Regulator Pressure on Air Compressors

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  • 1/4"NPT Air Filter Pressure Regulator, Water-Trap Air Tool Compressor Filter with Gauge

    • UPC: 680491729347
    • Color: Water-Trap Air Tool Compressor Filter
    • Brand: ZHONG AN
    • Manufacturer: ZHONG AN AIR TOOLS

    Product description What's the functions of this compressor air filter? 1, FILTER: This air compressor regulator is very effective to control pressure and remove the moisture, dust, particles of air to supply clean air to extend air tools life and also protect workers' health in working environment. 2, REGULATOR: You can change the gas line pressur... [read more]

  • Bostitch AB-9051114 Air Compressor Replacement Pressure Regulator

    • UPC: 704660028038
    • Brand: BOSTITCH
    • Manufacturer: Bostitch

    Bostitch Air Compressor Replacement Pressure Regulator

  • Secbolt 90-120PSI Air Compressor Pressure Control Switch with Pressure Regulator Gauges Safety Valve Fittings Set

    • Brand: Secbolt
    • Manufacturer: Secbolt

    Secbolt 90-120PSI Air Compressor Pressure Switch w/ Regulator, Gauges & Fittings Specifications: Auto control: Default On(Cut-in) pressure: 90PSI, Default Off(Cut-out) pressure: 120PSIAdjustable Air Pressure Switch: Min On(Cut-in) pressure: 45PSI, MAX Off(Cut-out) pressure: 140PSI, DIFFERENTIAL: 30-40PSIHeavy Duty Air Pressure Switch: AMP RATING:26... [read more]

  • PneumaticPlus SAU320-N03G Compressed Air Filter Regulator Combo 3/8" NPT - Poly Bowl, Manual Drain, Bracket, Gauge

    • UPC: 841693105487
    • Brand: PneumaticPlus
    • Manufacturer: PneumaticPlus

    PneumaticPlus SAU Series Modular Air Filter Regulator units offer a complete airline solution for the most effective air filtration and pressure control to keep your air tools working properly. The SAF Filter comes standard with a 10 Micron Particulate element that removes harmful debris and moisture. The SAR Regulator provides precision pressure c... [read more]

  • Preciva Air Compressor Pressure Regulator 175 PSI Air Gauge Water Trap for Compressor and Air Tools (four-way value)

    • UPC: 602191688670
    • Brand: Preciva
    • Size: four-way valve
    • Manufacturer: Preciva

    Preciva Air compressor pressure switch is an extremely imperative element, it is used to install or connect between the air compressor or the trachea, to adjust the air pressure and to switch on the energy and to switch off the motor of the compressor. The main role of this valve is to regulate the shutdown and start-up pressure of the air compress... [read more]

  • Primefit CR1401G Replacement Air Regulator with steel-Protected Gauge, 1/4" Npt

    • UPC: 787721601999
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Primefit
    • Manufacturer: Primefit

    The prime fit CR1401G replacement air regulator is designed for use with any compressor, air tank or air system to precisely regulate and maintain constant air pressure to your tools and equipment. The CR1401G regulates to any pressure between 0 to 160-psi (pounds per square inch). the high impact composite regulator knob and steel protected gauge ... [read more]

  • Campbell-Hausfeld RE300000AJ Regulator for Air Compressor

    • UPC: 735090154424
    • Brand: Campbell Hausfeld
    • Manufacturer: Campbell-Hausfeld

    The Campbell-Hausfeld RE300000AJ Regulator fits Campbell Hausfeld, Husky and other Sears models and features a universal filter style with 1/4-inch NPT threads. This replacement part is compatible with the Campbell-Hausfeld models: VS500102, VS500602, VS502500, VS502601, VS502701, VS503000, VS503100, WL611107, WL650103, WL650203, WL650602, WL650704... [read more]

  • Craftsman D27253 Compressor Regulator

    • UPC: 048172055251
    • Brand: Craftsman
    • Manufacturer: DEVILIBISS

    Craftsman D27253 Compressor Regulator. This regulator is used on compressor. Part fits model number 165570. Fits model 167783. 4-Inch long, 2-Inch wide, and 2-Inch high. Package weight of this item is 2-Pound. Craftsman - America's Most Trusted Tool Brand - is characterized by durability, innovation and consistency. From hand tools to power tools a... [read more]

  • PneumaticPlus PPC3C-N02G 3 Stage Air Drying System- Particulate Air Filter, Coalescing Filter & Air Pressure Regulator Combo 1/4" NPT (High Flow), Poly Bowl with Guard, Manual Drain, Embedded Gauge

    • UPC: 841693112409
    • Brand: PneumaticPlus
    • Manufacturer: PneumaticPlus

    How It Works: First, the air enters the compressed air particulate filter, which has 5-micron cleanable Polyethylene element. In this stage, corrosive moisture, pipe scale, dirt, and rust are removed from air line protecting the precision part in the air regulator. During Stage 2, fine filtration takes place in the coalescing air filter. 99.7 perce... [read more]

  • Bostitch BTFP72326 Regulator and Gauge Kit with 1/4-Inch NPT Thread

    • UPC: 077914059936
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: BOSTITCH
    • Size: 1-(Pack)
    • Manufacturer: Bostitch

    The Bo stitch BTFP72326 Regulator and Gauge Kit, 1/4" NPT Thread replaces air pressure from your compressor to match the recommended air pressure required by your air tool. Air flow must be in direction of the arrow. Pressure range of 0-160 PSI, with a 15 GPM rating.

  • Air Pressure Regulator for compressor compressed air 1/2" FREE GAUGE

    • Brand: THB
    • Manufacturer: THB

    Regulator is equipped with an adjustable turn knob. Simply lift the knob to adjust the pressure, then press down to lock into place to set your desired pressure. A pressure regulator's primary function is to match the flow of gas through the regulator to the demand for gas placed upon the system. If the load flow decreases, then the regulator fl... [read more]


    • UPC: 687927981461
    • Manufacturer: T-H-B CO EDGE INDUSTRIAL

    Filter-regulator, or "piggybacks," combine the functions of both a filter & regulator. Piggybacks are compact design and most effective when space is a constraint. Heavy duty type -- High Air flow and drain capacity. Transparent water level indicator for easy checking. Suitable for any 3/4" high flow air pressure equipment or system. Filter - Filte... [read more]

  • PneumaticPlus SAU3030M-N03G-MEP Three Stage Air Drying System - Air Particulate Filter, 0.3 Micron Coalescing Filter & Air Pressure Regulator Modular Combo 3/8" NPT - Manual Drain, Metal Bowl

    • UPC: 841693104015
    • Brand: PneumaticPlus
    • Size: 3/8" NPT
    • Manufacturer: PneumaticPlus

    How It Works First, the air enter the particulate filter, which has 10 micron cleanable Polyethylene element. In this stage, corrosive moisture, pipe scale, dirt and rust are removed from air line protecting the precision part in the regulator. During Stage 2, fine filtration takes place. Here, 99.7 percentage of oil aerosols and microscopic partic... [read more]

  • Air Compressor Regulator with Gauge | Controls Air Flow for Air Tools (AR-01)

    • UPC: 757347491274
    • Brand: LE LEMATEC
    • Manufacturer: Ubiquitous

    SAVE ON MATERIALS WITH LESS OVERSPRAY: Cost-effective DIY paint projects heavily rely on the quality of compressed air tools. The Lematec Air Flow Control Valve has a steady air flow control which allows you to apply paint on the intended surface without overspraying, giving you more savings on materials and time to finish your projects.

  • Craftsman N008792 Regulator Repair Kit for Air Compressors

    • UPC: 746125119097
    • Brand: Craftsman
    • Manufacturer: Craftsman

    The Craftsman N008792 Regulator Repair Kit is a replacement part for the following Craftsman Air Compressors: 919167784, 91916770, 919152160, 919167710, 919167700, 919167380, 91915216. This part is made for repairing broken regulators and fits many Craftsman models. Craftsman is a leader in wrench sets, garage door openers, screw drivers, air compr... [read more]

  • How to Choose Best Air Compressor : Air Compressor Buying Guide

    How to Choose Best Air Compressor: Air Compressor Buying

    • UPC: 309759185

  • 1PC 240V 20A Four Port Manifold Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control 175PSI

    1PC 240V 20A Four Port Manifold Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control 175PSI Description:This is a great switch for replacing a faulty or poorly functioning air compressor pressure switch.Features:★This is a great

    • UPC: 691371299

  • Tank Wrenches, Steel, 5.25 in, for Liquid Air

    Tank Wrenches, Steel, 5.25 in, for Liquid Air Forged tank wrenches fit most valve stems and gas connectionsLarger handles for firm grip and better leverageSocket-holes are deep, smooth, and precisely

    • UPC: 922334369
    • Model: 900-0W10
    • Color: Multicolor

  • Air Cooled MIG Gun Connectors/Adapters, Tweco Connector

    Air Cooled MIG Gun Parts, Tweco Connector Connects platform gun to welding machineIncluded with machine pin

    • UPC: 161377880
    • Model: 900-25TC
    • Color: Multicolor

  • Best Welds Hose 1/4X1-GRN-25-ARGON BW 1/4 X 25-IGF SINGLE GREEN HOSE


    • UPC: 118648593
    • Color: Multicolor