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  • X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelets | Set of 2| The Ultimate Tactical Survival Gear| Flint Fire Starter, Whistle, Compass & Scraper | Best Wilderness Survival-Kit - Black(K)/Blue(K)

    • ASIN: B06XZBWT45
    • Brand: X-Plore Gear
    • Manufacturer: Laza Products

    All The Survival Gear You Need, Packed In Our SA01 Paracord Bracelet!Now with X-Plore's paracord bracelet, you can enjoy having a 4 in 1 mini survival kit that can be carried around your wrist!Smart DesignOur ultimate survival bracelet, is designed in a way that allows you to carry it with you everywhere. Simply wear it on your wrist or snap it on your backpack and you're ready to go!Zombie Apocalypse Imminent? Don't Sweat It! Our Tactical Bracelet Is All You Need!With the flint fire starter, the long distance survival whistle, the compass and the scraper, you have everything you need to survi... [Read More]

  • Epartswide Multifunctional Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet with Flint Fire Starter,Compass,Emergency Whistle&Knife/Scraper Pack of 7

    • UPC: 607595804503
    • ASIN: B072FFWX1K
    • Brand: Epartswide
    • Manufacturer: Epartswide

    All The Survival Bracelets You Need, Packed In Our EP1702 Paracord Bracelet! Now with Epartswide's Survival Gear, you can enjoy having a 5 in 1 mini survival kit that can be carried around your wrist! Smart Design Our ultimate survival bracelet, is designed in a way that allows you to carry it with you everywhere. Simply wear it on your wrist or snap it on your backpack and you're ready to go! Zombie Apocalypse Imminent? Don't Sweat It! Our Tactical Bracelet Is All You Need! With the flint fire starter, the long distance survival whistle, the compass and the knife/scraper, you have everyt... [Read More]

  • Paracod Bracelet with Survival Knife, Wrist Compass, Fire Starter Flint, Emergency Whistle| Survival Bracelet Kit| Tactical Bracelet for Men and Women (Military Army Camo)

    • UPC: 602573697979
    • ASIN: B07D63SYKC
    • Brand: Silver Cardinal
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: SIlver Cardinal LLC

    Make a statement with this stylish 5 in 1 Survival Paracord Bracelet which is designed to be low profile but is packed with some basic survival necessities. ⌘ Strong Paracord Rope ⌘The paracord is made from lightweight nylon kermantle rope which were originally designed to be used as suspension lines in U.S.parachutes. The rope offers a breaking strength of 550 pounds and has thousands of uses (when deployed) including-✺ Replacing tent tie downs✺ Knotting up fish nets, snares and traps✺ Tourniquet✺ Shoe laces✺ Clothesline✺ Attaching items to backpack or harness✺ Stringing a ... [Read More]

  • LeMotech 21 in 1 Adjustable Paracord Survival Bracelet, Tactical Emergency Gear Kit Includes SOS LED Flashlight, Bigger Compass, Thermometer, Rescue Whistle and Fire Starter

    • UPC: 726853212444
    • ASIN: B07D3QWR7F
    • Brand: LeMotech
    • Manufacturer: LeMotech

    Functions: *1. Paracord bracelet : 3.2 meter Parachute Cord with 7 core - The 113kg strength paracord multiltool bracelet can be unwound to be used for a variety of survival situations. giving you better piece of mind when securing tents, hammocks, hanging heavy objects and much more! *2. SOS LED Light : It's key to rescue and recovery in the darkness! The LED Light can flash or just stay on, illuminating your way to safety or rescue. Its battery on above these models last for more than 70hrs. We can find that LED light within 10 meter diameter in darkness.(The LED used by disposable batter... [Read More]

  • A2S Protection LEDway Paracord Bracelet Survival Gear Kit - with Embedded Compass LED light Fire Starter Emergency Knife & Whistle (Black/Green Adjustable size)

    • ASIN: B07BJBJH1L
    • Brand: A2S Protection
    • Manufacturer: All2shop

    A2S LEDway Paracord Bracelet Tactical Survival Gear Kit 6-IN-1- Everyone can get into an unexpected emergency situation. In outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing, or even while driving down a long highway in the middle of nowhere, it is always best to be prepared. So why not be prepared without even needing to think about it before going on your journey? With this 6 in 1 Paracord Bracelet Survival Kit, you will always be prepared! Best Camping Gear, but not only!. With a set of 2 bracelets, you'll be able to wear one that matches your outfit and have one for backup, ... [Read More]

  • Survival Paracord Bracelet |7-in-1| Emergency Tactical Survival Gear Kit for Camping, Fishing, Hunting & Outdoors | Multipurpose Survival Tool 550, Whistle, Flint Fire Starter (Black, Adjustable)

    • UPC: 755464102554
    • ASIN: B07DR2D7DF
    • Brand: Holtzman's Gorilla Survival
    • Size: adjustable
    • Manufacturer: #1 BEST

    The Elite paracord survival bracelet is stuffed an insane amount of survival gear. Which includes An emergency buckle equipped with a flint fire starter, emergency whistle, and flint scraper Finishing line Of course a healthy amount of 550 paracord Fishing hooks Velcro Weights Ranger bands Safety pins A multifunction tool Kevlar cords Iron wire Jute rope (kindling) A sewing needle Razor blade Duct tape

  • HNYYZL 10 Pack Paracord Bracelet Kit Outdoor Survival Bracelet Camping Hiking Gear with Compass, Fire Starter, Whistle and Emergency Knife

    • UPC: 730060980799
    • ASIN: B073Z7Y1N3
    • Brand: HNYYZL
    • Manufacturer: HNYYZL

    This survival paracord is designed in bracelet style which ensures that you can wear it easily. Simply slide to lock or take off. It is a must carry on survival gear when you go camping, hiking, fishing or hunting trips. The bracelet could be disassembled as rope for making traps, building tents, and in a lot other emergent situations; the scraper works as a fire starter, but could used as a knife as well; the add-on compass feature provides easy safety for navigation while travelling; the built-in whistle is clear and loud to be heard from miles away. Specifications: Maximum tension resistanc... [Read More]

  • Q4Home Survival Bracelet, 5 in 1. para-Cord, Fire-Starter Flint, Whistle, Compass, Tool (Army Green)

    • ASIN: B074JFJR8R
    • Brand: Q4Home
    • Manufacturer: Q4Home

    Features: Survival umbrella wristband with plastic buckle, which is easy to put on and off With small compass and whistle for outdoor use. Perfect for outdoor adventure activities. High quality material, lightweight, comfortable, breathable Specifications: Material: Breathable nylon Weight : 30g Length: 25cm

  • 10pcs Pack Black 5/8" Compass Flint Scraper Fire Starter Whistle Buckle Plastic Paracord Bracelet Outdoor Camping Emergency Survival Travel Kits #FLC158-FWC(Black)

    • ASIN: B01JR6NH3O
    • Brand: CooBigo
    • Manufacturer: CooBigo

    About some buyer feedback Why some of the compass direction wrong? Because of Metal flint Scraper & Flintstones Stick containing iron has a little magnetic effect on the compass Lead to the wrong direction. electronic have the same effect. Please separate the female take out the Scraper, compass will return to normal.Before the installation have been checked the compass. We would not have put the wrong direction compass on the buckle.on the other hand, if you take out the compass still wrong direction. please contact us, We can give you a replacement compass. ------------------------- 10pcs P... [Read More]

  • RNS STAR Paracord Survival Bracelet 6-in-1 - Hiking Gear Traveling Camping Gear Kit - 70% Bigger Compass LED SOS Emergency Function Flashlight,Fire Scrapper,Flint Fire Starter,Survival Knife (Black)

    • UPC: 732058109304
    • ASIN: B07TFF53PN
    • Brand: RNS STAR
    • Manufacturer: RNS STAR

    BEST SURVIVAL TOOL WITH SAFETY AND SECURITY WHY CHOOSE THIS PARACORD BRACELET? This Paracord Bracelet Can Take Load Up to 500 LB (227KG) Best Survival Kit for Outdoor,Hiking,Travelling,Camping We Used the Best Quality Parachute Rope Multi-function Bracelet FEATURES Compass Emergency Whistle Emergency Parachute Rope MEASUREMENT 10.2" X 1" X .7" WEIGHT 1.6 ounces COLOR Military Army Green TEST PASSED Passed Outdoor Test BEST FOR GIFTS Birthday, Party, Celebration, EID or Christmas gift, this product will comes in an attractive gift box & straight from Amazon's warehouses all across the USA, righ... [Read More]

  • Survival Bracelets,Multinational Outdoor Emergency Paracord Bracelet,Flint Fire Starter, Compass Emergency Whistle & Knife, Scraper, Rescue Rope,The Ultimate Tactical Survival Gear

    • UPC: 734678184464
    • ASIN: B07H2639R3
    • Brand: Ovtai
    • Manufacturer: OVTAI

    Why Choose us: We have a wealth of manufacturing experience and strict quality control process to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the products, we constantly reduce the costs, ensure that the lowest price and the best products can be provided to our customers, thus to help them save the money. Outdoor Emergency Survival Bracelet Paracord Bracelet Mountain Climbing Bracelet Compass Whistle Multi-purpose Hand-woven Rope Material: polyester Total length:22 cm (8.7 inch) Loop Diameter:7cm Rope Diameter:2.25-2.3cm Weight:50g Color:Green Feature: Scraper/Fire Starter:The scraper ... [Read More]

  • Trifetcrow (2 PCS Survival Bracelet, Emergency Kit Flint, Fire Starter, Compass, Whistle, Lade, Detachable Paracord, Outdoor, Camping, Climbing, Forest, Fishing, Hunting Gear (1Blue-1Yellow)

    • ASIN: B07TQH37JB
    • Brand: Trifetcrow
    • Manufacturer: Trifetcrow

    Product name: Outdoor paracord emergency survival bracelet Quantity: 2 Color: 1*Bluc-Black+1*Yellow-Black Material: Paracord made of polyester and nylon Weight: 30g * 2 Length: 9 inches Uncoiled length of rope: 6 feet Accessories: compass, flint, emergency whistle, paracord, blade For: outdoor, camping, hiking, fishing, etc

  • Nexfinity One Survival Paracord Bracelet - Tactical Emergency Gear Kit with SOS LED Light, Knife, 550 Grade, Adjustable, Multitools, Fire Starter, Compass, and Whistle - Set of 2 Blue

    • UPC: 655222368584
    • ASIN: B075LPKXVG
    • Brand: Nexfinity One
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: Nexfinity One

    You have found the Ultimate Survival Paracord Bracelet! This bracelet is made up of a 550 grade Paracord string which means it can withstand a lot of weight! This fully adjustable Paracord Bracelet is one size fit all so no need to worry about multiple sizes. You can share with others! One of the key features of this all in one bracelet is that it comes with an SOS LED Light! If you're ever lost after sundown in the wilderness and need rescue, this LED can help rescuers find you! And if they can't see you, they can hear you because the bracelet also comes with a Rescue whistle that is super lo... [Read More]

  • Survival Paracord Bracelet with Compass (4) + Mini Crowbar (4) - Stainless Steel Wire Keychain Cords (20) - Braclet Featurees Flint Fire Starter + Emergency Knife & Whistle

    • UPC: 797698259413
    • ASIN: B076M4TNQS
    • Brand: YazyCraft
    • Manufacturer: YazyCraft

    This is RuggedRio Outfitters - a YazyCraft brand About This Survival Kit: This 3 in 1 survival bracelet is designed in a way that allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. Simply wear it on your wrist or snap it on your backpack and you're ready to go! With the long-distance survival whistle, flint fire starter, compass and knife/scraper (all in one bracelet!), as well as the mini crowbars, and the stainless steel wire to carry any other tools, you have everything you need to survive whenever you go camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or simply exploring in the Great Outdoors!

  • Feellove 2pcs Survival Bracelets Compass Flint Bracelet Outdoor Escape Survival Hand Rope Survival Whistle Life-Saving Flint Bracelet

    • UPC: 656699028988
    • ASIN: B07Q4VX8XV
    • Brand: Feellove
    • Size: Black+Green-2pc
    • Manufacturer: Feellove

    Mini Multi-Tool:The Paracord bracelet is a complete survival kit that contains an accurate compass, flintstones, emergency whistle 550 Grade Paracord:provide a better safety in the wild when climbing the tree, making traps, stop bleeding or building tents More Uses:fire starter (magnesium rod),whistle,compass How to use the flint bar? Scratching the protect paint of magnesium bar. Please put combustibles under flint bar in a dry place, then use the blade to scratch a little magnesium of the bar. Please hold both sides of the bracelet, use the blade to scrape the magnesium bar rapidly, re... [Read More]

  • PARACORD PLANET Emergency Paracord Bracelets | Set of 2 | Ultimate Tactical Survival Gear | Flint Fire Starter, Whistle, Compass & Scraper | Best Outdoor Wilderness Survival Kit for Camping/Fishing Bl

    Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces#496 in Camping Survival KitsTHE ULTIMATE IN TACTICAL SURVIVAL GEAR: Our Emergency Paracord Bracelets are portable, compact, high utility survival bracelets that come stuffed with all the necessary

    • UPC: 616618646
    • Size: One Size

  • Mosunx Survival Bracelet Compass Flint Fire Starter Whistle Scraper Gear Kits

    Hot ParacordParachute Emergency Survival Bracelet Rope with Whistle BuckleDescription:Asurvival bracelet with plastic buckle. With survival whistle design on thebuckle.Knittedup by 3.5 ~ 3.8m paracord which can be used in an

    • UPC: 223062141
    • Color: Black

  • Paracord Survival Bracelet Compass/Flint/Fire Starter/Whistle Camping Gear/Kit (Black)

    Paracord Survival BraceletFeatures:5-IN-1 SURVIVAL TOOL: High-Quality Compass, Flint Fire Starter, Fire Scraper/Emergency Knife, Emergency Whistle, 12 Ft Unraveled Paracord RopeFASHIONABLE & FUNCTIONAL: Made of ultra-strong, military-grade 550 Paracord with built-in

    • UPC: 292644777
    • Color: Black
    • Size: One Size

  • Klarus Paracord Survival Bracelet Compass, Whistle, & Flint - Camo

    Klarus Paracord Bracelet - Camo 4-IN-1 SURVIVAL TOOL: High-Quality Compass, Flint Fire Starter, Emergency Whistle, Paracord RopeFASHIONABLE & FUNCTIONAL: Made of ultra-strong, military-grade Paracord with built-in compass, fire starter, and emergency whistle.LIGHTWEIGHT

    • UPC: 360127359

  • Multifunctional Whistle Flint Thermometer Knitted Survival Bracelet

    Features: - Ideal accessory for camping, boating, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities.- 5 in 1 survival tool: Whistle + Thermometer + Scraper + Flint + Paracord.- Made from durable

    • UPC: 703929293