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  • ABI LED Light Bulb for Red Light Therapy, 660nm Deep Red and 850nm Near Infrared Combo, 54W Class

    • ASIN: B07SH39YT4
    • Brand: ABI
    • Size: 54W Class
    • Manufacturer: ABI

    The ABI deep red and near infrared combo LED light bulb emits the most powerful therapeutic wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm. Infrared light is invisible to the naked eye so when using this bulb only half of the chips will appear illuminated.50,000+ hour service life • 3-year manufacturer's warranty • Assembled in the USA • Fits a standard household E26 socket • 100-240V AC inputLEDs: 9pcs 660nm Deep Red + 9pcs 850nm Near Infrared • Nominal Rating: 54W (18x3W) Class • Power Draw: 27W • Beam Angle: 60-degree • Internal cooling fanIrradiance: 89.3 mW/cm² (6" distance); 46.0 mW/cm... [Read More]

  • SGROW 24W Red Led Light Red 660nm and Near Infrared 850nm Led Light Therapy Bulbs for Skin and Pain Relief

    • ASIN: B07JW9RZ7K
    • Brand: sgrow
    • Size: 24W
    • Manufacturer: SGROW

    SGROW 24W Led Bulbs use deep red 660nm and infrared 850nm it is new deisgn at 2018 .Deep red not only promoting large bud growth and healthy flowers but also combo deep red and near infrared 850nm for light therapy .Widely use for Skin Rejuvenation ,Skin Problems and Pain Relief Power: 24w Power consumption:18W Color: Deep Red 660nm:Near Infrared 850nm=1:1 Dimensions - 12 cm x 14 cm Input: AC85-AC 265V Beam angle: 30 degrees Completely silent Fits any E26/E27 lamp Package : 1 pcs 24W led bulbs

  • TheraBulb NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb - 250 Watt - 120 Volt

    • UPC: 683203868129
    • ASIN: B01855YCXM
    • Brand: TheraBulb
    • Size: 5.25" x 6.5"
    • Manufacturer: TheraBulb

    Please note: If you are purchasing this bulb for use in a freestanding infrared lamp / infrared floor lamp, you will also need to purchase a bulb extender (available from other vendors) in order to operate a TheraBulb bulb in the lamp.Your TheraBulb includes a Double Reflective Red Coat and may show minor cosmetic blemishes on the surface of the bulb including: small dimples, bubbles, small spots of darker or lighter color and small marks on bulb. These marks may be more apparent when the bulb is on, but in no way negatively impact the performance or life of the bulb. Operating Instructions a... [Read More]

  • RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb Grade A

    • UPC: 616450234164
    • ASIN: B00N4JE9U6
    • Brand: RubyLux
    • Size: 120V
    • Manufacturer: RubyLux

    The RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb is a human-grade, premium incandescent near infrared light therapy bulb designed for near infrared heat lamp therapy. The RubyLux emits renewing, healing infrared light in the red and near infrared wavelengths associated with pain relief, increased circulation, faster recovery times, collagen production, rejuvenation and renewal and peaks at 850nm. At 4 inches’ distance, it emits 1,431 mW/cm2. This bulb is an excellent choice for pain, regeneration and rejuvenation. Users say they get fast relief from near infrared light therapy - some in as little as one... [Read More]

  • Red Light Therapy, Serfory Near Infrared Light Therapy Heat Lamp Set for Massage Skin Care Muscle Body Therapy Pain Relief with Improve Sleep Blood Circulation

    • UPC: 705346023798
    • ASIN: B07QFTX52S
    • Brand: Serfory
    • Manufacturer: Serfory

    Q:Is it enough hot? A: yes, it can release enough heat for healing your painful part of body if used regularly! Q:Does it break easily after weeks of usage? A:Don't worry ,we are manufacturer of red light therapy bulb,we have checked every one before shipment.We will offer full refund or replacement if you receive broken bulb. Q:Is it really helpful for my painful parts of body? A: YES, it is near infrared light,because it can release 700-1200nm light and it is enough hot for your painful part such as knee pain,you just need let it irradiation on your painful parts for 10-15 mins every ses... [Read More]

  • Red Light Therapy Infrared Heating Wand by Theralamp - Hand Held Heat Lamp with Replacement Bulb - Muscle Pain Relief, Increased Blood Circulation

    • UPC: 854013008603
    • ASIN: B07RJT52WT

    Maybe you've had an epic day at play or a record-breaking workout at the gym, but now your body is making you pay the price. Some remedies might relieve pain for a few hours, but taking pain relievers throughout the day doesn't necessarily help remedy the root problem. Isn't it much better to soothe and heal minor aches, strains, and nerve pain than just cover over the issue? Using infrared light therapy for pain isa safe and effective way tojump-startand speed up your body's natural healing process by improving circulation to aggravated nerves and muscles.It's 10 x 6 in angled head offers the... [Read More]

  • 36w Led Red Light Therapy Bulbs/Near Infrared Therapy/Muscle & Joint Pain Relief & Recovery/Skin Rejuvenation/Medically Approved/Health Product/Skin Care/Hair Growth ...

    • UPC: 768111149390
    • ASIN: B07P8NJCMZ
    • Brand: AUSPA
    • Size: 36W
    • Manufacturer: AUSPA

    A complete combination light therapy device,made with 12 near-infrared and red LEDs of specifically chosen wavelengths.The power output of this device has been doubled recently to improve the light intensity. Wave Lengths: 660nm - 50% - Deep Red 850nm - 50% - Near-Infrared Power: 200 mW/cm² @5cm 20 mW/cm² @ 50cm Consumption: 18w Fits any e26/e27 screw lamp Specifications: Beam angle: 30 degrees Completely silent Potential life span:50,000+ hours What's included in the box: Corded Power Cord Red/Infrared Combo Mini Light Device Users Guide

  • Stardust - Red Light Therapy Bulb Near Infrared Device with Adjustable Socket Clamp Hands-Free 660nm and 850nm LED

    • UPC: 645338909597
    • ASIN: B07PJ1KPMH
    • Brand: Stardust
    • Manufacturer: Stardust

    AMAZON PRIME SHIPPING! GET IT FAST! SHIPPED FROM AMAZON IN USA HANDS-FREE OPERATION! CONVENIENT SOCKET WITH CLAMP INCLUDED! Why spend big money $$$ on HUGE and EXPENSIVE and HEAVY light panels? Get TARGETED therapy in the areas you need fast and effectively. The most CONVENIENT and COST EFFECTIVE RED LIGHT AND NEAR INFRARED LIGHT THERAPY DEVICE! Looking for an overall wellness routine? Red light therapy can be used to aid in many applications including: Benefits of Red Light and Near Infrared Light Therapy: Faster healing and recovery Immune boosting Anti-aging Mood enhancement (It just plain ... [Read More]

  • Beurer Infrared Light Heat Lamp Red Light Therapy, Blood Circulation, Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, 300W IR Safe, IL50

    • UPC: 842988114764
    • Brand: Beurer
    • Manufacturer: Beurer

    "Natural Pain Management and Relief using Infrared Red Light Therapy. The Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp is designed to deliver infrared heat to the human body. It can be used to provide warming relief to those with colds, muscle aches & tension. When the infrared heat hits the targeted area, the warmth opens up the capillaries, improves the circulation & aids to naturally get rid of toxins that are inside your body, encouraging the joints, muscles & damaged tissue to heal. When your muscles are warm, they automatically relax to reduce stiffness & loosen up to help your joints & increase flexibilit... [Read More]

  • Hi-Sdard Red Light Therapy 660nm and NIR 850NM Red Light Therapy Bulb for Arthritis Back Muscle Knee Joint Neck Shoulder Skin Care

    • UPC: 705346582028
    • ASIN: B07S3ZFXM4
    • Brand: Hi-Sdard
    • Size: 36W
    • Manufacturer: Hi-Sdard

  • Wuhostam 100W Heat Lamp Heating Infrared Bulb, Red Pet Light UVA Spot Lamp for Reptile and Amphibian Use - Lizard Tortoise Spider Snake Chameleon 2 Pack

    • ASIN: B07Q658BR5
    • Brand: Wuhostam
    • Manufacturer: WUHOSTAM

    Product Parameter Description: Product Name: Infrared spot bulb Voltage: AC110-130V Socket Base: E27 Power: 100W Color temperature: infrared light Glass color: red Size: 3.03inch*4.33inch Package include:2 x Infrared Spot Lamp Notice: Please do not use your hand to test the temperature, also please adjust the distance between the heat lamp and the pets. (The proper distance is about 20 cm.)

  • 150W Near Infrared Light Bulb Red Light Therapy for Joint Should Back Pain

    • UPC: 705346023736
    • ASIN: B07L9SMQ5D
    • Brand: Serfory
    • Size: new 250W Infrared Bulb
    • Manufacturer: Serfory

    Q:What wattage and voltage it is? A: It is 150W and 110v! Q:Does it break easily after weeks of usage? A:Don't worry , just contact us by amazon email center and we will offer new replacement if is is within 6 mongth. Q:Is it really helpful for my painful parts of body? A: YES, because it can release 700nm-1200nm near infrared light and it is enough hot for your painful part such as knee pain,you just need let it irrididate on your painful parts for 10-15 mins every session. Q:Will it break after receiving? A:NO, please don't worry,our package is equipped with bubble box to protect the bulb ... [Read More]

  • (3 Pack) Fluker's Red Heat Bulbs for Reptiles 100 watt

    • UPC: 091197228032
    • ASIN: B0759X5GP1
    • Brand: Fluker's
    • Manufacturer: Flukers

    Repta-Sun Incandescent Lighting For Basking Animals. Repta-Sun Incandescent light bulbs provide the radiant heat (infrared light) that reptiles need. Reptiles are ectothermic and depend on their environmental temperature to regulate their core body temperature. If a reptile is not provided an appropriate environmental temperature range (ETR), it may be predisposed to chronic infections. Because ETRs vary from species to species, ask your pet professional or review available literature for guidance in determining the appropriate ETR for your pet.

  • 24W Red Led Light Therapy Deep Red 660nm and Near Infrared 850nm Led Light Therapy Bulbs for Skin and Pain

    • UPC: 652054018717
    • ASIN: B07RKRH2W3
    • Brand: XHGrow
    • Manufacturer: XHGrow

    Best Spectrum 6pcs * Deep Red 660nm 6pcs * Near Infrared 850nm Why 660nm and 850nm This energy efficient and handheld device contains everything you need to get started and see results from red light therapy. Extremely easy to use and comfortable to hold, this product covers the full range of beneficial red light. The exact spectrum ranges from some red light (660nm) and to the limit of infrared light (850nm), with peak output wavelengths designed to coincide exactly with our peak absorption in this range. The emitted light is focused by a magnifying lens into a penetrative point, meaning the ... [Read More]

  • Infrared Lamp, Red Light, A Bulb Included, for Massage Skin Care Muscle Body Therapy Pain Relief, 275W, Floor Stand, Universal Wheels, Adjustable Heat with Stand and Flexible Arm

    • ASIN: B07JNWS8MT
    • Brand: AceFox
    • Size: Size-55
    • Manufacturer: AceFox

    ★ HEAT THERAPYOur Infrared lamp is a high quality heat lamp designed to provide localized heat treatment. It's ideal for use at home or in a professional setting. This Lamp uses short-wave infrared light produced by an incandescent heat source to give a deeper penetration of heat than conventional heat sources. This can enhance blood circulation, improving the transport rate of essential biochemical compounds, as well as provide pain relief and a pleasant warming effect.★ SPECIFICATIONS① Power : 275 W② Voltage Frequency : 110V, 60Hz③ Packing Size : 75 × 27 × 23 cm / 29.53 × 10.63 ... [Read More]

  • TSV PIR Motion Sensor LED Bulb 5W/7W E27 LED PIR Motion Sensor Auto On/Off Energy Saving Night Light Lamp Bulb Infrared for Stairs Garage Corrido

    Product Features: Auto Sensing:This bulb is built-in a PIR sensor and a light sensor, it willautomatically turn off in the day time and turn on at night when it sensesmotions.Motion

    • UPC: 504157303
    • Model: H8C305W-W002934902
    • Color: WhiteCool White
    • Size: 7W7


    The GE 250W Heat Lamp provides quality lighting for every need. GE's specialty bulbs offer innovative solutions for a variety of lighting needs. Use it at home to heat small

    • UPC: 16911779
    • Model: 37771
    • Color: Red
    • Size: Light bulbs

  • LeadingStar E27 7W PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Light Bulb, Pure White

    Energy Efficient: the bulb is made of 14 SMD5730 LED beads, it provides decent amount of light while saving a lot on your electricity bill;Easy Installation: It is no different

    • UPC: 460252882
    • Color: Silver

  • E27 7W LED Infrared Motion Sensor Pir Warm Light Bulb Lamp Auto Switch Stairs Light

    Product Description:Energy Saving:Use unique circuit design, low static power consumption, save over 80% on electricity as one 11W bulb is equal to a 60W normal incandescent bulb.Wide Applications:The bulb is

    • UPC: 360412361

  • Rite Farm Products 250 Watt Infrared Red Brooder Heat Lamp Light Bulb

    Rite Farm Products 250 Watt Infrared Red Brooder Heat Lamp Light

    • UPC: 457015013
    • Model: 250RBB
    • Color: White