatzFatz
    • Size: 12.6x5.1x5.1in
    • Manufacturer: RatzFatz

    If you are looking for a high effective humane mouse trap, our RatzFatz Live Catch is your best choice! The trigger is so sensitive that few mice can escape from it. When the Rodent steps in, the cage door closes and it can not escape after being caught. This high quality trap is animal-friendly and Non-toxic. The trap is easy to set up. There is a detailed instruction manual with pictures included. Tipps: Mice are not afraid of Mouse trap by nature. But after seeing other Mice getting caught, they may start to avoid the trap. The caught mouse would be terrified and scream for help. Other m... [Read More]

  • Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse Trap Kit. Humane & Non-Toxic Rodent Control System That Kills Rodents Repeatedly Without The Use of Poisons

    • UPC: 854412008099
    • ASIN: B07SBGJ37T
    • Brand: Goodnature
    • Manufacturer: Goodnature

    Take your trapping to the next level with the prefered trap of professionals the world over. The Goodnature A24 was developed in New Zealand to see endangered wildlife flourish again. That means getting on top of invasive pests like rats and mice. We also wanted to go about it kindly, without using nasty toxins. This incredible rat & mouse trap is used by conservation projects across North America, and is fast becoming the trap of choice for farmers, ranchers, as well as businesses and home owners all over the United States. The A24 isn't like other traps. It is a smart trapping tool that ou... [Read More]

  • Gingbau Humane Live Rat Trap Cage for Chipmunk Mouse and Small Rodent Animals

    • UPC: 613869903179
    • ASIN: B07G2QD417
    • Brand: Gingbau
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: Gingbau

    Humane Live Animal Cage Trap - Ideal for chipmunks, rats, mice and other similar-size animals - Catch rodents alive, then release and relocate them far away as you like High Sensitive Structure - Once the pedal touched slightly, the trap will be triggered and the door will shut up immediately. - Auto door lock with a latch ensure the trapped animal no way to escape. SPECIFICATION: - Size: 12.5 x 6.5 x 5 inches - Material: Galvanized steel PACKAGE CONTENTS: - Humane Live Animal Trap - Detailed User Manual Notice: - Please read the user manual carefully before trying to set up the trap. ... [Read More]

  • Ebung Electric Mouse Trap and Rat, Rodent, Chipmunk Zapper That Work- Instant and Humane Rodent Mice Killer - Powerful 7000 V Electrical Beam - Mess-Free Operation - Works Safe and Durable

    • UPC: 796856326097
    • ASIN: B07KFP7Q1T
    • Brand: Ebung
    • Manufacturer: EBUNG

    Ebung electronic Mouse deterrent device reclaim your beautiful home from unwanted sneaky pests like rats, mice, squirrels & chipmunks with Ebung Mouse repellent device without causing them much pain!

  • Extra Large Humane Smart Rodent Trap, Live Catch Release, Kids/Pet Safe, Easy to Set, Reusable, Indoor/Outdoor Use, for Mouse/Rats/Chipmunks/Moles Catcher That Works. 9.45" x 3.15" x 3.54". 2 Pack

    • ASIN: B07LGS5BLK
    • Brand: Extraordinary
    • Size: large
    • Manufacturer: extraordinary shop

    CRUELTY-FREE MOUSE TRAPS - Our 100% humane, no-kill and no-pain mouse trap employs the Catch & Release method to clear your premises from small-medium sized rodents. Endorsed by humane societies and animal rights organizations across the globe.SAFE AROUND KIDS AND PETS - Our Catch & Release traps are super-safe for indoor and outdoor use in homes with children or pets since they do not utilize poison, glue, chemicals or electricity. On top of that, you will not have to physically catch the mice in order to release them, which translates to reduced risk of diseases or bites. Plus, we have car... [Read More]

  • Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper - Effective Mouse Trap Killer for Rats, Mice - No Poison Use - 7000v Shock Instant Exterminator - Safe, Mess-Free & Non-Toxic That Works (New & Upgraded)

    • UPC: 852436007852
    • ASIN: B07KPPRCP8
    • Brand: Abco Tech
    • Manufacturer: Abco Tech

    Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper

  • JAKOP Innovations Tip Trap Mouse Trap| Ultimate Humane Mouse & Rat Trap 100% Effective, Non-Toxic & User-Friendly Trap for Mice, Rats & Rodents | Weather-Resistant & Sturdy| Pet-Safe & Kid-Safe Design

    • UPC: 760655791844
    • ASIN: B07VC88V9R
    • Brand: JAKOP Innovations
    • Manufacturer: Smoked Bee

    Get Rid Of Pesky Mice, Rats & Rodents Once & For All -Starting Today!Looking for an easy, convenient and hassle-free mouse trap? Want to eliminate rats without killing them? Need a pet-safe and eco-friendly rodent trap for your garden orbackyard?Introducing The Tip Trap Mouse Trap By Herman -The 100% Efficient Human Rat Trap!Now you don't have to settle for all those cheaply-made, dangerous and inefficient rodent traps anymore, since our mouse trap is here to effectively eliminate mice, rats and other rodents from your back yard, lawn, garden or front porch.Why Choose Our Mouse Control System?... [Read More]

  • Humane mouse trap, Reusable Cage Box, Live Catch And Release Rodents And Mice, No Kill No Glue No Poison, Safe Around Pets And Childen (2 Pack) 

    • ASIN: B07FC5S9CY
    • Brand: Wazzan
    • Manufacturer: Wazzan

    Mouse trap that work so well and they are so humane  Made of high quality ABS plastic which is easy to clean or wash. Live mouse traps are a great alternative to capture Rodent, mice, hamster, chipmunk without killing / hurting them. Easy to catch a mouse, just place the peanut butter in the compartment and open the spring door, it´s recommended to use a glove.

  • Humane Mouse Trap | 2 Pack Catch and Release Mouse Traps That Work | Mouse Trap No Kill for mice/Rat/Rodent Pet Safe (Dog/Cat) Best Indoor/Outdoor Mousetrap Catcher Non Killer Small Mole Capture Cage

    • UPC: 605926044062
    • Brand: blinc
    • Size: Small
    • Manufacturer: Blinc

    Blinc Humane Mouse Traps is the newest Humane mouse trap on the market. 100% No Kill Mouse Trap that is both safe for both your children and pets. People have always been searching for mouse traps that work, so we have created a mouse trap that is guaranteed to work or your money back! This humane rat trap/mice trap will catch your rodent live to ensure your home is safe without having to kill the rodent. With countless reviews that these are the best mouse traps that work you cant go wrong. Our unique catch and release technology is designed to not be a mouse killer rather a live mouse trap, ... [Read More]

  • Filfeel Electronic Mice Rat Traps Effective and Powerful killer for Rat,Squirrels Mice and Other Similar Rodents Using High Voltage Humane Exterminating Best Pest Control

    Description:100% brand new electric mouse/rat/rodent killer trapcomes with detail operation manual just as following showsit's widely applies in dining-room, cook-room, bedroom, office, hotel and any places that rats usually appearFeatures

    • UPC: 759287294

  • 4 Size Mouse Live Trap Rodent Animal Humane Hamster Cage Household Mice Rat Control Catcher Bait

    Features:100% brand new and high qualityIdeal for capturing small rodents and other critters, perfect for mice, rats, squirrelsConvenient to install, easy to use.Safe lock design, mice can not escape after

    • UPC: 639414977
    • Color: black SBlack
    • Size: S/M/L/XL

  • Aspectek Mouse Trap, Mouse Trap Humane Kill, Reusable Easy Set Mouse Snap Trap, Mice Rodent Traps, Pets Protector, The Best Mouse Catcher 6 Pack

    The Aspectek Mouse Trap quickly is your clean, chemical-free solution for a rodent free environment. Convenient 6-pack lets you get rid of mice fast.The traps are easy to set, cleanable

    • UPC: 150891432
    • Model: HR2901

  • OUTERDO 4 Size Mouse Live Trap Rodent Animal Humane Hamster Cage Mice Rat Control Catch Bait

    Features:100% brand new and high qualityIdeal for capturing small rodents and other critters, perfect for mice, rats, squirrelsConvenient to install, easy to use.Safe lock design, mice can not escape after

    • UPC: 636335214
    • Color: BlackS(21.5*11*11cm)Other
    • Size: S/M/L/XL

  • Becko Humane Mouse trap Rat Trap Rodent Trap Live Catch Cage, Easy to Set Up and Reuse, Suitable For Use In Home, Gardens, Garages, etc - 26.5 × 14 × 11 cm

    Dimensions: 26.5 × 14 × 11 cm / 10.43 x 5.51 x 4.3 inches.Material: iron.Package Includes: humane trap and U-shaped bar.Never would anybody want to see any rat in the

    • UPC: 343754264
    • Color: Silver