Davis Vantage Pro 2 Wireless Home Weather Station Complete Review

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  • Davis Instruments WeatherLinkIP Data Logger and Software for Vantage Weather Stations

    • UPC: 011698008933
    • Brand: Davis Instruments
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Davis Instruments

    The easiest and fastest way to see your weather data on WeatherLink.com is with WeatherLinkIP. Simply plug the data logger into the back of your Vantage console or your Weather Envoy and connect the cable to your cable/DSL router. You don’t even need a computer! Within minutes, you’ll be able to see your weather data live on the Internet. In ad... [read more]

  • Davis Instruments 6510USB WeatherLink USB Data Logger and Software for Windows

    • UPC: 611105166777
    • Brand: Davis Instruments
    • Size: Not applicable
    • Manufacturer: Davis Instruments

    Add this popular model of WeatherLink to any Vantage station or Weather Envoy. Suitable for everyone from the home weather buff to the most demanding scientific user. This data logger stores weather data even when it’s not connected to a computer. Later, download the data and use the software for detailed analysis and graphing. Our popular Weathe... [read more]

  • Ambient Weather WS-3000-X5 Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer with Logging, Graphing, Alarming, Radio Controlled Clock with 5 Remote Sensors, White

    • UPC: 816982017499
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Ambient Weather
    • Manufacturer: Ambient Weather

    The WS-3000-X5 monitors and graphs five wireless remote sensors at the same time. The comprehensive data Logger includes a tft full color display with graphing and monitoring of temperature, humidity, dew point and heat index, and allows you to monitor up to 8 channels at the same time. The clock automatically synchronizes the time several times a ... [read more]

  • SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android - Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts. Developed and Supported in The USA

    • UPC: 864473000208
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: SensorPush
    • Manufacturer: SensorPush

    Your family's health depends on proper temperature and humidity. A study cited by the World Health Organization suggests that dampness is the root problem for one in five asthma sufferers in the U.S. It also estimates that half the homes in the U.S. are too humid. This encourages allergens like mites and fungi. It can even increase toxic airborne c... [read more]

  • Tempo Disc Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer, Hygrometer and Dew Point Sensor Beacon and Data Logger. Remote Monitor for Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point. For iOS and Android.

    • UPC: 784672471305
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Tempo Disc
    • Size: 30mm X 10mm
    • Manufacturer: Blue Maestro

    A highly accurate remote Bluetooth wireless sensor beacon and data logger for temperature, humidity and dew point suitable for a wide range of commercial and domestic applications. Incredibly small with dimensions of 1.18" x 1.18" x 0.39 / (30mm x 30mm x 10mm) and a weight of 0.3oz / 8g. Powered by an easily replaced CR2032 coin cell battery. Typic... [read more]

  • Kestrel Drop 2 Smart Humidity Data Logger

    • UPC: 730650001132
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Kestrel
    • Size: 1.2-Ounce/Small
    • Manufacturer: Kestrel

    A Kestrel DROP is the world's easiest-to-use rugged environmental data logger. It allows you to monitor and record the conditions of any environment and easily access and chart real-time and historical data on your phone or tablet.  A Kestrel DROP D2 logger can be placed wherever needed to log temperature, humidity, heat index and dew point, with ... [read more]

  • Davis Instruments 6510SER Software w/Data Logging for Vantage Pro 2, Serial

    • UPC: 011698007264
    • Brand: Davis Instruments
    • Manufacturer: DAVIS INSTRUMENTS

    Add Weather Link to your Vantage Vue or Vantage Pro2. The data logger fits neatly into the weather station console or Weather Envoy, storing weather data even when it's not connected to your PC. Add Weather Link to any Vantage station or Weather Envoy and store weather data even when it's not connected to a computer. Later, download the data and us... [read more]

  • Ambient Weather WS-2902A Smart WiFi Weather Station with Remote Monitoring and Alerts

    • UPC: 816982017796
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Ambient Weather
    • Manufacturer: Ambient Weather

    Ambient Weather professional weather station allows you to monitor your home and backyard weather conditions with the brilliant, easy-to-read LCD color display. The enhanced Wi-Fi connectable option that enables your station to transmit its data wirelessly to the world's largest personal weather station network, weather underground. Experience the ... [read more]

  • SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway - Access your SensorPush Sensor Data from Anywhere via the Internet

    • UPC: 864473000222
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: SensorPush
    • Manufacturer: SensorPush

    The SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway communicates with any in-range SensorPush sensors (sold separately) and sends their readings to you using standard internet access. As long as your mobile device has internet, your SensorPush app can now stay updated no matter where you are in the world. Our internet-based service allows the G1 WiFi gateway to do all ... [read more]

  • Tempo Disc Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer, Hygrometer, Barometric Pressure and Dew Point Sensor Beacon and Data Logger. for iOS and Android. Configurable Smart Sensor

    • Color: Purple
    • Brand: Tempo Disc
    • Size: 33mm X 8mm
    • Manufacturer: Blue Maestro

    The remote wireless monitoring and data logging of temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and dew point is vital for many domestic and commercial applications. Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4 and above) is an effective technology for achieving this with the convenience and simplicity of your iOS or Android smartphone. There are multiple uses ... [read more]

  • As Seen on Breaking Bad - Historical Logging GPS Tracking Device with Magnetic Mount - Portable GPS Tracker and Logger

    • UPC: 804551238277
    • Brand: JLM Security Products
    • Manufacturer: Land Air Sea

    Dimensions (LxWxH) 3.8 x 1.5 x 1.3 (97 x 38 x 33mm) Operating Temperature -15 ~ 185°F (-26 ~ +85°C) Housing Water resistant Mounting Magnetic Power Requirements AAA batteries Battery Life 1 Hour / Day Driving: 4 weeks 2 Hours / Day Driving: 2 weeks 4 Hours / Day Driving: 1 week Sleep Mode Entry 2 minutes of no movement GPS GPS Acquisition: Cold S... [read more]

  • Temperature Humidity Monitor, Govee Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer for cellphone, WIFI Temperature Humidity Smart Sensor with Alerts. Temperature Humidity Gauge for home, house, garage and wine

    • UPC: 667581452972
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Govee
    • Size: Wifi Temperature Humidity Monitor
    • Manufacturer: Govee

  • Davis Instruments 6540 WeatherLink for APRS, with Streaming Data Logger

    • UPC: 011698007363
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Davis Instruments
    • Manufacturer: Davis

    WeatherLink for Vantage Pro2 with Streaming Data Logger For ham radio operators, including storm chasers and volunteer weather watchers. Connects a Vantage Pro2 or original Vantage Pro console, or Weather Envoy to a ham radio or TNC modem for instant transmission of both your location and the local weather condtions via APRS (Automated Position Rep... [read more]

  • Inkbird Wireless Thermometer & Hygrometer Smart Sensor Data Logger with Waterproof External Probe/Magnet/Alert for Android&iOS Used for Food Storage Brewing Reptiles Instrument Cigar IBS-TH1

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Inkbird
    • Size: IBS-TH1
    • Manufacturer: Inkbird

    The Temperature & Humidity Smart Sensor IBS-TH1 Data logger is handy and easy setup.Which can be easy to pair with our mobile apps (Engbird) to provide the ideal solution for monitoring temperature and humidity conditions.IBS-TH1 can perfectly monitor your home, child, car, clothes, pet, fruit, cigar, wine and much more. Features:- Free IOS and And... [read more]

  • Davis Instruments 6318 Wireless Weather Envoy8X Data Logger

    • UPC: 011698009459
    • Color: Charcoal
    • Brand: Davis Instruments
    • Size: barometric pressure = none | barometric trend = no
    • Manufacturer: COLE-PARMER

    Envoy8X data logger receives and collects data simultaneously from up to eight transmitting stations, in any combination--even eight Integrated Sensor Suites or eight leaf wetness & soil moisture/temperature stations! That means you can get data from 32 soil moisture sensors on one Envoy8X! It is also fully compatible with wireless Vantage Pro2 and... [read more]

  • Replacement for CASTLE GETTINGE DATA LOGGER BATTERY replacement battery

    Manufacturer: CHOSEN SUPPLIES

    • UPC: 851718340
    • Model: Replacement for DATA LOGGER BATTERY

  • Replacement for NOVA 5000 CLASSROOM DATA LOGGER replacement battery

    Volts: 6.40Manufacturer: CHOSEN

    • UPC: 957029077
    • Model: Replacement for 5000 CLASSROOM DATA LOGGER

  • Replacement for GRAPHTEC GL220 DATA LOGGER BATTERY replacement battery

    Volts: 7.40Manufacturer: CHOSEN

    • UPC: 330172772
    • Model: Replacement for GL220 DATA LOGGER BATTERY

  • Replacement for GRAPHTEC GL220 DATA LOGGER replacement battery

    Volts: 7.40Manufacturer: CHOSEN

    • UPC: 506557998
    • Model: Replacement for GL220 DATA LOGGER

  • UNI-T UT330A Mini USB Temperature Data Recording Logger Meter High-precision Thermometer PC Connecting

    Please note, this item ships from an international seller. Expected delivery is 10-15 days. International Shipping.It is a multi-functional and intelligent temperature logger. With high reliability and stability, it is really

    • UPC: 349480497

  • Acurite Best In Home Ambient La The Cool All App Weather Forecasting Station Kit

    • UPC / SKU: 311873805855
    • Category: Weather Stations
    • Price: 224 USD