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Best Tram Outdoor Tv Antennas on December 2019 - [TOP 10 Picks] at

  • Tram Amateur Dual Band Base Antenna

    • UPC: 727932011699
    • Color: See specs
    • Brand: Tram
    • Size: See specs
    • Manufacturer: TRAM

    Choose tram for your next antenna installation Project with this amateur dual-band base antenna! this 17 ft. Antenna has 2 frequency ranges: 144Mhz to 148Mhz and 430Mhz to 450Mhz. Stay connected with tram.

  • Tram 1410 Broad Band Discone/Scanner Base Antenna

    • UPC: 727932014577
    • Brand: Tram
    • Manufacturer: Tram

    Tram 1410 Broad Band Stainless Disc one/Scanner Base Antenna 25 to1300 MHz Disc one/Scanner Base Antenna Description: Wide Band Receive from 25 to 1300 MHz Transmit Bands: 144, 220, 440, 900 and 1200 MHz Frequency: 25 to 1300 MHz Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Construction. 1 3/8 inch Maximum Mast Diameter required for installation (Not Included) C... [read more]

  • Sirio Antenna SD2000N 100 MHz-2 GHz Discone Wide Band Antenna

    • UPC: 670541232750
    • Brand: Sirio Antenna
    • Manufacturer: Sirio

    This antenna covers the frequency range of 100-2000 MHz and, due to its broadband concept, is suited for scanner and monitoring applications. This version of SD 2000 n with uhf- female connection wide-band disc one antenna working on 100-2000 MHz in reception and on many amateur frequencies in transmission (2m, 1 1/4m, 70cm, 33cm, 23cm). It is made... [read more]

  • Tram 1154 Black VHF Land Mobile and Ham Radio Magnet 5/8 Wave Pre-Tuned 140-175 MHz Antenna for Motorola Kenwood Icom Vertex Blackbox HYT Hytera Mobile Radios Kit With PL-259

    • UPC: 999994067567
    • Brand: Tram
    • Manufacturer: Tram

    New Tram VHF 3dB Gain 5/8 wave design Magnet Mount Antenna Kit with PL259 Connector. 15ft of RG-58A/U Cable. Length; 49" Stainless Steel whip. Magnet size 3-1/2". Frequency: 140-175 MHz. Bandwidth 5 MHz. Part #: 1154. Fits the following: Kenwood: TK760 TK780 TK7160 TK7180 TK7102 TK7150 TK7302U TK7360 NX700 Icom: F121S, F121, F5011, F5021, F5121D,... [read more]

  • Steren 205-750 50-Feet (15.24 Meters) UHF-UHF Mini-RG8x Cable | Male to Male (PL259) - Antenna Cable

    • UPC: 884645116643
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: STEREN
    • Size: 50-Feet
    • Manufacturer: Steren Electronics

    Steren 205-750 50-Feet UHF-UHF Mini-RG8x Cable Steren 50 ft long RG-8X coaxial cable with UHF (PL-259) plugs. Also known as Mini 8, this cable is approximately 1/4" thick. This cable works great for ham radio, CB radio antennas, etc. 50 ohm impedance 0.242" OD black PVC jacket Stranded bare copper center conductor Aluminum foil and bare copper brai... [read more]

  • Tram Amateur Antenna

    • UPC: 780320007452
    • Color: See specs
    • Brand: Tram
    • Size: See specs
    • Manufacturer: TRAM

    Choose tram for your next antenna installation Project and stay connected with this amateur antenna! this 18-1/2 in. Antenna requires no tuning! the flexible whip is stainless steel.

  • 1 - Fiberglass CB Antenna (White, 4ft), Heavy-duty fiberglass construction, Freq: 26MHz - 29MHz, 4-W-HC

    • Brand: Tram
    • Manufacturer: TRAM

    Fiberglass CB Antenna (White, 4ft): Heavy-duty fiberglass construction;Freq: 26MHz - 29MHz;Covers complete CB band;1,500W;3/8" x 24 thread mounting;White;4ft; Fiberglass CB Antenna (White, 4ft); OUTDOOR PRODUCTS; CB RADIOS & ACCESSORIES; CB RADIO ACCESSORIES

  • Tram 1411 Broad Band Discone/Scanner Base Antenna

    • UPC: 727932014584
    • Brand: Tram
    • Manufacturer: Tram

    Power source: unpowered. Frequency band: UHF and VHF. Antenna material: Stainless steel. Product does not require a battery. Wideband reception covering 25MHz-1, 300MHz. Transmit bands: 26MHz/27MHz/46MHz/49MHz/72MHz/144MHz/220MHz/440MHz/900MHz/1, 290MHz. Rust-free stainless steel structure. 300W max power or 200W max power for CB. : 90 days. Silver... [read more]

  • Tram 1185-BNC Amateur Dual-Band Magnet Antenna with BNC-Male Connector, 18.75in. x 5.30in. x 2.00in.

    • UPC: 727932014126
    • Brand: Tram
    • Size: 18.75in. x 5.30in. x 2.00in.
    • Manufacturer: TRAM

    Tram-browning Inc. Offers quality workmanship and materials. Their products provide exceptional performance and function thanks to expert engineering. They are proud to offer the amateur Dual-Band magnet antenna with BNC-Male connector.

  • Sirio Antenna m400 Sirio Starduster M-400 26.5, Tunable Base Antenna

    • UPC: 670541232477
    • Brand: Sirio Antenna
    • Manufacturer: Sirio Antenna

    Base station antenna tunable from 26.5 to 30 MHz It's made of anti-corodal aluminum tube and supplied with a strong die cast base and a plastic arms bracket to reinforce the radials. It's easy to tune at the desired working frequency.

  • Tram 1487 VHF Land Mobile Base Antenna, 59.00in. x 3.25in. x 1.90in.

    • UPC: 617407415940
    • Brand: Tram
    • Size: 59.00in. x 3.25in. x 1.90in.
    • Manufacturer: Tram

    1487 VHF land mobile base antenna

  • Tram CB Base Antenna

    • UPC: 675904038475
    • Color: See specs
    • Brand: Tram
    • Size: See specs
    • Manufacturer: Petra Industries (sports)

    Choose tram for your next antenna installation Project with this CB base antenna! this 3 ft. Antenna is omnidirectional. Stay connected with tram.

  • AudioVox SXHA1 Sirius Exterior Home Antenna

    • UPC: 172304293010
    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: SiriusXM
    • Manufacturer: Audiovox - Sirius

    The weatherproof outdoor SIRIUS antenna provides high-quality signal to your home or commercial installations. The antenna and mast feature a durable UV weather coating, and can be mounted on a mast (including existing satellite TV dish pole), on the roof, or on the wall. This antenna is great for locations where reception is blocked by low-lying o... [read more]

  • New Tram 1235 Black UHF PL-259 3 1/4" Magnet Mount & 1126-B UHF Antenna1/4 wave NMO Pre Tuned 410-490Mhz Mag Mount 17 foot Antenna Cable Roof or Trunk for Mobile Radios PL259 Connector for Icom Kenwood Mobiles 1239 F621 F221 F6011 F6021 F6121D F6061 F2721 F2821 NX800 TK-8180 Mobiles

    • UPC: 701392996697
    • Brand: tram-browning
    • Manufacturer: Tram Browning

    New Tram 1235 Black UHF 3 1/4 Magnet Mount NMO Mag Mount 17 foot Antenna Cable Roof or Trunk for Mobile Radios with 6 inch 1/4 wave UHF antenna 410-490 MHz

  • Tram WSP1100 Tunable Land Mobile Magnet Antenna

    • UPC: 971477933644
    • Brand: Tram
    • Size: 20.90in. x 5.50in. x 1.70in.
    • Manufacturer: TRAM

    Tunable land mobile magnet antenna - Tram3'' Magnet antenna 20'' Stainless steel whip Freq: 136 - 174 MHz 1/4 Wave unity gain 12-ft RG-58 cable with UHF male pl-259tram 1100 tunable land mobile magnet antenna outdoor products - cb radios and accessories

  • 2019 Best 120 Miles Long Range TV Antenna Freeview Local Channels Indoor HDTV Digital Clear Television HDMI Antenna for 4K VHF UHF with Ampliflier Signal Booster Strongest Reception 13ft Coax Cable

    Cut The Cable Now & Enjoy Free TV Show With Your FamilyFREE HD Program for Life Never pay expensive cable or satellite fees again! Our HDTV Antenna can get access

    • UPC: 461878640
    • Color: Black

  • Best Choice Products HDTV Motorized Remote Outdoor Amplified Antenna 360° UHF/VHF/FM HD TV 150 Miles

    Best Choice Product presents this brand new HD TV Antenna. This Outdoor antenna is one of the most powerful on the market with a range of 150 miles. It's designed

    • UPC: 34176799
    • Model: FP-9000
    • Color: Gray
    • Size: S

  • Onn 4K Hd Motorized Outdoor TV Antenna With 150-Mile Range

    Improve your television signal and receive your available channels in crystal-clear HD without purchasing cable or satellite, thanks to the ONN HD TV Motorized Outdoor Antenna. Designed to receive digital

    • UPC: 56136521
    • Model: ONB17CH001E
    • Color: Black

  • Ematic HD TV Motorized Outdoor Antenna with 150-Mile Range

    The Ematic HD TV Outdoor Antenna improves your signal to receive your available channels in crystal-clear HD. Designed to receive digital TV UHF/VHF signals within a 150-mile range. Enjoy High

    • UPC: 46998188
    • Model: EDT312ANT
    • Color: Multicolor

  • Tram 1094-BNC Scanner 3-1/2" Magnet Antenna with BNC-Male Connector

    The Tram 1094-BNC Scanner 3-1/2" Magnet Antenna with a BNC-Male Connector offers a number of frequency ranges, from the lowest 30MHz to the highest 950MHz. The RG58/U coaxial cable is

    • UPC: 51684847
    • Model: 1094-BNC
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 20.5x5