Winegard LNA-200 Antenna Signal Booster Review

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  • Winegard HDA-200 Distribution Amplifier Adjustable Gain 5-1000 MHz 24dB

    • UPC: 052778860355
    • ASIN: B00133UTRC
    • Brand: Winegard
    • Manufacturer: Winegard Company

    The Winegard HDA-200 distribution amplifier is a heavy duty, quality built solution for the amplification and distribution of digital/analog broadcast signals from off-air and cable TV stations. It amplifies signals from 54-1000 MHz and features variable gain control from 0-18 dB. A 20 dB selectable FM trap eliminates offending FM stations. It also contains a 5-42 MHz 2-way bi-pass at +12 dB gain. It's housed in an industrial grade, weather resistant enclosure.

  • Winegard CC-7870 Antenna Coupler, 5.40" x 2.90" x 2.20"

    • UPC: 806293934028
    • ASIN: B001TK3C82
    • Brand: Winegard
    • Size: 5.40" x 2.90" x 2.20"
    • Manufacturer: Winegard Company

    Combine any two 75 Ohm HDTV antennas into one down lead with the CC-7870. Features low -3.5 insertion loss. Specialized circuitry optimizes performance. The CC-7870 is AC-DC power passive to the set 1 side. Includes three fc-5910 connectors.

  • Winegard HDA-100 Distribution Amplifier 5-1000 Mhz 15dB, One Size

    • UPC: 971478461191
    • ASIN: B00133NQ9A
    • Brand: Winegard
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Winegard Company

    The WINEGARD HDA-100 distribution amplifier is a heavy duty, quality built solution for the amplification and distribution of digital/analog broadcast signals from off-air and cable TV stations. It amplifies signals from 54-1000 MHz 15dB and features a 5-42 MHz 2-way Bi-Pass at -2 dB loss. It's housed in an industrial grade, weather resistant enclosure.

  • Channel Master CM-3410 1-Port Ultra Mini Distribution Amplifier for Cable and Antenna Signals

    • UPC: 749860022332
    • ASIN: B001FY0B90
    • Brand: Channel Master
    • Manufacturer: Channel Master

    Channel Master distribution amplifiers, manufactured by Channel Master's former parent company, PCT International, one of the leading manufacturers in the cable telecommunications industry, will boost your digital TV and HDTV signals, increasing their overall signal strength. They have a miniature design which will give you more space to relieve congested installs when space is at a premium. Channel Master distribution amplifiers are professional grade and meet stringent US and international standards, including those developed by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), who c... [Read More]

  • Winegard LNA-100 Boost TV Antenna Amplifier, HDTV Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier, Indoor HDTV Ultra Low Noise Amp (USB Power Supply) - USA

    • UPC: 809387603237
    • ASIN: B00BN5Z2UY
    • Brand: Winegard
    • Size: accessory
    • Manufacturer: Winegard Company

    Winegard LNA-100 Boost Indoor Digital TV Antenna Amplifier The LNA-100 indoor amplifier increases range and delivers a crystal clear TV signal to HDTVs so viewers can get more broadcast TV channels in high definition than with an antenna alone. Using the latest advances in amplifier technology, Boost enhances any indoor non- amplified antenna, delivering more range and available channels. In The Box - LNA-100 Boost Indoor Digital TV Antenna Amplifier - USB Power Cable - 110V Adapter - Printed Documentation Size, Compatibility and Features - Dimensions: 8.5" x 0.8" x 1.5" - Boost any Non-Amplif... [Read More]

  • Winegard Company White RZ-8500 Rayzar Automatic Hd Antenna

    • UPC: 615798402419
    • ASIN: B00T36ODKK
    • Brand: Winegard
    • Manufacturer: WINEGARD COMPANY

    Winegard Rayzar Automatic Fully Automatic RV Antenna - Auto Aiming: Spend more time watching TV and enjoying the great outdoors and spend less time pointing your antenna. Introducing the Rayzar Automatic, Winegard's first fully automatic amplified digital HDTV antenna. The Rayzar Automatic scans 16 quadrants in just 2 minutes and will point towards the greatest amount of channels. Still want CBS? Quickly toggle with the press of a button! The Rayzar Automatic provides maximum HDTV content available in your area, capable of receiving both VHF and UHF signals, and automatically aiming towards th... [Read More]

  • Winegard FL-55YR FlatWave Amplified Razor Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna (Certified Refurbished)

    • UPC: 615798401993
    • ASIN: B00LAA45PA
    • Brand: Winegard
    • Size: [1-Pack]
    • Manufacturer: Winegard Company

    Enhanced dual band factory refurbished antenna features state of the art ultra low noise preamplifier embedded directly at the elements, where 100% of the signal is amplified. Innovative USB power supply provides energy savings by only consuming power while the TV is powered on.

  • EEEKit HDTV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster High Gain Low Noise for TV HDTV Antenna with USB Power Supply

    • UPC: 715444512780
    • ASIN: B07FPFTR6G
    • Brand: EEEKit
    • Manufacturer: EEEKit

    Please note that EEEKit and are the only sellers on Amazon that are authorized to sell products with the EEEKit name. Buy from sellers EEEKit or to ensure authenticity and better service.Kindly Note: We do not recommend using this amplifier if your house is very close to the broadcast tower and the signal is already very strong.The amplifier may cause self-oscillations and result in fewer signals received.Package Includes: 1 x TV Amplifier Signal Booster for Antenna.How to set up?: 1.Screw antenna's F type into amplifier's F Female connector 2.Screw amplifier's Coax cable... [Read More]

  • RCA TVPRAMP1Z Preamplifier for Outdoor Antenna

    • UPC: 115970790650
    • ASIN: B003P92D9Y
    • Brand: RCA
    • Size: 5.90in. x 4.10in. x 3.90in.
    • Manufacturer: Audiovox Accessories Corporation

    Enhances and amplifies UHF/VHF antenna reception increases and improves Wideband RF amplification between the receiver and antennacompensates for signal loss/weak signal that occurs during long cable runs or multiple TV/VCR connections

  • Skywalker Signature Series SKY38323 25dB Amplifier VHF/UHF/FM w/variable gain (SKY38323)

    • UPC: 610370581759
    • ASIN: B008UDF55E
    • Brand: Skywalker
    • Manufacturer: Skywalker

    The SKY38323 is designed to amplify or boost an off air TV signal. The unit has variable gain via a control on the front panel (up to 25dB of gain VHF frequencies 21db for UHF frequencies). The product has a metal case for durability and connections are made using standard F type connectors for the in/out ports. Contains a built in power supply that is designed to connect to a standard 120 volt/ 60hz AC outlet. An on/off status light is visible on the front panel. Features: Enjoy the control of variable gain (with up to 25dB of gain) in VHF / UHF / FM bands. Low operation interference and mi... [Read More]

  • Winegard LNA-100 Boost Ultra Low Noise TV Antenna Amplifier

    Boost your television reception with the Winegard LNA-100 Boost Ultra Low Noise TV Antenna Amplifier. This TV antenna booster is the most advanced digital TV antenna amplifier available featuring the

    • UPC: 27537236
    • Model: LNA-100
    • Color: n/aOther
    • Size: 5.90in. x 4.60in. x 3.80in.

  • Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT Digital HDTV Preamplifier

    Enjoy improved reception on your television with the Winegard LNA 200 Boost XT Digital HDTV Preamplifier. You can use it with any non-amplified antenna to extend the signal range and

    • UPC: 33490453
    • Model: LNA-200
    • Color: MulticolorBlack
    • Size: 5.80in. x 4.70in. x 3.90in.

  • Winegard MS-3005 Metrostar Digital 360 Antenna

    The Winegard MetroStar Digital 360 Antenna features omnidirectional reception. It is the ultimate cord-cutter antenna because of its slim size. It also features a built-in pre-amp and 360-degree reception for

    • UPC: 823721461
    • Model: MS-3005
    • Color: Black
    • Size: n/a

  • Winegard Hd8200u Hdtv Deep Fringe Antenna (65m Range)

    Need maximum performance? The Winegard HD8200U is a great choice for long-range DTV reception. Increased elements and tri-linear directors boost DTV performance to the highest level. Featuring 34 VHF elements

    • UPC: 19410174
    • Model: HD8200U
    • Color: Multicolor

  • Winegard Hd7698p Platinum Series Hdtv High-band Vhf/uhf Deep Fringe Antenna (65-mile Range)

    Winegard's Platinum Series HD7698P Deep Fringe Antenna has HDTV reception up to 65 miles from a broadcast tower. This yagi antenna with its increased elements and Trilinear directors boost DTV

    • UPC: 19410177
    • Model: HD7698P
    • Color: Multicolor