TOP 10 Wobble Board Exercises for Balance & Strength

Best Spri Balance Boards on January 2020 - [TOP 10 Picks] at

  • SPRI Airex Balance Pad Foam Balance Board Stability Cushion Exercise Trainer for Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Core Strength Training, Regular, Blue

    • UPC: 665272330455
    • Color: Balance Pad
    • Brand: SPRI
    • Size: 16 x 20" - 2.5" Thick
    • Manufacturer: SPRI

  • SPRI Balance Pods Hedgehog Stability Balance Trainer Dots (Set of 6)

    • UPC: 759026471461
    • Color: Multi Color
    • Brand: SPRI
    • Manufacturer: SPRI

    Improve your dynamic balance, body awareness and coordination with these Balance Pods. You can arrange the pods with flat side down for more stabilization or flat side up for a balance challenge, giving you varied levels of difficulty. Available only as a set of 6 pods in assorted colors. Each pod measures approx. 6.25 x 3.5 inches. Includes exerci... [read more]

  • CanDo 10-1745 Economy Balance Board

    • UPC: 026244029102
    • Brand: Cando
    • Size: Оne Расk
    • Manufacturer: Fabrication Enterprises

    The CanDo Economy Balance Board is a 14" diameter wobble board that makes balance training cost-effective and fun. For people with poor balance, this board can help increase range-of-motion, and strengthen feet, ankles, calves, and condition the whole lower body. Use this balance board while standing or sitting to workout ankles, calves, and abdomi... [read more]

  • SPRI Plastic Round Wobble Balance Board

    • UPC: 018713584601
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: SPRI
    • Manufacturer: Gaiam

    05-58460 Features: -Plastic round wobble board.-Plastic round wobble board for home exercises.-Improves balance, coordination, and overall body shape.-Strengthens core muscles, ankles, knees, and hips.-Versatile and lightweight design with 4.5-inch non-skid base. Includes: -Includes instruction sheet; top measures 14 inches across.

  • SPRI Slide Board (71" L x 20" W) with End Stops, Sliding Booties, Mesh Carrying Bag and Exercise Guide for Low Impact Balance Training (Skating, Hockey)

    • UPC: 759026717651
    • Brand: SPRI
    • Manufacturer: SPRI Brand Orders

    The SPRI Slide Board is a great tool for someone looking for a minimal impact exercise that is light on the knees and joints, but with high intensity to tone your upper and lower body, abs & glutes. The PVC slide board glides with ease and features bumpers on each end for extra safety and security while sliding. Slide board (71"L x 20"W) rolls up f... [read more]

  • Bosu Balance Trainer, 65cm - Blue

    • UPC: 744288211719
    • Color: Blue/Black
    • Brand: Bosu
    • Size: 25 in. diam.
    • Manufacturer: Bosu

  • Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board - Exercise Balance Stability Trainer 15.75 inch Diameter - Black - ²DB6FZ

    • UPC: 616320918057
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Yes4All
    • Size: 15.75
    • Manufacturer: Yes4All

    GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR FITNESS ROUTINESYes4All Balance Board fits all ages and fitness levels. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to improve their core strength, stability, functionality, and sense of balance for better sport performance. Using balance board can engage and train stabilizing muscles of your back, abdominal, hips, legs and ank... [read more]

  • FILA Accessories Balance Pods (Set of 4)

    • UPC: 018713629784
    • Brand: FILA Accessories
    • Manufacturer: Fit For Life

    FILA Balance Pods feature 4 colorful dome-shaped rubber pods to add a low impact balance challenge to your exercise routine for increased stability, improved core strength and balance without as much stress to the body as standard exercises. Makes for a great rehabilitation and physical therapy tool for sprained ankles and balance training. Use the... [read more]

  • Wiggle Seat - Inflatable Sensory Chair Cushion for Kids - Certified Ages 6+ - Blue

    • UPC: 799475607370
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Sensory Solutions
    • Manufacturer: Sensory Solutions

    Wiggle seats have become popular with teachers and parents alike for their ability to calm the hyperactive child. Many parents have found wiggle seats to be a life saver during dinner and homework time. While teachers love them for the calming effect they can have on children, many even report improved behavior for ADHD and autistic children. Bes... [read more]

  • HockeyShot Slide Board Comes in Two Sizes 8ft and 10ft with a Pair of Large Slide Board Booties (Size 8-12). (8 ft)

    • UPC: 616641748807
    • Color: Red. Grey, Black
    • Brand: HockeyShot
    • Size: 8 ft
    • Manufacturer: HockeyShot Inc.

    Before you can become an excellent player, you have to become an excellent skater. The fully adjustable Hockey Slide Board Pro was designed to build the muscles to help you get there. It helps you work on lateral power, agility and endurance so you're quicker on the ice, quicker to the puck and more valuable to any team you're on.

  • Dyna Disc Balance Cushion - Royal Blue

    • Brand: Exertools
    • Manufacturer: Exertools

    The DYNADISCTM balance cushion has become a staple in training & exercise rooms across the country. The DYNA DISCTM works your core muscles more completely than a gymball because it focuses on those muscles no matter what position you are in. Use it at home and then take it with you to the gym. Slip it into your suitcase when you travel so that you... [read more]

  • SPRI Airex Balance Pad Elite Blue 16" x 20" x 2.5" (60mm)

    • UPC: 759026470570
    • Brand: SPRI
    • Manufacturer: SPRI

    SPRI Airex Balance Pad Elite Blue 16" x 20" x 2.5" (60mm)

  • Bosu Pro Balance Trainer

    • UPC: 793993108968
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Bosu
    • Manufacturer: Ball, Bounce and Sport, Inc.

    BOSU Pro Balance Trainer for Commercial Use Featuring a new, improved design and durability, the; BOSU; PRO Balance Trainer; has a bladder weight of 8 pounds and a dually over-molded platform for extra strength. It has a smooth, non-skid, non-marking base. The BOSU; PRO Balance Trainer has a blue dome with logo detailing, light grey clamp and platf... [read more]

  • Gaiam Americas Step360 Workout Kit

    • UPC: 018713552532
    • Color: red
    • Brand: Gaiam
    • Manufacturer: Gaiam Americas

    The Step360 will transform your workouts and your body! The revolutionary design marries two adjustable air-filled chambers with a flat, padded platform. You'll burn hundreds of calories each workout while firming your muscles and flattening your abs. Every time you step on the Step360's platform, you engage your entire core and surrounding stabili... [read more]

  • Balance Ball with Resistance Bands, Sportneer Balance Trainer Bonus Pump for Yoga Fitness, Stability Workout, Strength Exercise

    • Color: Advanced Grey
    • Brand: Sportneer
    • Manufacturer: Sportneer

    Build your muscle strength and flexibility as well as improve your balance with Sportneer Balance Ball Trainer. Versatile Performing any exercise routine, like push-ups, side planks, mountain climbs, front lunges and more, with this half balance ball instantly will improve your balance and amp up your speeds along the road to your workout goal... [read more]

  • SPRI Airex Balance Beam

    SPRI Airex Balance Beam

    • UPC: 179537042
    • Model: AR-BEAM
    • Color: Blue
    • Size: 64"L x 9.5W x 2.5"H64\"

  • Airex Balance Pad (Regular)

    Airex Balance Pad (Regular)

    • UPC: 913800555
    • Model: AR-BB
    • Color: Blue
    • Size: 1616L x 39W x 3H in.

  • SPRI Slide Board for Minimal Impact Exercises with Carry Bag & Exercise Guide

    For ice skaters, hikers, hockey players, and anyone aiming for exceptional fitness, the SPRI Slide Board is a critical tool for getting to that next level of physical vitality.Having this

    • UPC: 952628418
    • Model: 07-71765
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 71" x 20"71

  • SPRI Airex Balance Pad (Elite), Lava

    SPRI Airex Balance Pad (Elite),

    • UPC: 164749519
    • Model: 07-70632
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 19.719.7L x 16.1W x 2.4H in.

  • SPRI Balance Pad Dynamic Recovery

    The SPRI® Balance Pad helps you improve coordination, ankle stability and strength, no matter what your fitness level is. This versatile balance pad combines the benefits of exercise and balance training,

    • UPC: 389449127
    • Model: 07-71098
    • Color: Black