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Best Ribbon Microphones With Shockmounts on September 2019 - [TOP 10 Picks] at Bestigma.com.com

  • MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone with Shockmount

    • UPC: 702403295280
    • Color: Purple
    • Brand: MXL
    • Size: 4.00 x 8.00 x 12.00 inches
    • Manufacturer: Marshall Electronics

    Incorporating a Figure-8 polar pattern and a 1.8-micron aluminum ribbon, the MXL R144 offers breathtaking sound for vocal and instrument recordings and is an excellent microphone for broadcast applications. The R144 also performs brilliantly on acoustic instruments, strings, and horns and offers high SPL capability, outstanding side rejection and p... [read more]

  • MXL R77 Classic Ribbon Microphone with Mogami XLR Cable Desktop Mic Stand and USM-001-G Shockmount

    • UPC: 611720430918
    • Brand: MXL
    • Manufacturer: MXL

  • MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

    • UPC: 801813086393
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: MXL Mics
    • Size: 8.00 x 4.00 x 12.00 inches
    • Manufacturer: Marshall Electronics

    The MXL 770 condenser microphone continues to amaze recording artists all over the world with its incredible price/performance ratio. Singers, especially rappers, love the 770 for its solid bass, as well as its upfront high-end. The MXL 770 even uses a high quality FET preamp with balanced output for a wide dynamic range. This is a perfect piece fo... [read more]

  • MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone

    • UPC: 001910654321
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: MXL Mics
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: Marshall Electronics

    "Old school tube mellow" is often used to describe the sound of the MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone. Designed mainly for vocals, the V67G combines Class A FET circuitry and a transformer-coupled output for an open and pure sound. The V67G comes through with killer vocals even in front of a busy mix and has great stage appeal with a gold... [read more]

  • Avantone Pro CR-14

    • UPC: 852437001040
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Avant Electronics
    • Manufacturer: Avant Electronics

    Want to sound cool? Better yet, do you want to LOOK cool when you're tracking vocals and instruments in the studio? Heck, yeah! But, seriously, do you want to get classic, smooth ribbon tones, in a retro-styled mic that's not gonna break the bank? Then you need Avantone's CR-14! This dual-ribbon mic gives you killer looks, awesome sound, and the ki... [read more]

  • Condenser Microphone Bundle,SIN+MON Professional Studio Microphone Unidirectional Vocal Microphone,Condenser Pro Audio BM800 Microphone Sound Studio Dynamic Mic with Shock Mount[Ship from USA] (Gold)

    • UPC: 036198132308
    • Color: Gold
    • Brand: SIN+MON Tool Set
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: SIN+MON

    ❤❤❤ Condenser Pro Audio BM800 Microphone Sound Studio Dynamic Mic +Shock Mount This microphone with a good cardioids polar pickup pattern, high output, low self-noise, suitable especially for studios, recording studios, computer and laptop recording with 3.5mm interface. Ideal as main and support microphone for studio and live applications... [read more]

  • Oktava MK-012-02 MSP4 factory matched Stereo Pair with cardioid and omnidirectional capsules (silver)

    • Color: silver
    • Brand: Oktava
    • Manufacturer: Oktava

    The MK-012 is a compact, high quality capacitor microphone with interchangeable capsules to provide a choice of cardioid, hypercardioid or omni-directional polar patterns. The wide, flat response ensures that all sounds are captured with a high degree of accuracy. A -10 dB pad is included for use in high SPL environments, a low-cut pad is optionall... [read more]

  • MXL 990/991 Recording Condenser Microphone Package

    • UPC: 801813089523
    • Brand: MXL
    • Manufacturer: MXL

    The MXL 990/MXL 991 Recording Mic Package is your one-stop mic kit for vocals, drum overheads, acoustic guitars, and more! Two studio condenser microphones are included. The 990 offers a silky, sweet high end and a tight solid bass, perfect for recording vocals; and the 991 is a superior instrument microphone designed for recording acoustic guitar ... [read more]

  • MXL 2003A Large Capsule Condenser Microphone with High-Isolation Shockmount

    • UPC: 801813049930
    • Brand: MXL
    • Manufacturer: Marshall Electronics

    The MXL 2003 is intended for the most critical recording applications, such as acoustic guitar, where tremendous clarity, presence, and detail is required. A three position switch provides Bass cut and a -10dB pad for additional recording options. A transformerless FET preamp offers the engineer a smooth, even response. Its 3-micron gold-sputte... [read more]

  • MXL 2008 Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Shockmount and Carrying Case

    • UPC: 801813144512
    • Color: Painted Nickel
    • Brand: MXL Mics
    • Manufacturer: Marshall Electronics

    Whether recording vocals or instruments, the finely tuned 32mm capsule of the MXL 2008 will deliver stunning recordings. Vocals, guitar, percussion, are all equally captured with true realism. The Class A circuitry and transformerless output result in outstanding performance, ensuring you capture the true essence of any performance.

  • MXL V87 Low-Noise Condenser Microphone with Pop Filter and Low-Profile Shockmount

    • UPC: 801813125399
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: MXL
    • Manufacturer: Marshall Electronics

    Artists and musicians are raving about the MXL V87, a low-noise, big body condenser microphone designed for the most critical recording applications. Engineered with a FET preamp and transformer-balanced output, the V87 provides extremely high levels of tone quality. This moderately priced mic provides a punchy midrange, full low-end and offers imm... [read more]

  • Legendary Professional Ribbon HAND-CRAFTED Microphone, SEND TO ANY COUNTRY, Unbelievably NATURAL SOUND, FREE SHOCKMOUNT and POP FILTER

    • UPC: 657258543232
    • Color: Single Microphone
    • Brand: Silach
    • Manufacturer: Silach

  • MXL Mics MXL-90 Microphone Shock Mount for 770/990

    • UPC: 801813080674
    • Brand: MXL Mics
    • Manufacturer: Marshall Electronics

    Microphone shock mount for 770 /990

  • Rycote InVision Studio USM-VB Universal Microphone Shockmount

    • Brand: Rycote
    • Manufacturer: Rycote

    Rycote's Patented Lyre Shockmount Technology For Studio Mics from 55mm to 68mm Diameter. Includes Brass 5/8 to 3/8 stand adaptor

  • On Stage MY-420 Studio Microphone Shock Mount

    • UPC: 659814485741
    • Color: standart
    • Brand: OnStage
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: On Stage

    On Stage MY420 studio microphone shock mount is the perfect choice for vibration free microphone support! The MY420 is ideal for the stage or studio. Shock mount fits pencil-style condenser, dynamic or condenser handheld, and some cylindrical shaped ribbon microphones. Features include a symmetrical shock-mount design, an angle adjustment with lock... [read more]

  • LyxPro LDC-10 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone, Shockmount, 10 Ft XLR Cable & Foam Wind Screen for Professional Home Recording

    High Sensitivity, Low Noise, Wide Dynamic RangePure Aluminum Diaphragm CapsuleProfessional-Grade Zinc Body and Brass GrilleIncludes a Studio Shockmount, 10ft XLR Microphone Cable, Foam Wind Screen & and 1-Year WarrantyFrequency Response:

    • UPC: 48554516
    • Model: LDC-10

  • MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone with Shockmount and Case

    The popular MXL 770 is a high quality multipurpose condenser mic that is perfect for vocals, instruments, and percussion. To achieve its solid low frequency response and clear high end,

    • UPC: 42769019
    • Model: 770
    • Color: Black

  • Yescom Condenser USB Microphone with Tripod Stand for Game Chat Skype YouTube Studio Audio Recording Computer

    Features:- Frequency response provides vocal intelligibility and crispness, performed perfectly in reproduces sound, high quality voice recorder- Dual-layer anti-spray cover can prevent air spraying and protect the microphone, so you

    • UPC: 789159564
    • Model: 28CMI001-AK3-06

  • Best Choice Products 19in Kids Toddlers Electric Battery Operated Flash Guitar Pretend Play Musical Band Instrument Toy Playset w/ Microphone, Adjustable Stand, MP3 Compatibility - Blue

    Let your child rock out to the strum of their own guitar! Complete with an easy-to-use mini electric guitar, working microphone, and adjustable mic stand, this fun set gives little

    • UPC: 319506782
    • Color: Blue

  • Blue Microphone Yeti USB Microphone (Blackout) with Headphones and Pop Filter

    The ultimate professional USB microphoneThree condenser capsules can record almost any situationGain control, mute button, zero-latency headphone outputUnique positionable designHassle-free setup and recordingCardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereoPerfect for vocals, instruments, Podcasting

    • UPC: 45976255
    • Color: White