Best Masks - 2019

Best Scuba Diving Masks on December 2019 - [TOP 10 Picks] at

  • Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set, All Black

    • UPC: 608819922669
    • Color: All Black
    • Brand: Cressi
    • Manufacturer: Cressi

    Frameless masks are loved by many divers for their low-profile and ability to fold flat for easy carrying, even in a BC pocket. Cressi’s frameless design bonds a high-grade silicone skirt directly to a single lens for the ultimate in simplicity. The lens is made in tempered glass and certified by the CE (Communauté Européenne).The low-internal ... [read more]

  • Greatever 2019 Newest Dry Snorkel Set,Panoramic Wide View,Anti-Fog Scuba Diving Mask,Easy Breathing and Professional Snorkeling Gear for Adults

    • UPC: 604213244277
    • Color: black
    • Brand: Greatever
    • Manufacturer: Greatever

    Outstanding warranty At Greatever, we believe in- Our products, satisfaction guaranteed! We strive to give best customer service for your shopping experience. If product is has a defect/problem with your order, please contact us right away, to solve any problems. Specification Material:Tempered glass lenses/silicone Weight:1.2LB Color:Black/Blue Pa... [read more]

  • TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask, Indigo Skirt/Indigo Frame

    • UPC: 685193475486
    • Color: Indigo Skirt/Indigo Frame
    • Brand: TUSA
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Tabata USA, Inc.

    The M-1001 Freedom HD mask is the latest design to come from Freedom Technology. It is a single lens masks with an incredibly wide field of vision. This mask boasts a 180° Rotational Buckle System, which allows it to fit a variety of face sizes while maintaining a low profile.

  • ZMZ DIVE Adult Snorkel Set, Tempered Glass Diving Mask and Dry Snorkel, Adjustable Anti-Leak Anti-Fog Design Panoramic Scuba Mask, with Food-Grade Silicone for Freediving Snorkeling (Black)

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: ZMZ DIVE
    • Manufacturer: ZMZ DIVE

    1. Made of soft silicone skirt, this diving mask seals tightly and fits snug to your face. Indented nose pocket permits easier equalization process 2. Professional Grade Materials, The product is manufactured using highly durable premium materials. 3. The silicone mask skirt and mouth-piece provide maximum comfort and long-lasting performance. 4.... [read more]

  • RegeMoudal Snorkel Mask Panoramic View Scuba Diving Mask with Panoramic Full Face Design- Longer Ventilation Pipe, Watertight, Anti Fog & Anti Leak Technology,for Diving Swimming (Black, L/XL)

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: RegeMoudal
    • Size: L / XL
    • Manufacturer: RegeMoudal

  • WACOOL Snorkeling Package Set for Adults, Anti-Fog Coated Glass Diving Mask, Snorkel with Silicon Mouth Piece,Purge Valve and Anti-Splash Guard.(Black)

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: WACOOL
    • Size: Adlut
    • Manufacturer: WACOOL

    Premium Grade Mask and Snorkel Set for Adults Professional Grade Materials Built to last! The product is manufactured using highly durable premium materials. The silicone mask skirt and mouth-piece provide maximum comfort and long-lasting performance. Mask and Snorkel Set Features: - Anti-Fog Coated Tempered Glass - Purge Valve + Splash Guard F... [read more]

  • DIVELUX Snorkel Mask - Original Full Face Snorkeling and Diving Mask with 180° Panoramic Viewing - Longer Ventilation Pipe, Watertight, Anti Fog & Anti Leak Technology, (Black, L/XL)

    • UPC: 645782148061
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: DIVELUX
    • Size: L-XL

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  • Kraken Aquatics Snorkel Dive Mask with Silicone Skirt and Strap for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Freediving | Black

    • UPC: 646437036726
    • Color: Black / Black
    • Brand: Kraken Aquatics
    • Manufacturer: Kraken Aquatics

    No more leaking or unnecessary discomfort with our premium snorkel mask. Soft silicone and adjustable strap customize your fit for longer, more comfortable wear. The secret's the flexible design, engineered for a more secure fit. It all starts with the high-end hypoallergenic silicone This soft, supple silicone conforms to all the contours of your ... [read more]

  • Cressi Italian Designed Pano 3 Panoramic View Tempered Glass Lens Premium Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask, Clear Cobalt Blue

    • UPC: 810016460985
    • Color: Clear Cobalt Blue
    • Brand: Cressi
    • Manufacturer: Cressi

    The Pano 3 is a three-lens designed mask allowing for maximum light to enter and gives you a wide field of view. The Pano 3 Skirt has a double feathered edge allowing for a perfect seal on a wide variety of face shapes and sizes. The Pano 3 also has Easy Adjustable Buckles allowing for easy manipulating of the mask.

  • VillSure Snorkel Set Adult,Dry Top Snorkeling Gear,Impact Resistant Anti Fog Tempered Glass Panoramic Scuba Mask,Easy Breathing Underwater for Snorkeling, Swimming, Diving (Black)

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: VillSure
    • Manufacturer: Zhiming Direct

    ★Perfect companion for your snorkel adventures Villsure dry snorkel set is curved like the human face so that it doesn't wobble while in use.This makes snorkeling more easy and comfortable, this particular snorkel is made just for you. It will make your snorkeling/diving experience much more enjoyable. ★Durable and Comfortable Snorkel Kits,... [read more]

  • Full Face Snorkel Mask Panoramic View Shallow Dive Mask Curved Face Design Leak Proof 180 Degree Viewing Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Tubeless Scuba Mask Gear Dry Top Water Blocking System Technology Easy Breat

    • Color: Black/Silver
    • Brand: arowana
    • Size: L-XL
    • Manufacturer: Platinum Arowana

    Do you enjoy shallow water snorkeling but hate standard, traditional snorkeling equipment? Old school snorkeling gear is complicated and barbaric. You constantly have to drain your mask while you try to see through foggy lenses and struggle to breathe through a tube you have to clench in your mouth uncomfortably. Our Full-face snorkel diving mask c... [read more]

  • KUYOU Snorkel Mask Adult, Profession Scuba Mask Adult Diving Mask Plating Impact Resistant Tempered Glass Anti-Fog Anti-Leak

    • Brand: KUYOU
    • Manufacturer: KUYOU

  • HUBO SPORTS Snorkel Mask with Tempered Glass,Anti-Scratch Panoramic View No Leaking Scuba Diving Mask with Dry Top Design(Lake Blue)

    • Color: Dive Mask-Lake+BL
    • Brand: HUBO SPORTS
    • Manufacturer: HUBO

    Snowledge Snorkel Set is easily adjustable, has a low inner volume, which is very suitable for deep free diving, and the mask adapts easily to a large number of face types. Fashion and stylish design, it is suitable for both men and women. There are three colors: Black, Blue and Pink and you can choose according to your preferences. Portable Soft ... [read more]

  • SeaDive Oceanways Superview-HD w/Anti-UV/Glare Optical Multicoating w/Anti-Fog Scuba/Spearfishing Dive Mask (OM940BKSFF)

    • UPC: 053532009409
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: SeaDive
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Oceanways

    Oceanways Superview SL High Definition Mask.This mask has OMC (Optical Multicoating) technology that minimizes UV and glare. It reduces light nanometers for better eye comfort and changes white light harshness to bluish light for improved contrast. The TrueColor lenses are specially formulated to pick up red (lost at ten feet) and yellow (lost at t... [read more]

  • IST ProEar Dive Mask with Ear Covers, Scuba Diving Pressure Equalization Gear, Tempered Glass Twin Lens (Black Silicone)

    • UPC: 818363014196
    • Color: Black Silicone
    • Brand: IST
    • Size: Adults
    • Manufacturer: IST

    Easy Equalization The IST Pro Ear Series features four incredible designs, each offering pressure equalization technology through a tube and seal system that's unique to IST. Simply exhale into the mask and your ears immediately clear. The watertight cups not only help with regulating pressure, they also keep your ears warm and help prevent ear ach... [read more]

  • Yosoo Children Swimming Diving Silicone Fins +Snorkel Scuba Eyeglasses + Mask Snorkel Silicone Set for 8-12.5 US Foot Size(Blue)

     Durable, polycarbonate lensThis 3 pieces diving set is designed for childrenChild-sized soft silicone mouthpiece, light weight and comfortable to wearEasy to adjust silicone strap with swivel buckles for easy adjustment,

    • UPC: 530041485
    • Color: Blue

  • ELEMENTEX Scuba Diving Mask and Dry Snorkel Set with Trek Fins - Large / Black

    SUPERIOR TEMPERED GLASS: Our Dry top snorkel mask’s heat-treated glass lens gives you high-level eye protection that is scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant so you can SEE SAFELY. It minimizes bulk and

    • UPC: 851576736
    • Color: Black
    • Size: L

  • Kids Swimming Diving Set - Silicone Fins+Snorkel Scuba Eyeglasses+Mask Snorkel, for 8-12.5 US Foot Size

    Features:Child-sized soft silicone mouthpiece, light weight and comfortable to wear.Easy to adjust silicone strap with swivel buckles for easy adjustment, even while wearing the mask.Durable, polycarbonate lens.The Snorkel is semi-dry

    • UPC: 576728720
    • Color: Orange

  • Kids Swimming Diving Snorkel Eyeglasses Set,Silicone Fins +Snorkel Scuba Eyeglasses + Mask Snorkel Silicone Set for 8-12.5 US Foot Size

    Features:    Child-sized soft silicone mouthpiece, light weight and comfortable to wear.    Easy to adjust silicone strap with swivel buckles for easy adjustment, even while wearing the mask.    Durable, polycarbonate lens.   

    • UPC: 505722431
    • Color: Green

  • Snorkel Fins Mask Set for Snorkeling Scuba Diving, AB-SM

    snorkel set w/ fins for snorkeling scuba diving swimmingPackage includes Promate Wave snorkeling fins (FN400,) Sea Slender mask (MK275,) Cobra dry whistle snorkel (SK680,) and mesh bagOpen heel fins w/

    • UPC: 180065844
    • Color: ABOther
    • Size: Fin_S/M