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Best Rat Zapper Ultras on April 2020 - [TOP 10 Picks] at Bestigma.com.com

  • Victor RZU001-3A Zapper Ultra Electronic Rat Trap, 3

    • ASIN: B074XZLK1X
    • Brand: Victor
    • Size: 3 Traps
    • Manufacturer: Victor

    The rat zapper ultra rodent trap offers you more kills & longer stand by times. This trap is perfect for larger rats (and mice too), ongoing rodent infestations & commercial applications. The kill chamber is larger than the rat zapper classic. Bait with ordinary pet food or another high-protein bait (peanut butter, etc.). Mice & rats enter the chamber & are dispatched with a powerful jolt of electricity. If they'll fit in the chamber, the rat zapper will dispatch them. No blood, no gore, no mess & no poisons to endanger your pets or the environment. Flashing kill light tells you when you have ... [Read More]

  • Ultra Rat Zapper

    • UPC: 725880344999
    • ASIN: B019FXRMH6
    • Brand: Rat Zapper
    • Size: 2 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Woodstream Corp

    Get rid of rats and mice quickly and effectively with the Rat Zapper Ultra Rat Trap. A more humane alternative to traditional snap traps, the trap kills rodents using a high-voltage shock. Lure the rodent inside the trap's large chamber and onto the double metal plates by placing bait along the back wall of the trap. The trap's advanced smart circuit technology senses the rodent and instantly delivers 8,000 volts of electricity for two full minutes, ensuring a permanent kill. The Rat Zapper Ultra Rat Trap kills up to 60 rodents per set of 4 'D' batteries (not included). Designed for indoor use... [Read More]

  • Rat Zapper RZC001 Classic Rat Trap (Pack of 4)

    • ASIN: B010RJ7VPA
    • Brand: Rat Zapper
    • Size: 4 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Rat Zapper

    Get rid of large-size rats quickly and effectively with the Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap. From set-up and use through cleaning and maintenance, each zap will be a snap thanks to the easy-to-use design. This electronic trap is equipped with smart circuit technology that senses when a rodent enters it. Once inside, the rat steps on the metal plates, which completes the circuit and delivers a humane, high-voltage shock. Since rats are able to restart their hearts, the shock is applied continuously for 2 minutes to ensure higher kill rates. Unlike standard rat traps, you don’t have to touch or lo... [Read More]

  • Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap - 2 Traps & a single Ultra-Sticky Insect trap Made by UCATCH

    • UPC: 725880346023
    • ASIN: B01N0LRKR5
    • Brand: Rat Zapper
    • Size: 2 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Rat Zapper

    Wish you could get rid of rats and mice with no mess, no hassles... not even a need to see the dead mouse or rat? Stop wishing! Meet the rat and mouse trap that can do the job! Not an ultrasonic device. Simply bait with ordinary pet food. No poisons to endanger your pets or the environment. Mice and rats enter the chamber and are dispatched humanely with a quick but powerful jolt of electricity. The red light tells you when you have a catch. No blood, no gore, no mess! You don't even need to look at the rodent; simply tip the Rat Zapper and let the dead rodent slide out. More humane than tradi... [Read More]

  • Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper - Effective Mouse Trap Killer for Rats, Mice - No Poison Use - 7000v Shock Instant Exterminator - Safe, Mess-Free & Non-Toxic That Works {New & Upgraded}

    • UPC: 852436007852
    • ASIN: B07KPPRCP8
    • Brand: Abco Tech
    • Manufacturer: Abco Tech

    Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper

  • Electronic Mountable Outdoor Pest Repeller - 2018 Upgraded Battery Powered Ultrasonic Sound Eco Humane Home Lawn Yard Garden Bird and Bat Repellent Control w/ Motion Sensor, Light - SereneLife PSLBRP4

    • UPC: 068888764025
    • ASIN: B01BGIE9Y2
    • Brand: SereneLife
    • Manufacturer: SereneLife

    The SereneLife Bird & Bat Repeller provides convenient pest control. The system uses motion detection technology that triggers an ultrasonic sound and light flash that effectively repels unwanted animals. The built-in speaker emits a safe ultra-high frequency alert which startles animals and prevents them from returning to the scene. The system is wall-mountable and works in the day or night time thanks to the infrared detection sensor. Battery operated, requires 4 x 'AA' batteries, not included. Perfect for use in gardens, yards and flowering areas.

  • Ideal Combo Trap IT All KIT, Electronic Rat Trap + Sticky Glue Board for Insects, Pest Control Products | Indoor, Safe for Kids & Pets, Non-Toxic | Works for Mice, Rats, Spiders, Bed Bugs

    • ASIN: B07L4Z5M58
    • Brand: Ideal Combo
    • Manufacturer: WS&UC

    Looking for an effective alternative to a pricey visit from the pest control service? If you are experiencing a pest infestation, you may wonder what you can do to resolve the problem. The good news is that you have come to the right place!Rodents are well known to spread diseases, damage property and contaminate food, their nests can also be a fire hazard and can compromise the structure of infested buildings. Cockroaches, in addition to being one of the dirtiest insects, carry allergens which is is a common cause of asthma in young childrenNeed more reasons to buy? They are able to trap pest... [Read More]

  • Victor RZU001 Ultra Rat Zapper

    • UPC: 737120700151
    • ASIN: B015U95U3M
    • Manufacturer: Woodstream Corp.

    Ultra Rat Zapper, Ideal For Catching & Killing Larger Rats, Works For Mice As Well, Easy To Use, Insert Batteries, Bait, Turn It On, Place, & Relax, Hands Free No Touch, No View Disposal, Easy To Clean & Can Be Reused Indefinitely, No Blood, Mess, Chemicals, Or Poisons To Clean Up Or Worry About, High 8,000V 2 Plate Design Delivers A Shock That Lasts 2 Full Minutes, Red Indicator Light Flashes Repeatedly Upon Kill In Order To Alert You Of A Successful Catch, 1 Set Of 4 "D" Batteries Equal 60 Kills, Battery Replacement Notification, Safe & Sanitary, While Always Wise To Use Caution Around Kids ... [Read More]

  • MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Humane Mice Control Newest Electronic Insect Repellent Easiest Way to Reject Rodent Bed Bug Mosquito Fly Cockroach Spider Rat Home Animal No Kill Plug in 2 Pack

    • UPC: 669591153696
    • ASIN: B079J32ZRH
    • Brand: MaxMoxie
    • Size: 2 Pack
    • Manufacturer: MaxMoxie

    MaxMoxie is the perfect Pest Repeller for Home Pest Control: simple to use and safe around family and most reject household pets: no messy traps to empty, no disease-ridden dead rodents to dispose. Just plug it in - effectively chases away pests in home or office. Effective on rodent pests like mice and also insects like spiders, ants and cockroaches. Safe for use around children and pets such as cats, dogs, birds and fish. It's kinder than mouse traps, safer than poisons, and there are no dead rodents to dispose of so it minimizes human contact with mice, rats, and other disease-bearing pest.... [Read More]

  • Laz-Tipa - Ultrasonic Mosquito Killer Electronic Insect Repellent Pest Repeller Rat Mosquito Rejector Bug Zapper Pest Control EU US plug

    • UPC: 826689739167
    • ASIN: B07H31G76T
    • Brand: Laz★Tipa
    • Manufacturer: Laz-Tipa

    - 100% Brand new and High quality, Smart family tools, repair tools for the Smart family, Smart kitchen tools, Decorative tools.....- Easy to use. Product dimensions are described in detail on the product image.- Excellent quality, fast delivery, simple after-sales. We make every effort to provide customers with satisfactory service.- 80% conventional orders will be delivered within 15-20 days.- Clients please note, products are only offered by the brand: Laz★Tipa. All the other sellers are not reliable.

  • #rat - 12oz Hashtag Stainless Steel Camping Mug, Black

    • ASIN: B07NC1F27H
    • Brand: Knick Knack Gifts
    • Size: 12 ounce
    • Manufacturer: Knick Knack Gifts

    Need a gift for your boss, spouse, friend, neighbor, mailman, or anyone else in your life? This 12oz stainless steel camping mug makes a great choice for a gift!

  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Easy & Humane Way to Reject Rodents Ants Cockroaches Beds Bugs Mosquitos Fly Spiders Rats & Buts - Eco-Friendly & Safe for Human & Home Pets - 4 in Pack

    • UPC: 786530728330
    • ASIN: B07RHG1RBJ
    • Brand: BRISON
    • Manufacturer: Brison


  • BH Cool Designs I'd Rather Be Ratting - Graphic Hoodie Sweatshirt, Navy, Large

    • ASIN: B07GN2LYHF
    • Brand: BH Cool Designs
    • Size: Large

    Whether it's the first one out of the drawer or first off of the floor this graphic hoodie is casual and trendy. It won't judge you if you turn it inside out and wear it again the next day. A perfect gift for any occasion or just to let others know what's trending and easier than that load of laundry you should probably do.

  • BRISON Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Eco-Friendly & Pet Sаfe & Wall Plug-in - Pest Repeller Prevents & Drives Away Mice Rats Spiders Roaches Mosquitoes Ants Snakes Rodent - Silent - Night Light 4 Pack

    • UPC: 786530728361
    • Brand: BRISON
    • Manufacturer: Brison


  • Victor Quick Kill Mouse Trap (Pack of 12 traps) Easy to Set mouse trap

    • ASIN: B00VV8PMYE
    • Brand: Victor
    • Size: 12 Traps
    • Manufacturer: Victor

    The Victor Quick-Kill Mouse Trap is easy to use, highly effective and provides an instant kill. Set the trap with one simple "click". The trap is designed with a covered bait trough and Precision Strike Technology. The mouse is perfectly placed when interacting with the covered bait trough and the high impact kill bar is immediately released for a quick, humane kill. When the rodent is killed, a simple release mechanism opens the trap to dispose of the rodent ensuring a no-touch removal.

  • Bed Bug Killer 16OZ by EcoRaider, Green & Non-Toxic, 100% Kill & Extended Protection

    EcoRaider kills bed bug adults and eggs fast and provides extended protection after treatment. It does not compromise on super bugs that have developed resistance against conventional pesticides. It provides

    • UPC: 29591606
    • Model: EB1RM50016
    • Color: WhiteMilky white
    • Size: 16 oz16 fl oz

  • Electronic Rat Trap – High Voltage Rodent Trap Rat Zapper Killer Rat Catcher - Safe and Easy Way to Kill Rats, Mice and Squirrels

    Aspectek Electronic Rat Trap is the best product for Rat management. We carry a variety of Rattraps,ultrasonic pest repellers, and pest exterminators. This reusable rat trap was designed for indoor

    • UPC: 195902666

  • Hot Shot Bed Bug & Flea Home Insect Killer, Ready-to-Use, 1-gal

    No matter where your pest problem rears its ugly head, Hot Shot insecticides are the answer to what’s Bugging you! Hot Shot insecticides offer a Complete lineup of indoor &

    • UPC: 44817447
    • Model: HG-96190
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Size: 1 gal

  • Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust With Diatomaceous Earth, 8-oz

    Keep your sheets free from unwanted pests with Hot Shot Bed Bug Powder. It is very simple to use and kills instantly. This bed bug killer powder works on walls

    • UPC: 103860869
    • Model: HG-96549
    • Color: N/AOther

  • Electronic Mice Rat Killer Rodent Repeller Electric Trap Zapper Pest Control US

    Description: 100% brand new electric mouse/rat/rodent killer trap comes with detail operation manual just as following shows it's widely applies in dining-room, cook-room, bedroom, office, hotel and any places that

    • UPC: 146550209